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  1. I have a few pairings that may inspire plot ideas on the resume, but they mostly rely on fantastical settings and inhuman races.

    I will take this time to talk a bit about how I act and what I like Im an RP, and what I expect from my partner.

    So here we go:

    - Post's Lenght -
    I tend to get really verbose, but don't worry much on matching my lenght; if you give me something to reply to in at least three decent sized (up to three lines each) paragraphs OR MORE, it's fine;

    - Post's Style -
    Third person, always. Use regular novel structure for descriptions and actions, "..." for speech, and '...' for thoughts - (...) will be used to indicate off only after we start playing. People who are always in character confuse me;

    - Grammar -
    Since English is my second language, it doesn't bother me much. But try to use proper punctuation and capitalization, so I can read you clearly;

    - Roleplaying Style -
    I do multiple characters, heavy world building, and that takes A LOT of effort. So even if you do just one character, please try to interact with what I've built for you.

    Only fandoms I'm doing right now are Supernatural and Resident Evil, but with OC's only. I don't mind canon characters popping up in the background, as long as they are not the center of attention.

    My preference is for using male characters, from the rugged lumberjack type to the androgynous Shota, but I can do female if I like your plot ideas and writing style. Occasionally, I can do Futanari, but just for girls.

    I don't care if you are a boy playing as a girl or vice-versa, but make sure you have a proper knowledge of the anatomy from the gender you're playing, specially in... Naughty scenes.

    I don't like idle and scaredy-cat submissives, specially males. That's a HUGE turn off.

    I almost always send starters, unless we're working with your plot ideas, then it will be weird for me to get it started.

    My posts are loooooooong. Therefore, I usually reply once a day, twice depending on how busy I am. In case I don't reply for more than two days straight, I will let you know why;

    -Preferred RP Methods-
    PM is preferred, since I do mostly 1x1, but I can do threads or chats, if we happen to be online at the same time.

    Interested? Have any questions? PM is the way.

    Thank you very much for your attention.
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  2. Pairing Ideas
    Crossed ones are taken, * near to preferred role I'm flexible to part with, ° near the role I don't want to give away.

    Proud Convalescent Soldier/Outspoken Caretaker;

    *Older, depressed superhero mentor/Loose-canon, younger superhero (OC's);

    *Injured War Criminal Runaway/Enemy Soldier;

    Petty Criminal/Bounty Hunter*;

    *Higher Fantasy Race/Lesser Fantasy Race;

    °Cold Slave Trainer/Caring Slave Trainer Apprentice.

    *Uninterested Slave Owner/Slave Struggling to Please;

    Cold Master/Unwilling Slave;

    Virgin Kidnap Victim/Mentally Unstable or Alien Kidnapper*;

    °Dominant, inhuman Loli or Shota/Submissive Adult;

    Demon Futa/Human Female;

    °Monster Breeder/Human Mare.

    Fandom Pairing Ideas (OC's Only)
    - Supernatural
    *Older, retired hunter/Young hunter in need of guidance;

    *Lone hunter/Tag-along civilian;

    *Hunter/Legit Medium, Faith Healer or Fortune Teller;

    °Hunter/Demon on the run from Hell or Fallen Angel;

    Hunter/Werewolf or other creature;


    - Resident Evil
    BSAA Agent/Civilian;

    BSAA Agent/Terrasave Member;

    Government Agent/Civilian, Spy or 'evil' scientist;

    - Doctor Who
    *Pre-Time War Time Lord or Lady/Human from the far future or distant past;

    Alien space-pirate/Alien space policeman or woman.
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  3. I'm interested in this one if you're still looking
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