Partner in Crime? (OneXOne Search!)

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  1. Hey guys, Persephone here.
    I'm looking for something new!
    I started with the cravings for only one on ones because they are more personal, but now, I think I would like to get a group, no more then three or four together for something interesting.
    Any ideas should be thrown at me!

    Some things that you will need to know~
    -Give me a chunky post. Now I'm not saying give me a novel, just explain yourself, give others the chance to give you that much as well. Grammar and spelling are not SO important, but do try your best.
    -Romance is a must! Of course its not the whole point of the plot line, BUT i feel it is important, it brings up more conflict and give the role play a heart.
    -M//F pairings are my choice of action, though I may give in to a very good, F//F. Never done it, but I could try. In the group pairings it could go however you please, M//M, M//F, F//F
    -I prefer to play as a female role, but if I feel the need to play a male role, I can and of course will! And we could also figure something out if you are like me and prefer the female role.
    -Doubling characters in a one on one is a definite okay! They keep the plot rolling!

    ~If any questions, just ask~

    See if any of these spark any sort of interest?

    -Teacher x Student
    -Cop x Minor
    -Royal x Servant
    -Bad Boy x Good Girl
    -Pirate x Kidnapped/Royal
    -Deadly sins

    If you have any other ideas, please, please, let me know! Maybe we will figure something out!
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  2. I'd be interested in Royal x Servant.
  3. I've made some changes to the list of things i was looking for, plot line wise.
    I dont bite!
    Let me know if you would like to role play anything!
    Always looking!
  4. Still looking! <3~
  5. I'm interested. Though, I have some questions in mind. Since you're looking for around three to four people, does that mean we'll be roleplaying all together or is our roleplays separate?

    Either way, Deadly Sins is appealing to me. Care to shed some more light on that topic?
  6. I am looking for one on ones, and a group of three or four! Either one really~
    Deadly sins would be that there are seven people curse with the seven sins.

    1. They have to stay in an underground city, that is really just one huge building, but they have to stay off government radar, and when they find out that they are living under ground the government takes them for some kind of testing.
    2. they have all been found, and have to live in a house to see how they all get along.

    something along those lines. I haven't really thought about it to in depth.
  7. Ah, interesting. Let's wait and see, I suppose?
  8. I'd be willing to do the group one, or if that doesn't take off you can message me for one x one.
  9. Maybe we could get a three person plot going~
  10. I'm interested in pirate x royal
    i'll send pm :)