Parasite e.v.e: Mitochondrial Disaster (IC)

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    Dr. Louren
    Location: Abandoned OakHill Apartments #205, Johnson City, New York

    OakHill Apartments located near the border of Johnson City and Binghamton were abandoned weeks after the virus struck New York. They now appear as if a hurricane has hit them as parts of it are only rubble towards the left side if one was to face the front. Towards the end, the right side seems untouched though worn. Second to top row of apartments is a room that appears to show a sign of life as a woman in black can be periodically seen as if looking at something in particular afar. Who is she? Is she infected? Was she a hidden mutant or an ally?

    Dr. Louren sat on an worn office chair that one of her assistance found in one of the apartments which was given to her. She was infected like the majority of the people in New York and secretly she knew it was progressing further. In front of the Doctor was a set of computer screens, some science equipment along with stacks of books or journals as they all had a part of her current research; The cure for the Mitochondrial Disaster. Oddly she just sat there staring motionless like deep in though or perhaps no thoughts at all. Dr. Louren's eyes were soft yet determined. There must be a cure Ran through her head repeatedly as if the simple sentence held the answer. Moments passed as each moment felt like a decade, then she finally made a rare movement taking a stand as she wore her black cloth piece that could be mistaken as a dress. "I can't seem to find any connection to this situation let alone a cure. If I can't figure out what started this...All we know is it was a form of Chickenpox, but was it really to begin with?" The matter troubled Dr.Louren more than ever and her time was ticking along with everyone else. Her stomach ached from starvation as her appetite has decreased dramatically in the past few days and every time she nibbled on food she wanted to regurgitate. But despite her infection she was not alone in the apartment as two men were with her; Kris and "Alex" who are both part of the personnel who never made it out of New York. She was grateful that these two men were around since she lacked in defending herself dramatically. Holding a gun was not an easy task for her let alone shooting one. Kris recently came back from gathering any supplies to help them keep their stomachs quiet, since Dr. Louren no longer eats much there has been enough food to keep them all happy.

    She walked over to the window slightly opening up the dark blinds to peek out below. The streets were quiet, but she knew they wouldn't be for long. During her studies she learned that most Stage Five for the Animal Kingdom have adapted to dark, damp and sometimes humid areas which led to her discover about the avoidable combustion. Though these animals are not nocturnal, they are simple just avoiding sunlight. As she looked down below there were scattering noises in the apartment down below like vicious claws that echoed hauntedly. These noises were not uncommon yet they were scary especially to her because they were or at least sounded so close. Luckily there has been no problems yet with the noise since it never seemed to leave wherever it may be and hoped it stayed like that. "Don't go down there. We don't even know what it is." Is what she would tell her assistance as she feared for both of their lives. She believed that if there has been no glimpse of it, it could be extremely dangerous. Without a slight glimpse she couldn't tell if it was infected or dangerous. The sun was still high meaning it was middle of the day, though there was still electricity where she could simple look at a clock. Electronics were dangerous though especially at night. The sound or light of one could cause a group of infected to turn their attention nor were any mutant so far "stupid" or unintelligent as they still carried their minds. Only insanity causes them to go berserk. Dr. Louren looks back towards her desk. "Alex... Kris... I think I have an idea. I know we tried this before but maybe..." She walked to her desk where the computers were as she was looking down at an open journal listed as; "MitoAnima" "What if we try capturing another stage five animal? I know last time it didn't go so well but we also weren't exactly prepared last year. S.F.A (Stage Five Animals) still have all the other cells any other animal would. Though the Mitochondria has multiplied in their body, the rest of the cells or organs still have to be there. My point is why don't why try to put it down with a tranquilizer or something of that sort. I'm sure we could find something like that around here, right?"

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    1. Dr. Louren/Gypsy
    2. Alexavier/ausriasan
    3. Kris/-Kuroko-
    4. Heather/Gypsy
    5. Aliah/Coralaliah
    6. V/Cry
    7. Sephiroth/Sepdemonium

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  2. Alexavier
    For the most part the former CSI had lived in the area of the initial outbreak. So when he got stuck in the city, it really hadn't been much of surprise. He was one of the first to have seen the very incidents that had made everything worse in the first place. Shortly after he had been stuck in this place he found the good Dr. Having met the Doctor during a science event he knew she was quite capable in finding a cure, so he had insisted on following and helping her with this huge mess that they were all in. He of course could also use a gun, but he would only fire at human looking people if he absolutely had to. He's gotten accustomed to firing at the mutated ones, but he couldn't bring himself to get used to firing at the humans ones.

