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    this is a one on one for upscalerat and abibliophobia only. please do not post
    without permission, it's quite spammish and tends to cause problems.
    real life ariel x eric set in cali
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    name;; eric darkrooth ♦ age;; 17
    gender;; male ♦ birthday;; june twelfth
    eye color;; blue ♦ hair color;; brown
    height;; 6'1" ♦ weight;; 165 lbs
    body type;; tall and very muscular

    tattoos;; a yin-yang sign on the back of his neck
    family;; wealthy father, mother, no siblings
    strengths;; honesty, modesty, responsibility, looking good, & behaving as told
    weaknesses;; doesn't think for himself, relaxes too easily, & can be a bit clumsy

    personality;; self-relying, catastrophically careless at times, prideful, memorable, & can only see the best in the worst of a situation

    name;; freddie bounder ♦ age;; 16
    gender;; male ♦ birthday;; september ninth
    eye color;; brown ♦ hair color;; red
    height;; 5'9" ♦ weight;; 140 lbs
    body type;; average, not much muscle
    tattoos;; none
    family;; adoptive parents, no siblings
    strengths;; sensibility, reliability, messing up but staying strong

    weaknesses;; always thinking about others & tries to help too much
    personality;; comical, helpful, always has something nice to say, loves meeting new people & having fun

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    ariel o'halloran || sixteen
    female || march twenty-sixth
    green/blue eyes || red hair
    five foot five inches || one hundred thirty seven pounds
    not much muscle, quite lean, not particularly curvy
    a seashell tattoo behind the bottom of her ear
    father, several sisters
    hardworking, modest, helpful, determined
    rebellious, shy, proud
    tries to stand out at home but go unnoticed in public, eager to help others, playful, generally cheery

    vanessa delany || seventeen
    female || may third
    brown eyes || brown hair
    five foot eight inches || one hundred forty two pounds
    thin, tall, curvy
    mother, no siblings
    determined, cunning, charming, attractive
    immoral, private, overreacts
    selfish, calculating, flirtatious, discrete
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  4. Eric woke to the sounds of seagulls calling to one another and the ocean's waves hitting the shore. His family's illustrious beach house sat only a couple dozen yards away from the furthermost reaches of the seashore. Only higher-ups with special permits were allowed to build a house so close to the beach. His home was the last on it's street and was two stories tall. Eric had loved the house since he had first seen it; everything about it screamed wealth, but to him it was home.

    A light grey sheep dog bound into the room, as if sensing that Eric had woken up. The dog jumped up on his owner's bed, quickly spreading his light, but highly allergenic, hair all over the pastel blue duvet that covered the bed. "Max!" Eric exclaimed in a scolding, but loving, tone. The dog ran over to the open doors of Eric's balcony, as if yelling at him to get up so they could get a start on their Sunday morning ritual. "All right, all right." The black haired boy muttered as he slid out of the warm confines of his bed. As he usually did each morning when he didn't have to go to school he dressed himself in his wet suit, and didn't bother with shoes. "Come on Max." He called as he descended the marble staircase that led to the front room. The sheepdog followed more out of excitement than of obedience. Eric walked out of the house, knowing full well that his parents weren't home as they were on a business trip in New York. He made his way around back to the small shed that held his variety of surf boards.

    The morning air was crisp, and the occassional ocean breeze sent goosebumps in waves throughout his body. He grabbed his favorite board from the shed and started toward the beach after locking it back up. Max, eagerly awaiting his run on the beach, wagged his tail happily as he walked next to Eric. The beach was bare. There were only a few others there so early and they were already out on the water. He looked down at his watch, it read 5:06, later than he thought. The Sun had just barely begun to rise and Eric couldn't wait to get in the water. "Don't leave the beach Max." He told the dog as he started a steady jog toward the water, his board tucked under his arm. The sand was cool against his bare feet, and it reminded the teenager why he never bothered with shoes when he went to the beach. Max ran with Eric up until he reached the water. After that the dog went off to do his own thing.

    Once in the water and waiting for a wave, Eric sat on his highly refined, painted piece of wood. He watched as Max, who seemed to possess an endless amount of energy, ran up and down the beach chasing the seagulls. While Eric was not paying attention with his back turned toward the open water, a wave grew, granted it was not a large wave, but large enough to throw almost anyone off. The wave knocked Eric off his board and into the chilly depths. He wasn't prepared to go under and, as his lungs screamed for another breath, he tried to claw his way to the surface. But the band that connected him to his board wouldn't allow it. As he tried to release his ankle of the strap the pressure grew in his head on his chest. His consciousness was starting to slip and just as he had just undone the strap he felt himself go under.

