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  1. So the idea can vary to anything. I'm just looking to rp my char Logan--->[​IMG]Strengths:
    He is pretty good at reading people.
    Tells the truth even if it hurts the other person, for their well being.

    He tends to keep to himself.
    He over thinks scenarios always finding ways they could go wrong

    Height: 152.4 CM
    Weight: 50 KG

    Painting or drawing
    Very personable although blunt

    The dark

    General Personality:
    Loyal, Warm-hearted, Quiet (doesnt speak much outside of group of friends) Sarcastic, Caring

    Logan comes off as quiet until he is around his friends. When with people he knows he's talkative and friendly. He is very blunt about things and uses sarcasm in nearly every sentence. Despite his slightly abrasive way of handling things he does care about others, even though he might not know them. Often volunteers at shelters and donates his old things to those without.

    Inner Personality:
    Romantic, Emotional, Worrisome(what others think of him)

    Despite having a look of general apathy towards what some may believe he is like, he does care, perhaps a little too much. Sometimes he'll stay awake wondering if his friends actually like him or just tolerate him.

    He has a collection of hello kitty plushies hidden in his closet.

    Logan's horoscope is Sagittarius.
    He can cook very well, he just doesn't advertise that fact.
    Actually considering culinary school after he graduates.

    Pm me or reply here. Whatever...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.