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Welcome to the Partner Connections forum! This is where you post and reply to search threads for meeting up with fellow roleplayers for private, one-on-one roleplays.

You are allowed to post requests that include info about sexual content in your RPs, but if it is the focus of your request, please post it instead in the Redstar Connections (if you are over 18) or the Bluestar Connections (if you are 17 or under). You can also post your requests there if you're only interested in playing with these age groups. Roleplaying sexual content with members outside of your age group is not allowed. For info on why we have these sections, please see this Resource.

Please be aware that requests primarily requesting kik contact are not allowed due to the tendency of these requests to violate Iwaku's Rules prohibiting usage of the site as a dating service or masturbatory tool.

All threads in this forum are archived after they have received no new replies for 30 days. If you need a thread revived, you can use the Moderation Request form to ask a mod to bring it back. You can also use this form to request deletion of a post or locking/unlocking a thread.

Thread prefixes are colorful tags displayed at the beginning of a thread title. They can be chosen when creating a thread and more than one can be applied. These prefixes show what a thread is for. You can also click on them from the thread listing to display all the threads with that prefix within that forum. Each section has its own prefixes, so make sure to check the info sticky to make sure you're picking the right prefixes and to learn what they mean!

This prefix is the default for the Partner Connections forum. It lets people know you're looking for new partners with your search thread.

Always open means exactly what it says: your partner search thread is always open for new partners! It's best used for threads that house a lot of different ideas and are kept updated with fresh requests. This does NOT mean the thread won't be archived for inactivity.

This prefix just lets people know that your request is filled and you're not looking for any more partners. Changing the prefix (which can be done from within the thread) is a good way to avoid unwanted inquiries.

Tags can be added to threads and used to help find and filter threads related to certain genres, themes, and more. You'll find the Tags line right under the text box when creating a thread. Existing threads can also be tagged; just above the first post you should see a line that starts with "Tags:" and has an edit button you can press.

You can find the full list of available content tags in this Resource, or ask for a new tag to be added in this thread in the Help Desk.

Iwaku has a ton of useful resources to help improve your search threads or make your roleplaying life easier. They're always worth a look at the very least!

Our benevolent owl overlord Diana created a nice guide for making a request and getting partners.

Other folks have posted their takes on the best way to grab partners, plus a variety of other useful guides, in the Roleplay Help & Writing Guides area of our Support section.

Everyone likes a pretty search thread, and sometimes that requires complicated BBCode. A lot of the time the code just doesn't want to cooperate, and when that happens you can always reach out to the BBCode Help thread for assistance.

If you like to use fancy colors but you're worried about how they might look on the different color backgrounds Iwaku offers, then look no further than Holmishire's Colour Guide for help in selecting shades that won't burn anyone's eyes.
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