Parasyte RP anyone?

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Yeah i'm just BLOOMING with concepts today aren't I?

Anyway, yeah, I thought of maybe for us Parasyte fans out there, we could do an rp of it. Oh, and for those of you who have a strong stomach and haven't watched it? WATCH IT. YOU WILL LOVE IT, I PWOMISE.

Anyway, hoo-hoo-hoo... Here are some things I thought of, maybe to have a unique twist or an addition to the original plot of the Anime/Manga (And boy, can I say that the anime was so damn faithful to the Manga even though they were made around 20 years apart.)

- The government being involved with the whole thing (BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE GOVERNMENT IS THE REASON WHY BAD THINGS HAPPEN HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA -chokes-)

- The events haven't happened as yet; The spores fly over Tokyo like the anime, but many of them were programmed to fail to take over the brain/enter the wrong species.
- Events didn't happen quite like the anime/manga detailed; the government kidnapped people and forced the parasyte upon them and for the one's whos brains they spared erased their memory of ever being kidnapped and put them back in their homes to discover what limb was no longer THEIR limb.

Who knows I can think of more things, but with every possible plot I think the pure Parasytes should be NPCs, since they're emotionless and have no thoughts but survival.
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