    --So, first of all, I'm sorry it took me so long to make this post. I got really busy and just couldn't find any time for it. Secondly, my posts are not usually this long. They run from 2-3 paragraphs, not this nonsense. My first posts are just long.
  5. ((Don't worry about it! My first posts are also usually longer than regular posts, and anyways, I don't mind longer posts. c: And again, no worries. I understand about being busy. I've been pretty busy, too- I'm still in school and working on final projects. So, no worries, I understand!))

    Attina and Alana would have her head, Ariel decided, if their father didn't have it first. It really depended on who saw her first, but it still didn't change the amount of trouble that Ariel was in. As the youngest of seven daughters (even if things were calmer now that Attia, Alana, and Adella had moved out, and Acuata would be leaving for college that fall), Ariel was a rebellious child, at least at home. Her father, Ariel felt, had sort of forgotten that his daughters were growing, and that even as the youngest, Ariel was still old enough to not be treated like a child. At the very least, her father could hear her out.

    While the girl's older sisters were visiting- time off of work, enjoying spring break- Ariel had gotten into a bit of a spat with the rest of her family. She thought that she was old enough to be able to go place and do things with her friends. Her father protested, as they were mostly of the male variety. Attina agreed, taking her father's side; Alana worried it would be a gateway for Ariel to start starving herself in order to impress them (which was absurd); Adella was concerned her friends would try to take advantage of her. It was all absurd. Acuata wouldn't support Ariel on the grounds that she was too
    possessive of her little sister, and Andrina just wanted to maintain some privileges over Ariel. Arista was probably in support, but she'd stayed out of the whole mess.

    The situation eventually dissolved to some yelling and to Ariel being sent to her room. She'd gone and slammed the door, and refused to let Arista and Andrina in, even though the three shared the room. (Attina, Alana, Adella, and Acuata had shared the other bedroom. People were rearranged as sisters went to college, which meant that currently, Ariel and Andrina shared a room, while Arista and Acuata shared the other, but Arista had to stay with Ariel and Andrina while their older sisters visited. Their father had converted the basement into a sort of bedroom for himself, but it doubled as a living area during the day. All of their space had to, with seven daughters, though things had gotten easier as the girls went off to college and jobs.

    After everyone else had gone to bed- or at least gone silent- Ariel changed and snuck out. In the dark, she couldn't really see what she was grabbing, but it didn't matter what the girl was changing into. It was dark, no one would see her swimming, and she'd be back before anyone noticed she was missing. At any rate, that had been the plan. When Ariel got out, and saw what she'd changed into- tight, turquoise swim shorts, and a lavender swim top that only held her breasts by being tied tightly around her back- and saw how many people were on the beach, she shook her head and kept walking. Eventually, Ariel made it to a
    sufficiently empty area of the beach. It was where the more well off people lived, judging by the sizes of the houses, but that was alright, and Ariel walked into the water, and swam.

    Ariel had never been good at judging time. It was starting to be decently light out when it finally occurred to her that if it got any later, someone might come looking for her. She sighed and gave one more remorseful look towards the water. She'd love to stay out there but lord that kid's an idiot for not seeing that wave but he still hasn't come up yet but he should have by now and Ariel ran back in, deeper, and pushed herself off the ground and swam over to the surfboard. Then she dove, forced her eyes open under the water, spying for the kid. She saw him, swam to him, grabbed his arm and swam up. The waves had pushed his board nearby, so Ariel put the (attractive) boy onto it, and pushed it to shore. She dragged both him and the board onto the sand, a good few feet away from the tide, and pushed on his chest until water stopped flowing out. Ariel put her ear to the boy's chest; heart beating, and he was definitely breathing on his own. She even thought she could see his eyes moving under their lids. Quickly, Ariel got up, and ran over to the nearby rock jetty. She glanced back, to see if he was awake, before continuing to run off home.

    ((By the way, this was long, sorry- don't worry about matching lengths or anything.
    I imagine that, given this lack of
    opportunity for interaction, we should skip to school? Do you wanna take care of that jump, or should I edit it into my post here?))
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  6. --So, I can just have it go to the next day, Monday, so school will come.

