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  1. so imagine of all the so called "pagans" were correct. imagine if everything natural had a deity represent and protect that thing and all of its territory and what it stood for.

    all these deity's would hold a meeting every year, a parliament of sorts if you will, to keep the peace in the world of the humans.

    so in this rp anyone in it would be taking the role of a deity of some force of nature(storms, a tree, the sun, an ocean, a lake, etc.) or human based instinct (industrialization, agression, passion, lust, love, hate, etc.) during the events leading up to the parliament of the deity's and however long after (maybe we even be able to have more than one parliament)


    deity name:
    diety of:
    personality:(make sure it has something to do with what they represent)
    age of deity:
    physical age :(how old they appear)
    appearance:(pic or description)

    my skelly

    Deity name: zack ozone
    deity of:storms

    personality:rebellious, yet intellectual teenager,quiet the prankster, and loves to argue with adults. never really shows up to the parliament, unless it's to screw with someone or its REALLY important.most people think this is a good thing, and agree he causes more harm than good
    age of deity:1.5 billion
    physical age: 16

    there is free choice but there are a couple we need

    the sun([the prime minister)
    the moon(his wife)
    the main oceans(pacific,Atlantic, arctic, antarctic, etc)
    and fire
    and some of the human instincts
  2. Deity Name: Serafina Sparks
    Deity Of: Fire

    Personality: Hot headed and short tempered. She is easy to anger and hard to calm down. She also enjoys angering people, and sparking fights with people. Very rebellious and naturally fierce. Serefina only showed up to the Parliaments if someone dragged her there kicking and screaming. And it was usually Water who did it.
    Age: Half a billion
    Physical Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. deity name: Glacia Dimona (Meaning "Southern Glacier")
    diety of: Antarctic Ocean
    personality: While open and energetic (especially as compared to the Arctic), Glacia becomes cold and distant when people try to get too close to her. Her actions vary rather drastically depending on her mood, but overall she is rather friendly and welcoming.
    age of deity: 4 billion
    physical age : Early teens
    appearance: Short, faintly blue-white hair and bright blue eyes. She's rather small overall, and considerably short. She generally wears blue and white flowing clothing.
  4. deity name: Bella Luna (Meaning Beautiful moon)
    deity of: Lust
    personality: Always with a small smile and a certain look in her eye she always wants to get up close and personal with others--both mentally and physically. She's very happy most of the time and not often all that serious, also often goofing around and making inappropriate jokes.
    age of deity: Somewhere around 200,000 years.
    physical age : 19
    appearance: [​IMG]
  5. deity name: Aiko Koizumi
    deity of: Love
    personality: Friendly,loving,very approachable,and cares for everybody.She can be a bit quiet and shy at times and is usually not the first one to speak up.But when emotions are involved,specifically when it comes to love,she couldn't help but to try and sort things out.She can also be a little sensitive;crying easily and getting scared/surprised by anyone with not much effort,but she can also be cheered up easily.
    age of deity: 1,014 years
    physical age : 16
    without the hood because why not *shot* xD (open)

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