Partaking in Preposterously Perilous Pet Protection, Specifically Princess Petunia Primrose Peach's

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  1. Inspired by the tone of Princess Bride and maybe a little Douglas Adams

    Welcome to a land of myth, and magic, mayhem and might. Deeps a valor and knights charging at each other in front on squealing maidens and their jealous suitors. A land with a king and his queen, of ignoble nobles and mischievous merchants.


    But it is a kingdom in crisis. Princess Petunia Primrose Peach the third's favorite poodle ran away from her during a ride in the country and the kingdom has descended into chaos. The king and queen tried buying her a dozen more poodles and a partridge in a pair tree but she had them all put to death. She wants her Precious back.

    Enter our heroes... if that the right word? Really they're people the king is hoping will die in the attempt. Its how he chooses all he questers. Let us not forget the Crusade of a hundred bankers and bureaucrats. While a military failure was a roaring success for the efficiency of the kingdom's economy.

    He'll just call them heroes for the sake of simplicity. And these heroes, all five of them have been hand picked by the king himself.

    The fighter: hand picked for his.. lets say skill with a sword.

    The thief: Some would say rogue or archer. I'd say nice knowing you.

    The Barbarian/Monk: Either way you don't want to make him angry.

    The mage: Magic can be one of the most powerful, or entertaining forces in the universe.

    The healer: What group doesn't need someone to keep the other in one or more pieces.


    And so our... heroes... sorry I promise I'll keep a strait face from now on.. Set out for Darkwood Forest, where the dog was last seen. and the king breathes a sigh of relief that hes five ... heroes down.

    This game is invite only I cant stress that enough. If you are one of out chosen victims you will be getting a PM.

    DO NOT post in this thread if you are not invited.

    There will be 5 characters embarking on this adventure, if they do not return there will be no rescue, no search party. If they do then the king gets a happy princess, its win-win for him.

    Vay and Ocha will be kidnapping those that want to play with =D

    More information to follow.
  2. This here little bit is to convay who our intrepid heros are and any important NPC or story history that's needed to be kept track of. Also of course you need bios.

    Job within the group:
    What did you do to the king to be asked:
    Why did you say yes to the king:
    Favorite weapon:
    Brief history:

    The bold adventurers

    The fighter - Vay
    The thief -
    The barbarian - Karsi
    The mage - Elyd
    The healer - Ocha
  3. Name: Tina
    Gender: Female
    Job within the group: Healer
    Age: 22
    Personality: Tina gets distracted easily. She could easily get lost going to buy bread, not because she's directionally impaired but because she would see so many interesting things along the way. She is a likable sort, with a kind word for nearly anyone (though her less then kind words are surprising in choice). Her apparent innocents surprise actual intelligence when she is focused. She doesn't want to be focused because then she has to be serious and that likely means someone is dead.
    What did you do to the king to be asked: She accidentally healed his latest jester and is now stuck with the bad humor.
    Why did you say yes to the king: She thought she was asked to go on a picnic.
    Favorite weapon: Cute woodland creatures. No, seriously this is the the other reason you don't let her go walking around by herself, they start following her. The city is nearly as bad, but the woods are full of creatures that want to be her friend.
    Brief history:
    Humorous story coming soon!
  4. Name: Callael Alcyan

    Gender: Male

    Job within the group: The Barbarian

    Age: 37


    Callael wears no armor, only clothing appropriate to the weather by his standards, seeing as he's a creature of the frozen northern wastes, he's commonly shirtless just to manage being in a higher temperature environment than he's used to. He towers over the average human as well, standing at nearly seven feet tall with a lean frame. to top this off, the right half of his face, torso and his right arm down to the mid bicep are covered in dark purple tattoos spelling out his fate and destiny, sadly for him he can't read.

    Callael is in several ways, the polar opposite of his race. He's generally nicer than the average winter elf, as well as far more trusting (not to say he's overly trusting, he just doesn't think everyone's going to betray him) finally he has a certain zest for life

    What did you do to the king to be asked:
    Something about being a vagabond, and several racial slurs directed at the length and shape of his ears

    Why did you say yes to the king:
    It was either that or be fed to the shoggoth

    Favorite weapon:
    The Nyss Claymore, the traditional weapon of his people. It's a five foot long single edged blade with a slight curve and a two food hilt with a circular guard. the flat of the blade it etched with it's name in his native language. Traditionally wielded in two hands, practice and body size allow him to wield the blade one handed.

    Brief history:
    Callael never really got on with the rest of his kin, so when he came of age he left his shard in search of adventure, he's raided ancient ruins, fought as a mercenary, and even tried his hand at banditry, until he was caught and hauled unceremoniously before the king.
  5. Name: Martinez De la Mierda
    Gender: Male
    Job within the group: Dashing Swordsman and ladies' man.
    Age: Mid 20s.
    Appearance (open)

    Personality: Only the most charming swordsman in the kingdom. They didn't appreciate me back home so I came here and made friends with the king. You know many call me a charmer but I'm simply who the gods made me and its everyone else who is less than charming. Some look down at me like that but really, I don't mind. Its me seeing the moon in all her radiance as I look up.
    What did you do to the king to be asked: I may have made the mistake of hitting on the princes while the king was in earshot. We didn't react in a very kingly manner.
    Why did you say yes to the king: It was this or join the army and be given of of those disgusting red uniforms.
    Favorite weapon: My rapier, I call her Dolores.
    Brief history:
  6. Name: Ída Grensling
    Gender: Female
    Job within the group: Mage
    Age: 20

    Appearance: Short and squat, with brown eyes and brown hair, Ída looks more the part of commonplace peasant than top-level mage. She also prefers the common clothing of her upbringing, and can pass for just about anybody without a second glance when she's out and about.

    Personality: Great at book-learning, but completely naive and clueless in the field, Ída is an obnoxious know-it-all… until you ask her to actually do some magic. Then her tongue ties up and she stutters over an excuse about why it's unnecessary, after all, she already proved that the magic was possible with theorems, she shouldn't have to prove it in praxis. Ída is oblivious to the fact that she can't really do magic; she hides it from herself behind a mask of pride and terror that no one has been able to get around.

    What did you do to the king to be asked: The king ordered entertainment from the University of Mages one night, and because of his propensity to put people to death, the professors sent Ída and two of her classmates. Her two classmates bailed her out of a stunningly bad performance of magic tricks, but she was kept on the king's list.

    Why did you say yes to the king: Glory and honor and to prove that she can do something right! That's why he summoned her, right right?

    Favorite weapon: A Brief History of Magic. It was Ída's first textbook, and as a mage, she really shouldn't have to have a weapon. In a pinch, however, it would make a very satisfying thud as she thwacked someone or something with it.

    Brief history: Ída is top of her class… in theoretical magic. In praxis, she can't even get simple card tricks right, and finds herself shaking with fear as she attempts magic. The professors don't know what to make of her: that much raw talent and intelligence should make her an extremely powerful wizard.

    Having grown up in the town surrounding the University, where mages kept watch over the children for signs of untapped magecraft, Ída was taken very young from her parents and tested for magical ability when boulders in the river heaved themselves to the other side when she was upset during laundry day. The mages tied up her magic so she couldn't use it until she was old enough to enter the University, so the strange things that happened around her stopped. Ída never attempted to use her magic once it was released, though, and just focused on making it to the top.