    Eric was lost in the bliss of unconsciousness, he couldn't exactly feel the pressure upon his head as it lost it's source of oxygen. The pressure seemed to lighten as his body was pulled to shore and someone performed CPR on him. As this was happening his mind was seeming to find itself again. He could hear the water moving along the shore and the faint bark of his dog. His eyelids moved to open, to see who had pulled him from the chilly depths, but they weren't working as they were supposed to. Their presence, whoever had saved him, seemed to leave. He tried to reach out in thanks, but they were already gone. His eyes finally opened but the intense rush that came to his head as he lifted it only allowed him a quick glimpse of striking red hair. His black-haired head hit the sand and he gave a soft groan. Eric's entire body ached. Max gave a bark from a few feet away, Eric heard the sheepdog's paws hitting the sand as he came closer. "Well you weren't much help now, were you?" Eric croaked, surprised by the hoarseness of his voice. Max responded by licking his owners face, only stopping when he was shooed away by an impatient hand. Eric's throat felt raw, his chest ached, it hurt to breath, and whoever had saved him didn't even stay for him to give a thank you. What a shitty day it was turning out to be.

    It was a bit of a surprise when Eric had finally gotten the energy to sit up and see that his board was sitting next to him. He smiled at it and took a moment to get back on his feet. It wasn't every day that you almost drowned. Max was more than willing to return to the confines of home that promised a meal and a warm bed. Eric felt the same. The rest of his Sunday was spent sipping on cool liquids to help soothe his throat and finishing homework that was overdue. His parents didn't come home, they weren't expected to be back until the following Sunday. The housekeeper stopped by to tidy things up, she ignored Eric and he did the same. That night when he went to bed all he could see was the back of the retreating figure, her long red hair blowing in the wind.

    An alarm tore Eric out of the sleepful bliss he was in. He lifted his head to look at his alarm, already knowing what he would see, it read 7:00. He had to be at school within a half an hour. Eric rolled out of bed, groaning immediately because of the movement. His entire body was sore. What would he tell his swim coach at practice when he wouldn't be able to perform as he usually did? That he almost drowned? That would make him look like a complete idiot. Shaking the thoughts from his head Eric dressed in a navy shirt that brought out the blue in his eyes and a pair of jeans. On his way out the door he gave Max a goodbye pat on the head, slipped on his black vans, and pulled his backpack over his shoulder. He walked to the front of his house, where his black camaro lay. It was an older model, '67 to be exact, and wasn't too good for the environment. Eric never thought of things that way though.

    As he parked his car in the student parking lot he looked down at his watch. There was still ten minutes before class started. Eric made his way to a set of picnic tables in the school's courtyard that held most of his friends. The courtyard held most of the school's students; it was a popular hangout before school started. He was welcomed by a chorus of hey's. Most of his friends were athletes like himself and their girlfriends. Eric took a spot on the bench and tried to act like he hadn't almost died the day before.


    Freddie woke up to some very small children bouncing on his bed as if he wasn't even there. He sat up, smiling as usual, and pulled the nearest one down next to him. This resulted in a fit of giggling from his three younger siblings. The one he had pulled down, Selina, escaped from his pull and resumed bouncing with her two brothers, Jack and Matt. "Get out of here and go get me some coffee!" He yelled playfully watching the seven, five, and four year olds race out of the room. He rolled out of bed and dressed quickly, knowing that school didn't require him to look his best. He ran a hand through his thick auburn colored hair. It's redness was nothing like his best friend's though. "Freddie, get down here or you'll be late for school!" A familiar voice called from the floor below.

    He ran into the kitchen to find his mother flipping a pancake at the stove. The three troublemakers were gathered around the breakfast table, fighting over who would get the syrup first. "I thought I told you to get me coffee." Freddie looked at them accusingly, but he couldn't compete with the syrup. They didn't care about their older brother as much as they cared about food. "You know they would probably spill it on my carpet anyway." His mother told him, handing him a tall mug as she spoke. He sipped the strong liquid thankfully. His mother offered him a pancake, but he declined. Breakfast had never been that appealing to Freddie. He always had a cup of black coffee and was fine until lunch. "Well, I'm off." Freddie stated, grabbing his messenger bag off the hook by the front door and leaving with a short wave to the children.

