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  1. Once again this exercise isn't going to provide pictures. Sometimes people have a hard time coming up with characters, figuring out their personality, or how they would act in a certain situation. How do you remedy that? Take an element from yourself. It doesn't have to be a huge thing maybe something small like... nervousness? You could expand nervousness in your character. Maybe it dictates their life. With that in mind, you can figure out how they would act in a situation. How do you act when your nervous? Maybe you pull your hair, nibble the inside of your cheek, or fiddle with your clothes. Make your character do that. Give your character body language.

    What do you have to do?
    1)Take a trait from yourself.
    2)Write a little scene that helps develop your character using your trait.
    3) Be creative! ^.^
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    ( I don't know if this is a trait, but it pretty shows my everyday life )

    "Ouchie" Lena whined as she crossed her arms in front of her stomach and held it tightly. Hungry! She thought miserably while looking through the open fridge for some kind of edible food. "Stop being a baby and get one of those ramen cup containers" Michael said irritably from behind her. "Baby?! You are calling me a baby! Besides, we've been eating those for DAYS!" she hissed turning around and kicking the door of the fridge shut. At this time, she was mad and utterly furious. Their mom haven't done the groceries for over a week and here they were eating ramen noodles for lunch and dinner. "So? At least you can say you got skinnier. Isn't that what you wanted?" he reply, grinning at her devilishly. He knew that when she was hungry, she was at her worst behavior and baiting her would end in results not favorable for him. "What the hell Michael! You piece oh sh-" she stopped and took a long breath in, then smiled sweetly at him. I will so get you for this she thought. "It's ok, I am NOT getting mad at you" she said as she walked away from the kitchen"

    (one minute later)

    "You whore! Did you say I was fat?!" Lena ran into the kitchen with the broom and swung it at her brother Michael.
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    Laziness. It was something that played a constant role in her everyday life. As she lay on the couch watching t.v. she could hear her mother in the background yelling all sorts of insults. You're such a lazy girl. It's so pathetic. All she could really hear is yada, yada, yada. Alex knew what she wanted. She wanted her to do the dishes, clean her room, and possibly many other chores that just so happened to come to mind. This was an everyday thing for her and it made her anticipate the day that she could move out of the wretched house. Moments after her mother finally realized that Alex wasn't listening to her, she took a direct approach. She stood in front of the t.v. hoping to get her attention. This began to agitate her. "Move! I can't see the t.v!"
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    The world was toppling over, sky scrapers collapsing, the crying of woman and children sounding ever few seconds. Screams swarmed Clara's ears, as she watched, horrified as the Earth split open, devouring cars and debris from shattered pavement. Dust swarmed skyward, blanketing everything in it's wake, filling her lungs and coating her throat. She coughed. Ran. She had to get away. It was fight, or flight, and her mind turned off. There was no justice left in the world, no thoughts. It was pure survival.

    In the few weeks that the world went to hell, earthquakes rocking the whole country, tsunamis and mudslides, it was only a matter of time before disaster sought revenge on her city. She had no where to escape to. No where was safe. She coughed some more. Her muscles propelled herself forward, weaving in and out of vehicles that had been toppled or trapped. The sound of sirens echoed with the laments of the dying, numbing her mind even as fearful tears rolled down her cheeks.

    She wiped them away furiously, blinking desperately in an attempt to somehow pick out a familiar face among the others who were frantic to find stability. Didn't they know the world was ending? A harsh shove smacked her from the side, dazing her and causing her to fall to the ground. A male ran past, wearing a black hoodie covered in a coating of tan dust. Blood was trailing from the side of his cheek and mouth, but in his hand he gripped a backpack with water bottles and other items. He turned, seeing that he had rammed her into the ground and hesitated. Was he going to help her?

    He opened his mouth to say something, but the begging of a nearby woman holding her unconscious toddler cut him off. She was yelling for help. From anyone. Time seemed to slow. The male looked back at her, a conflict of emotions playing on his face. Fear? Sadness? Guilt?


    Clara could not hear his apology, only watch his lips move before he ran off, disappearing in a nearby alley. Clara pushed herself off the ground, wincing at her scrapped knee and disappointment. She wiped away more tears and kept wobbling onward as fast as she could, needing to be away from this chaos. All around her, glass shattered, and blood pooled from the victims of the accident. Still... She couldn't give up.

    Not yet.

    [[This may be a little far fetched, but I'm going to say Clara's perseverance, and both her and the male's selfishness in not helping the woman or each other. A positive, and a negative. Hope it works.]]