Partner In Crime Needed

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  1. So I am working on a handful of projects atm. Three to be exact. Two of them are on Iwaku itself. The third is not so I am not asking for help with that. The first two projects listed in my siggy are the two I am referring to.

    The first is fairly well known around the site. My Mythos Project. gathering and cataloging all information from the Mythos and posting it into blogs on the site where they will be easy to find. So it takes a little bit of digging around the site and talking to people who have been around a while.

    The second is new. And a portion of it is as of yet unapproved. However a portion of it is. Its going to be similar to the roleplay academy, and might even be a part of the Roleplay academy.

    So what are my requirements you ask? Well that's easy!

    Not-lazy (to make up for my own laziness)
    The ability to make me not lazy when I wanna be lazy.... (this is optional)
    People Skills (You are going to help me get information from older members of the site)
    Moderate to awesome English skills (More-so for the second one then the first)

    other then that its whatever. It will be a joint effort with joint recognition, and you really can learn a lot about the site this way. So feel free to let me know if you want in. If your going to message me just to ask what the second project is, I am not discussing it in detail until I find out if the second half of that project is getting approved or not.

    (Oh and just so yoru aware, I am not against letting more then one person hop on with the projects. So even if I have a partner, doesn't mea you can't see if you can help out too.