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  1. Oh hai der...
    Okay I'll get right onto the plots just know that if you do one lines I'll get pissed off. Try to do at least 2 sentences... And I'm not gonna write a paragraph long if I'm doing something.

    Here's my plots, I won't get tired of rping them so I can rp them as many times possible with different ppl (also note that these are the plots that interested me, their not mine.)

    At the stake:
    In a time where any users of magic are condemned to death, the first prince (MC) of the royal family is discovered to possess magic abilities and is sentenced to being burnt at the stake. Before being executed he is able to escape by aid of a mysterious helper whose identity is hidden. After becoming a fugitive and travelling the lands for quite some time, constantly running from knights and guards, he meets up with a woman (YC) who appears to be a warrior of some kind who helps him escape from being caught by the local militia, who then turns out to be the man who helped him escape from his execution. They live and travel together for some time before the army's knights catch onto them and begin chasing them again. From here the story can go two ways. They can either escape to a neighbouring country and begin a life of their own or gather an army of their own and lead a revolution in favour of equal rights between magicians and ordinary folk.

    Never Mix Fire and Ice:
    There was once two best friends. They were young, very to be exact. They were inseperateable. Until the day were their parents 'moved' away. They made a promise to meet each other again, and that promise they'll keep.
    In a land far away, where even humans haven't explored yet, there lives a Prince that controlled all fire, the Fire prince. He of course lived in the fire kingdom known as The Blaze empire. And in an alternative Kingdom there lived a princess, that controlled all ice. She lived in the glacial empire. Once these two kingdoms declare war on each other, the prince gets captured, by the princess's orders. But once he was captured he somehow escaped, getting lost on the ice castle, he hides into a room, which is the princess's. Once sees her he immediately recognizes her - being his childhood friend - and asks for help. Unfortunately for the princess, she couldnt recognize the poor prince, yet she let's him escape. (This will be SO much more plot than sex so...)

    Percy Jackson
    The Mortal Instruments
    Diabolik lovers
    Adventure time
    Soul eater

    ^^ those are for Mt fellow otakus and bookworms, if you want to roleplay as that I'd prefer to do cannon characters cus I don't really like made characters e.e

    Also... I'd like the rps to NOT be yaoi or Yuri c: yeah thanks
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  2. I'm quite interested in the first idea actually ^^
  3. Awesome! Pm me so we can talk about it, I can't pm you cus I'm sorta busy now