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  1. Greetings
    First and foremost, thank you for clicking. You get a cookie! :)

    Before I post my lovely plots/pairings allow me to tell you about myself. I am, indeed, a female, so I do prefer to write as a female, but don't scurry off just yet! I can also write as a male or a dominant position. Aside from role-playing I do have priorities outside of role-playing. I am involved in band (marching band), drama club, and I partake in a sport -- I'm basically busy during the day and occasionally the night. Along with clubs and extra curricular I am also a student and with being a student comes with plenty of assignments and tests. During the day I'm mostly on my mobile, so please do not expect posts. I have a strong hatred for posting on my phone and have the tendency to make great mistakes, and I often find myself lazy on my phone. Other then that lets get started, shall we?

    I am searching for an advanced role-player that has very little limits. I write about (3+) paragraphs to mostly every response despite how little I am given. Along with writing level I am searching for someone to stay for the long run, basically long-term. If the role-play begins to die out in your perspective, please do tell me. We can always spice it up. With that being said, I love side-characters. They could change the outcomes of our two mains, or keep the two mains company while the other one is away. I also find it difficult to believe that two people will spend time together 24/7.

    • When the South met the North - In great Greece two cities raged in constant war, the Spartans and the Athens. Our two mains will take place during the Peloponnesian War. A young Spartan soldier is captures by Athens nobleman who takes the Spartan soldier hostage, due to his high status and great value he has to the Spartan ruler. Being a hostage in Athens he was treated fairly, the man was beaten and starved for an extended period of time. During one his beatings an Athens noblewomen takes pity on the man and spares a piece or two of bread for the man.
    • [Will Update from time to time.]
    • Steampunk
    • Ballerina & Jock
    • Dystopia
    • French Revolution (w/supernatural themes)
    • Soldier & Women soldier in disguise
    • Gypsy & French Soldier (Inspired by the Hunchback of Notre-dame)
    • Cabaret Singer X Gangster
    • Mythology (All cultures)
    • Noir
    • Victorian Era
    • Hannibal
    • Skins
    • Tokyo Ghoul
    • Game of Thrones (I have just finished reading book one, and I have finished the first hundredth page of the second one, so please, take it easy on me.)
    • Bioshock
    Thank you for taking time to look upon my submission. PM or reply here, I'll get to you when I can. :)

  2. Good day. I thank you for posting such fin rp ideas. The plot for When the South me the North has caught my full interest. I love Greek mythology and would like to try this rp with you.
  3. Great! Send me a PM and we can discuss about the plot in much more details.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.