    Freddie had always enjoyed the walk to school. He lived in a small somewhat rundown neighborhood that housed none of his peers. So he walked in solace, enjoying the peace that was occasionally interrupted by a passing car. It took Freddie about twenty minutes to get to school every day, which wasn't that bad in timing. But that also meant that if he left just ten minutes later than usual he would be late for his class. Timing mattered, but Freddie didn't worry as much as others might've. He was a very laid-back student that passed all of his classes without struggle. He didn't shoot for the A's or B's, but sufficed for mere C's. This didn't bother his Mother, she only got concerned if he was starting to fail a class. He came up to school grounds and gave a bitter sigh. The place may have been necessary, but that didn't mean that he had to enjoy it. High school was a torture for most teenagers, that didn't exclude himself. Freddie headed toward the school courtyard, the usual meetup place for groups of friends to hang out before the first bell rang. There was still ten minutes before school actually started. Freddie looked around for his gingered friend, but when he failed to spot her he took a spot on a low cement wall. There weren't many people on the wall, most occupied the picnic tables or the lush ground underneath the few trees in the small area. He pulled out his phone to distract himself while he waited for Ariel.
  7. ((Also, I'm going to introduce Vanessa soon, but not quite right away, unless you'd prefer I introduce her sooner. Otherwise, I'll probably introduce her after Eric and Ariel have talked just a little bit?))

    Returning home, Ariel was relieved to find her door still shut and nothing disturbed. She quickly changed back into some pajamas, and ran a brush through her hair. It had more or less dried on the way back,, but the knots would have been enough to give the girl away. Ariel put her brush back, and looked at the mirror, terrified- there was a note- but felt relief when she recognized the handwriting to be Arista's.

    Dad wants to make up w/ you. Told him
    you're still sleeping. He's overprotective
    because he loves you. I'll be back around
    10. I'll wake you up if you're asleep.

    Sighing with relief, Ariel took the note and threw it out, and dropped into her bed. It was almost eight, and she was really exhausted at this point. The two hours of sleep were welcome.

    When Arista came and woke her up, bearing a smuggled soda, Ariel drank it gratefully to wake herself up before going to face her father. They both apologized rather cordially for their behavior, and her father allowed that maybe next time, Ariel could go spend time with Freddie- but it had to be just him, she had to have her phone, she had to be back by whatever time he set, and only on Fridays and Saturdays. Ariel took the deal with joy, and promised to be good. Then, however, she managed to slip away and back to her room, where she slept for another few hours. When Ariel got up, it was afternoon, so she did some homework, and cleaned after dinner- Alana, who was a health nut but an excellent chef, cooked- and went to bed for the third time that day.

    The next morning, Arista woke Ariel up. She showered and put on a teal v-neck and a white pair of shorts with a lazy pair of green-blue flip flops. Alana drove Ariel to school, if a bit late, and the red haired girl got there with only ten minutes before class. Most days, Ariel was there earlier, if only to escape the chaos of the house sooner. She glanced around the school yard, looking for Freddie. Her eyes passed the picnic tables- and there was the boy she'd saved- before Ariel saw Freddie on a low wall. She made her way over, dumped her stuff, and sat next to him. "Hey, okay, so, you won't believe the weekend I've had," she started. "But first, how was yours?"
  8. --She's your character, I'm fine with whatever you want to do with her. c;

    Eric tried to ignore the soreness in his arms and chest whenever he moved. It didn't help that all of his friends of the male variety found it fun to punch him every time they made a joke. He was only just starting to realize how physical having a conversation could be. After being punched for the fifth time Eric accidentally let out a wince. One of his friends noticed, "What's up with you Eric? Have you gone wuss?" Eric glared at the guy who had spoke up. "If you must know," He replied, "I spent all weekend trying to beat my time for the breaststroke." Eric held the school's record time for the stroke. It wasn't surprising that he would be doing something like that. It wasn't a lie either, he had spent all Friday trying to beat his time, but doing stuff like that never made him as sore as almost drowning did. "And did you?" The guy asked, looking curious, as all the other faces at the table did. "Yeah, by .7 seconds." Eric smiled, not ashamed of bragging. Everyone congratulated him, even the ever clueless girlfriends that had no idea what any of what he just said meant. Eric was soon distracted though, when another student walked into the courtyard. She was just like any other student, although when he looked at her a wave of familiarity washed over him. The red hair that he had seen the previous day matched hers, but he couldn't be sure. California was a big state, what were the odds of him running into his savior at school?


