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I am currently searching for someone of a reasonably high role playing ability to join me for ideally a Fallout-based RP, definitely a post-apocalyptic RP.

I'm currently busy at university, so I'll only be taking one or two partners for this venture. This also means my posts will be limits to two or three a week -- if you like taking things a little slower, I'm your gal!

As for character preferences, I play only females. I just don't play very convincing men. For this RP, I'm looking to play only MxF pairings, just what I'm craving at the moment. I should also point out, that I'm not looking for my character to hook up with Ghouls, Androids, Super Mutants, or Robots-- Sorry guys. Human on human action only please.
Any other kinks I'm pretty open to, just hit me up. :)

I do rather enjoy the Mojave, although other settings and ideas are more than welcome. If you're into Fallout, it will be set after the event of New Vegas and the accompanied DLC, with my character playing the female Courier. You are more than welcome to play an original character/companion or your take on the Lone Wanderer.
Plot is something I'd love to work out with my potential partner - I've got nothing solid yet.

I'll throw up my skeleton here for the Courier if anyone's interested.​


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Definitely interested - should I PM you?
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