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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm Peanut, and I am back and ready to play! While I'm not usually too fussy, I am only looking for straight pairings this time around. I do tend to play the female, but I can switch roles if a convincing argument can be made otherwise. :)

    Pairings are sorted by genre and italics indicates the role I would prefer to take. Again, I will switch if you make me a convincing argument. My kinks are at the bottom of the page.

    Middle Ages, Victorian/Steampunk, or Modern

    Thief x Gentry
    Assassin x Princess
    Thief x Princess
    Knight x Royalty
    Demon x Demon Hunter
    Pirate x Captive
    Gunslinger x Lady
    Demon x Human
    Monster x Human
    Skyrim OC x OC

    Science Fiction/Futuristic
    Set in the future or a futuristic AUs including super humans

    Hero x Villain
    Hero x Hero
    Villain x Villain
    Alien x Human
    Experiment x Scientist

    Resistance Leader x Lieutenant
    Fallout New Vegas: Courier x OC
    Fallout New Vegas: OC x OC
    Star Trek OC x OC

    Kinks and Turn Ons

    Light Bondage
    Rough Sex
    Sexual Tension
    Period/Vintage Clothing
    Dubious Consent involving Cohesion
    Playful Resistance
    'Non-Traditional' Sex, esp. with Aliens and Monsters
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  2. I'm willing to try skyrim oc x oc
  3. I can try a Monster X Human, if you'd like. :) However this is my first Monster x Human, and I don't really do well with monsters, I'd prefer if my character (Monstah) did not have these insanely strange mutations, like crystals on the back, or made of rocks, etc. Etc. Sorry if this isn't what you were looking for, but please message me back if you feel as if we can try it out! :D
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  4. Thanks for the interest but that particular role has anyway been filled. :)
  5. Tartersauce! Oh well, thanks xP!
  6. Is the monster thing still occupied? If so then I'd like to try Hero x Villain. :3
  7. Yup, although I do still have Hero x Villain open. :) I'll send you a PM.
  8. Alright! ^ ^
  9. If you are still looking I would be up for either of the New Vegas pairings. I have the makings of a few plots, if needed.
  10. If you're interested, I would like to do I piratexcaptiveroleplay with you.
  11. I'll gladly take the Assassin x Princess one, if it isn't taken already!
  12. Star Trek OC x OC?
  13. Victorian/Steam punk demonXhuman?
  14. Apologies to all partners, potential and actual for my absence. I was taken ill and was unable to RP during that time. Now, I am quite healthy again and have lots of time to commit to role playing.

    I'm getting around to sending individual replies and apologies -- thanks to anyone who sent me a message. :)​