    Before Ariel had sat next to Freddie, he was listening in to the table next to him's conversation. It wasn't obvious though, because of him staring at the screen of his phone. Freddie would've disagreed with the stereotype of all jocks being idiots if it didn't seem to be so terribly true. He suppressed a chuckle time and time again, as he listened to the swimmers complain of having to actually do homework and other stupid things. He almost didn't notice Ariel walk into the courtyard and sit next to him. Almost. He listened to her greeting, a serious look on his face the entire time.

    "Boring. Uneventful. Dull. Terrible." Freddie listed the synonyms, being overly dramatic. "I wanted to go the movies, but who goes to the movies by themselves? So I asked my best friend and guess what her super strict Dad had decided for her? He said no, the thought!" The brown eyed boy rolled his eyes then looked over at Ariel. The serious look dissolved into one of humor. He gave a smile and continued, "I'm boring, whatever, tell me about the weekend I won't believe." Freddie looked to his best friend with expectant eyes. Nothing exciting ever seemed to happen in his life, so when something did happen he was all over it in a second.

    --I also apologize for the shortness, conversation tends to make my posts lighter and I have nothing to do with Eric.
  9. The girl made a face, wrinkling her nose and closing her eyes. She even stuck out her tongue at Freddie and crossed her arms, to emphasize her point. "You could have asked other people, you know, without such strict dads?" With that, however, Ariel relaxed her face and put her arms down on the wall. "And anyways, if he hadn't said no, that kid-" she stopped and looked at the boys on the wall, before pointing at Eric. "Him! Yeah, he'd probably still be breathing in the Pacific." She dropped her arm with an almost smugly triumphant look. "See, right, my dad and I got into like, a huge fight over the idea of me hanging out with you, like, really bad. Got almost everyone involved. Arista stayed out of it, but, damn, I bet we nearly got the neighbors involved." She laughed.

    "He sent me to bed-" not strictly true, but it sounded better than admitting she had a temper tantrum- "and I locked Arista and Andrina out." Ariel stopped, thought, and hoped that Freddie wouldn't be mad that she didn't sneak out to see him. "And later, I don't know how late, it might have been one or something," much better, "I just, changed, and left, just climbed out, right, and went for a swim. Swam for the rest of the night, and there was this party, or something, so I had to go further up than I normally would, and it was light out, and just when I was about to go home, he's out there surfing, but just, completely missed this wave, and it took him down, and guess who saved him? Me. And it gets better! I got home, and only Arista knew I'd left! She told Daddy I was still sleeping, and I got away with the whole thing!" At this point, the girl was grinning, and leaning forward.
    "Oh, and it gets better, too- my dad actually apologized! He was all, 'oh, I overreacted, you can hang out with Freddie, but only Freddie, only on Fridays and Saturdays, and I'll set curfew!' So- next time- I've got a yes!"

    ((Ack! Sorry for how long this took. It was my last week of school. Sorry!))
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  10. Eric wasn't enjoying the company of his teammates as much as he usually did. Today they were being extra rowdy and unintelligent. It made Eric question his choice of friends. Eric wasn't the smartest person on campus, he was an average one save for the one advanced course he took, and his main interests rested in the more physical activities his school had to offer. His attention kept slipping from the jocks and returning to the red-headed girl that had walked into the courtyard earlier. Eric tried to hide his looks of suspicion by only looking every couple minutes. Why did she look so familiar? Had they met before? He felt like he knew her somehow. When the bell rang that dismissed them to class he hid his look of relief. That girl was making him pry through his thoughts to try and remember if he knew her or not. It was starting to give him a headache. Eric navigated the halls easily and found his locker. Just as he opened it everything that was inside spilled to the ground. He cursed at himself for not putting everything in there properly and put everything back. The process took a few minutes, and by the time he was done the minute bell was ringing. He swore again and grabbed his English textbook, slamming the locker shut. His first class of the day was on the other side of campus, there was almost no way he would make it on time.

    The swimmer started half-jogging down the hall. He would've ran if every step he took didn't make his body hurt. The final bell rang and he gave a bitter sigh. Another tardy, another lunch detention. What a day it was turning out to be. Eric finally made it to his English classroom. He opened the door while the teacher was in mid-statement. An embarrassed blush made it's way across his features as most of the class's attention turned to him. "Late again Mr. Darkrooth." His teacher stated slowly, turning from the board, where half a sentence was written, to the black-haired boy. "Sorry Mr. H." Eric said with half a smile, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. "That's a lunch detention, now go sit down." Once he had returned his attention to the board Eric rolled his eyes and made his way to his seat. The class was silent, there were a few snickers, but nothing too major.


