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  1. Hello Iwaku, welcome to a new RP called Parlor Tricks. What is it about? Well, that's what I want to find out too. I have a title, now what sort of plot goes with it?
  2. I feel that this title needs to have a plot centered around a bar...that is all I can think of >.<
  3. I get the idea of warring factions of Vegas Show Magicians, but magic is real!
  4. An ice cream parlor where whatever ice cream flavour you eat, you gain superpowers. From there, a team of heroes and villains run a muck.

  5. Maybe combine the three? A bar that specializes in desert cocktails that is themed like an ice cream parlor which happens to be a famous hangout for Vegas magicians and when they eat/drink the cocktails their magic becomes real?

    Just throwin stuff out there :D