Parasite Game I: Into the Lions Den [Sign-Ups Open]

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  1. Premise:
    The madman was running as fast as he could, moving from place to place, universe to universe, looking for the one. The one that would save him. His passage caused echoes, ripples in the fabric of existence. More and more, faster and faster he traveled. He wasn't from this place, he didn't know the structure of this reality, and they were gaining on him.
    He saw it then in the field, a shimmering blue light. He stepped out of it and into the control room of the living ship known as Moya, there it was. His salvation, the antigen. John Crichton took the needle and rammed it into his arm then, in one smooth motion, turned drew and fired Wynona. Blowing his pursuers head off.
    Crichton then pulled the needle out his arm with a grimace.
    He looked back into his wormhole, at the places where his actions had touched. He frowned. They might have gotten them as well. Only one way to be sure.
    Crichton made a grand sweeping sweeping motion with his hand, and all the people that had been close to the point of affection were dropped unceremoniously before him.
    Crichton leaned in close, and with his customary tact yelled. "You're so screwed."

    Rules, how to play, and the like:

    1: This game will be played with 7-12 characters.

    2: Duos are not allowed in this game, although OC's are, as long as they are Sci-Fi fandom related.

    3: There will be one infected player to start out with. Every round one person will silently infect another player. I will PM that player that they have been infected. NO mention of infection will pass between the infecter and the infected, thus preserving the secret identity of the infecter.
    - If one infected character tries to infect another infected character, the victim will enter a comatose state as if they had been voted off.
    -There is a limited supply of Antigen. Enough for three uses for all players. You can use Antigen once per round. However use of Antigen must be decided by majority vote of the players. Using Antigen will prevent anyone from being infected that round.
    - If an infected is caught the extra attention by players will prevent anyone else from being infected that round.

    4: At least one post per round is required, it doesn't have to be wonderful or fantastic, just something to let me know you're still here. If you need to take an extended leave, that is fine. Just let me know.

    5: As GM, my word is final. This also applies to all co-GMs that may help host this game.

    6: Absolutely no godmodding. I do allow NPCs in the prologue and the epilogue, but that is it.

    7: If you have something to say OOC, say it here and not in the game thread.

    These games are a spin-off of the Traitor Games, and as such all credit goes to a man named the Purple Skull for creating the parent group. Bravo sir.

    Note to all players that have already signed up, your character sheets are still valid. Just leave a post saying you are still interested.

    Sign Ups!:




    Appearance (picture as well if applicable):


    Brief History:

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  2. Name: Khem Val, Shadow Killer, the Devourer.

    Age: Several centuries old.

    Gender: Male.

    Appearance (picture as well if applicable): Red skin. Stands somewhere around 7-8 feet tall (The wikipedia says Dashade are two meters tall, but there's no way Khem is that short based off of how tall he is in game). Decorated with tatoos and various cybernetics. Three-clawed hands and two-clawed feet. Hugely built. Red eyes.

    Big image (open)


    Sexuality: Not given (unromanceable character) but I imagine heterosexual. I'm not even sure Dashade reproduce as they appear to be more or less unaffected by age.

    Brief History:

    Not so short (open)

    In Tulak Hord's service, fighting alongside his master's apprentice Ortan Cela and his Dashade companion Veshikk Urk, Khem Val devoured over a thousand Jedi at Yn and the Battle of Chabosh. The more his master conquered, the more he feasted and an unusual bond formed between theSith Lord and the Shadow Killer. However centuries passed and the story of Khem Val became a mere legend. Tulak Hord had suspended Khem within a stasis field inside the tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban guarded by a field of electrical energy for safekeeping, where even the most powerful Sith Lords would not try to free him. Khem had remained for in this state for thousands of years.
    He was eventually freed by a promising Sith Acolyte at the time. This was ordered by Zash. When freed, he was enraged to learn that Hord was dead, and set to kill the acolyte. But in his weakened state he was defeated and had no choice but to serve the acolyte who would later be known as Darth Nox, the heir of Aloysius Kallig. Khem claimed he would regain his strength eventually.
    As the power of his master grew, Darth Zash recalled her apprentice. Khem went with his master in what they knew was a trap. Zash revealed that she was dying and intended to take his body. As the fight continued, Zash was able to complete the ritual to transfer herself, but Khem Val attacked to save his master, interrupting the process. By doing this, he became the recipient of Zash's existence and was forced to share his body with the Sith Lord. The ghost of Aloysius Kallig, the ancestor of Lord Kallig, stated this as betrayal from Tulak Hord, whether Khem Val liked it or not. Lord Kallig promised that he would one day expel Zash from Khem's body.
    Zash soon blackmailed Khem into retrieving the bones of Tulak Hord, sending him nightmares of a thief stashing them in a storehouse on Hoth. Because the bones possessed the same energy that restrained Khem in Naga Sadow's tomb, this weakened his influence over his body, giving Zash enough time to find a way to expunge Khem from his body. Khem, with the help of Kallig, was able to learn of Zash's plans: she attempted to replicate the ritual by using a Rakata Box found on Taris. As the box began to separate their spirits from the body, Khem proved to be too powerful for Zash to maintain control and as a result she was pulled into the box, finally freeing Khem. The Dashade then declared his master the rightful heir of Tulak Hord and promised to guard their legacy forever.

