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  1. I'm bored, and it'll take days before I have any new games to play, not to mention I need something to do while I work on what little homework I have and prep an rp for winter break since I'll only be able to go home for one week out of three. Only requirement I have is I will mainly play female. So I can add other male characters but they will be side characters.

    My= current idea(s): Some sort of scenario where a hero from a video game is flung into another world. (I will play the hero. You can be one too!) The two get along well and eventually they find a way to get her back home. Then they find out the door is the result of their worlds collapsing. (this will happen much later. the first half focuses on a problem in the world and getting the hero home.) So they have to travel between worlds which are now colliding and mixing up.
    My hero in this case will be a Legend of Zelda based character. Daughter of the Hero of Time Link. Her name is Marin.

    Idea two: There is a school in which heroes learn to be heroes. This school is very important and YOU have been invited (you can be a teacher or a student However, teachers MUST be well known heroes. They can be made up they just have to have a rep!). This is where you meet the founder of the school (me). That's all I've got there. Good Hijinks could be had. But eh.

    I'm open to other ideas. It can be simple 1x1, can be mature, can be in PMs. The second could be made into a group rp but I haven't done one in so long >.<
  2. The first idea sounds amazing~!
    I would be ecstatic to rp that xD
  3. Wow! didn't expect that XD That was kinda thrown together! I'm glad you like it! Preferred method?
  4. A thread in one x one is fine by me. But I'm also fine with a mature thread, if you want. ^^
  5. Mature works for me. I never know where things will lead XD I always just have a skeleton ready. I like to play things by ear! If you'd like to discuss characters or starting points feel free to drop a PM!