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  1. Hello I am new to Iwaku and am looking for some RP partners!

    Bellow is my resume, if interested in mature RPing as well you can read the whole one on my page ^w^



    OPEN TO INVITES:One[x]One Roleplays, Chat Roleplays, Mature Roleplays


    I am available everyday, and I let my partner know if I will be taking a short leave of sorts.

    Male, I play both Genders equally.


    Yaoi, Yuri, Modern, Fantasy, Angst, Fluff. I am pretty open to anything to be honest but these are my main genres I engross my
    time into.

    Haven't found one yet so I hope this is a good sign~

    I can do both, it really depends on how my partners writing style is. If you are generally a passive writer then I will indulge you and take more of the lead with the plot. Though on the other hand I am perfectly fine with an aggressive partner and will follow along.

    My "Plot Candies" will change with the genre and characters I muse on with, however I generally love angst things but then I also do love my yaoi so, if its fine with my partner, I am always up for smut scenes in any way.

    Recently I have been doing a lot of Attack on Titan roleplaying as Levi so my general muses may be those characters who have had a hard upbringing and now may seem apathetic, cold, distant, and might even come off as a tad sadistic but in the end have that weak spot for a special person.


    I am generally a well rounded writer and I can roleplay as many personality types, however I usually don't do the up-beat active characters unless I am writing for a sub character.

    I mostly write in third person specific however if I am switching between two or more characters I may switch over to third person alternating. With that said, I only will do literary roleplays and will most likely disregard any script styled roleplayers.

    The low clouds that hung over head were getting oddly dark for this time of year, as the echoes of thunder roared off in the distance. The hostile wind of an upcoming storm rushed through Levi’s onyx hair as he stared down at the groaning body underneath his boot, “Tch.. Pathetic” He spat before taking his heel away from the man and begun to walk off down the alley with a slight limp; each step he took causing his brow to furrow slightly from the irritating and dull sensation of pain as it coursed up through his leg. He had taken far too much damage in that last fight, it was so unlike him and it made him livid, he was notorious for being one of the top fighters in this side of the town and he was not going to let anyone take that away from him. He had skipped school again; Levi found it to be a waste of his time, though recently everything was beginning to feel like a waste. As if nothing was worth a shit anymore, this world felt to peaceful – Or at least it was compared to those dreams, such damnable dreams. Visions of a dark and nightmarish world that seemed cursed with death and soaked in the blood of so many innocent people as they strove with no avail to fight against filthy and vile creatures. Levi used to only have this dream two or three times a month but recently he was having that many within a week. The dreams never were refreshing in the least, with each one so tiring as if he were living a whole different life as he slept. Trudging along the narrow back street he could start to faintly hear the sound of others going on with their daily lives, laughing and talking as they flowed through the shopping streets, unaware of what misery or actual life was like. He shook his head vexed by the insensibleness of humanity, before he came to the intersection on where the alleyway met with the town sidewalk. Cold droplets had begun to touch his raven locks as the rain began to fall down, gradually getting faster until the large drops were pelting down on him mercilessly, usually he would have hated the rain but this was slightly refreshing on his hot cuts and throbbing bruises. His legs quivered as a he felt a sudden wave of exhaust course though him. ‘Damn it..’ Levi thought to himself, as he leaned against the bricks of the backstreet wall that was now dyed a dark crimson from the heavy rain that was staining it a darker shade in color while the water slithered down the rough rock surface. A small splash was heard when his weight collapsed into the puddle below him, ‘So tired..’ He thought, as he balanced his hands on his knees and rested his head back against the wall, the chilled rain kissing his pale and scraped up face before he closed his eyes and drifted off into a unconscious state.

    ((This is actually one of my few starters for Levi, if you are interested in it I am always up for this one.))

    Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you!
  2. I am new here as well! I'd love to discuss a plot/setting and any ideas with you if interested?
  3. I like your style, and am quite interested, if you'd like, pm me.
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