    Canon: Star Wars (Old Republic Era)

    I agree to this parasite game. ​
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  3. Name: Codicier Romulus

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (picture as well if applicable): [​IMG]
    Couldn't find an image of a Librarian, so it's this guy, with a book and blue armor.

    Sexuality: Emperorsexual! Is that a thing?

    Brief History: A librarian for the Blood Angels, Romulus only knows War. War, and the Emperor. He was born and raised on the Planet Baal. He was picked to train for the Librarium, and is one of the only Marines of his group who survived the training. He is one of the best Librarians in the Blood Angels, and is used to many a mission. He is Hardy, Brave, and Strong. He also, as many marines do, has a Fanatical Like for the Emperor, and will kill anyone he sees as a Heretic.

    Canon: Warhammer 40K

    Name: James Cole

    Age: Late 30's Early 40's?

    Gender: Male

    Appearance (picture as well if applicable): I don't know whether to use Bruce Willis, or the guy from the new TV show...

    Sexuality: I assume Straight.

    Brief History: James Cole is a convict that lives in the year 2035, who reluctantly volunteers to be sent back in time to 1996 to gather information about the origin of an epidemic that destroyed 99% of the worlds population. He is sent back in time to find information on the deadly virus that will destroy 5,000,000,000 members of the human race in 1996-1997, he mistakenly arrives in 1990. After explaining his plea to Dr. Kathryn Railly, he is placed in a mental institution. In 1996, he kidnaps Railly, using her to find the 12 Monkeys, a group of revolutionists that are planning to release the virus into select cities. But, he is wanted by the authorities for murder and kidnapping, plus he refuses to return to the future; because he is in love with Railly. He is known to have a short temper and injures, if not kill, people in his way. James also has a recurring dream, that actually is an event he witnessed as a child; his own death.

    Canon: 12 Monkeys
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  4. Hey, newbie present.
    I'll get to writing a character if that's ok?
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  5. I can choose a canon character from anyone sci fi?
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  6. Yep. Just so long as its not from the taken characters above (its very unlikely as all of the above are somewhat obscure characters).
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  7. Name: River Song

    Age: Cheeky, it's rude to ask a woman her age. 40's.

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (picture as well if applicable):

    Sexuality: pansexual

    Brief History:
    River Song or Melody Pond is a child of the Tardis, and wife of the eleventh Doctor. Time Traveler, Human with Time Lord Characteristics. She's had many lovers and many enemies.

    Yes- River Song, Doctor Who.
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  8. Absolutely approved. Although you might have to get in a deathmatch with @Klutzy Ninja Kitty for her (I'm just kidding, different groups, you're free to play her).
  9. Oh dear, well I can always play Amy if that's better.
  10. It was just a joke, because on the group we both frequent she has her reserved as a character. But that's the Murder Group. Character reservations don't apply in the Singularity group.

    So yeah, feel free to play her. After all, she is the time traveling badass.
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  11. thank you.
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  12. *blinks and wonders why I was tagged in here*

    Herro. ^_^

    OhSh-- Someone is River! :O

    Haha no it's fine. Even if it was connected to Murder games, I'm starting to get used to the multiverse theory. XD As long as she doesn't play my version of River, which I know she's not going to, I don't care. It's fine. :)

    What is this though? We have Murder games, the Illusion games, and now... Parasite games? Oh mai... When does this start?
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  13. Are you sure I don't mind changing to Amy?
  14. I think Thuro intended it to start fairly soon.

    As for what it is, well... it's the title. It's about parasites, rather than traitors or savors.​
  15. Nooo you're fine! ^_^ Play who you want to play. Only change to Amy if that's what you want. I'm okay 100% with you playing River.

    I'm just here to bug Thuro. >:)
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  16. Dang, if it's starting soon I might not be able to join it then. I'm in so many rps. XD I was hoping Cody's Illusion game would end and then I could join this too. Idk. I'll think about it though. :)
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  17. Same story on this end, it's tough to cope with the Illusion and MG at the same time, and add this one on top.
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  18. It'll start as soon as soon as we have nine players. It'll take a while, so it you two might be good @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @Wedge Antilles. Although even if its not this one probably will only last a week or two. Then the next one might be started up.

    Also... I'd say its more based on the Traitor Games Duncan. The focus will be on the tension of not knowing who the infected is.
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  19. I'm new but I agree with Thuro.
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