    As Ariel told her story Freddie's eyebrows rose. "That's quite a tale." He marvelled at his best friend with a smile. "And him." Freddie pointed to the boy she'd saved. "How did take it when he saw that it was you that saved him? I bet he was shocked. Didn't he used to tease you in middle school? Or was that Dave? No, nevermind, that was Dave. Wait, why am I stuck up on stupid muscles over there when I get you every Friday and Saturday night! We can finally go and do stuff! Real, actual stuff Ariel. You don't know how awesome this is." Freddie would've continued, that boy could talk for hours, but the bell rang. He stood, slinging his bag over his shoulder. His smile was still there though. Freddie and Ariel had been friends since elementary school, it was a friendship he didn't take for granted. Ariel's father was strict, and he found that out the hard way when, in middle school, he had asked if she wanted to go hang out at the mall. A simple request but her father said no. As he did to everything. They couldn't do anything outside of school together, but now they could! This news made Freddie excited, he wanted the week to be over just so they could go and do something, but, sadly, it was Monday. No one could do anything on a Monday.

    "I wish we had the same schedules, so we could suffer through gym together. I guess I'll go and kill myself with pushups by myself then." He departed, rather dramatically. Freddie walked toward the gym, it wasn't anything abnormal. Just your average high school gym. He walked into the guy's locker room, found his locker, and changed into gym clothes quickly. He hated gym. Freddie went back onto the open basketball courts, waiting for class to start. When it finally did their coach announced that they would be running the mile. Oh goody, running. Freddie wasn't an athlete and he hated to run. Just get it over with. He ran with the class, waiting for that moment of relief that came with crossing over the finish line.

    --I'm so sorry that this is incredibly late.
  11. ((Oh, don't worry about it! I've been really busy lately- got sick, went to Pennsylvania, started an internship, went to my first convention, and we've been watching my niece this week, so I wouldn't have been able to reply even if you had done it earlier. So, no worries, I understand!))

    "Well..." Ariel admitted. "I had to make sure my dad didn't kill me, so I didn't stick around for the fanfare," the girl admitted, and laughed. She wrinkled her nose at the bell, but grabbed Freddie for a quick hug before they parted ways. "Please save the suicide for
    after we hang out? My dad already worries that you might be a bad influence, I wanna enjoy some time with you before he's sure of it," she requested, gave a little wave, and grabbed her own stuff to attack history. It was a dull class to start the day off with, but Ariel supposed that it was better than having it after lunch, where all she would want to do was sleep. She did a quick walk, not quite a job, sort of canter to the building, and to her locker to pick up her history book. Thinking it wise, Ariel also grabbed the pen that was miraculously laying in her locker, then shut and locked the locker before turning into her history classroom. Luckily, it was just around the corner from her locker, but also one of the few classes located so conveniently.

    Another benefit to having History early, Ariel also discovered, was correcting her teacher's mistakes. She had been running her finger over the tattoo that she had- a seashell that curled behind her ear like a small part of the Fibonacci sequence, the result of a wild night shortly before Adella went to college- when the Euro teacher mentioned gypsies. He claimed that they had been among the earliest to attach occult meaning to playing cards of the time, which Ariel knew to not be true, from one sister's or another's brief passion of tarot cards. The arguing, however, wasn't appreciated.

    "But, Mr. Ebbing, that's not true," Ariel protested, without permission. "Gypsies- Roma, really- were just trying to make a living. People wanted to see their future in the cards, and the Roma did that for them to make money."

    "Miss O'Halloran," the teacher sighed, and turned around to her. "If you knew so much, you'd be teaching this class. But you're not, so I suggest that you not argue again. For instance: you'll have lunch detention, and if you argue that, it will be joined with a call home."

    That quieted the teenager. Huffing to herself, she looked down and suffered through the rest of class. At the end of the period, Mr. Ebbing inquired after which period she lunched in, and informed her that she would be joining an English teacher's lunch group that day.

    ((Right so I hope that was all normal stuff. I go to a very unconventional high school, and so classes and stuff are a bit different for us.
    I figured that lunch detention was the best way to get them to start interacting? And I'll introduce Vanessa either after lunch or the following day.))
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