    Having been with Dr. Lauren he came to realize that if they didn't do anything about here, then the rest of the world would end up being in a lot of danger. So when she needed it, he went out with Kris and did the runs with him. Of course, he only went when Kris needed him to go. He could also stay with Dr. Lauren and her assistant and help with the scientific too when they also needed a third hand.

    Alex was currently examining his own blood when the Doctor spoke. He looked at her and leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed.
    "I understand what you want to do... but you do realize it is really hard to kill them as they are, let alone trying to catch one. I mean... if we did use a tranq. I'd imagine we would wind up using a lot to take even a small one down. The bastards are tough. We could go out to the local theater and catch a stage five rat there..." He got up and walked over to his bag where his gun and map was sitting. "I don't mind going either way... But Kris is the deciding factor here, since I can't go alone. Not only will I end up getting lost, but I'll probably be killed on my own too. Kris? What do you think?"
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  3. [​IMG]
    ~~It had over two years since Kris had set foot on American soil again and it sure as hell had felt good. He had only been home for one week before he was immediately called back. It angered him quite a bit too, because he had been given a month off as soon as he got back. When he arrived at his CO's Office he had been told there was a situation and that they needed everyone that they could get at the moment. Obviously he had no choice but to agree and follow his orders. So he had to go home, pack his stuff, and head right back to base where he was briefed on the situation.
    As soon as he had been told what was going on, he instantly regretted accepting this assignment. He was told it wasn't so bad yet and that the public had not been made aware yet. Once he was there he had been placed as a guard in front of the Research building. It didn't take long for all hell to break lose though. At first he was told he would be able to evacuate, but he tested positive for the virus. He had been held at gunpoint, he wasn't allowed to leave. This had become the worse time of his life.

    When all the Officials left, he lost contact. That when he really met the Dr. She had been the one to find that he was infected in the first place. He stayed with her, promising her he would do what he could to help. If that meant going outside to collect samples, he would do it. If she needed other supplies, he would get it. He wasn't good with the scientific stuff anyway. When the Dr. needed things that he didn't quite understand, he would take Alex with him. Only if he felt it safe enough though. Even if Alex had training with a weapon.

    He had been lost in thought when he heard Dr. Lauren. He walked into the main room holding his rifle as he cleaned it.

    "I agree with Alex. It is going to take a lot. I really don't like the idea myself at all, but if that is what you want I'm sure we could manage it somehow or another. The rat's a good a idea, it will be easier to take down if we needed to. "

    Kris sighed placing his rifle down on an overcrowded table. He sat down in a chair. "We really have to plan this out good. If we do this I want to take the shot from a high place with my rifle and then when it clears up we can get the damned thing and bring it back here. Strap it down and really make sure it won't be going anywhere and you can do all your tests on it then."
  4. [​IMG]
    Aliah , Cyan
    Location: Abandoned Building Floor 22, Johnson City, New York.​

    The abandoned building had once been a busy office building for the company, Vertigo. They where a large company for fashion and this was their headquarters not far into the city of Binghamton. The building was a big white skyscraper with windows at almost every level. The windows have started to break around the bottom floor only the upper levels untouched. The elevators are broken in slumps the wires cut. The whole first floor trashes counters broken walls with holes but strangely enough no mutants. The building was slowly deteriorating around the bottom where the mutants mainly stayed but nothing that was to out of control.

    Aliah had stumbled upon the building four weeks ago it wasn't anything special at all she only went in cause of the big Vertigo sign and she needed a jacket. She use to have 14 arrows but having to clear out every floor on her way up was a pain. The arrows where usually not collectible because the mutant would be twitching and Aliah to scared it might increase her infection if she got close. She finally found a floor which had no mutants and another and another. She went a couple floors up until she reached the 22nd floor. The interior was still nice it wasn't beaten or messed up. Cubicles where situated nicely and there where test fabrics all over of course there were no clothes to be seen just fabrics. She eventually stumble upon a room at the end near a nice window that overlooked the street and had curtains for her if she had to hide. The room was locked but to her surprise there was an envelope written in neat handwriting 'Sorry Sir but I have to evacuate here is your key' It seems as it had been touched by a dirty hand as a fingerprint was still on it. Aliah had taken the key and walked into the closet it wasn't anything special just a nice room with a seat and a water dispenser a shelving unit it one corner and a tiny desk with a computer on it. She set up her camp in here, resting her bow on the table her bag on the floor remembering to keep the arrows by the bow. She went through the shelves to find anything important mostly fabrics and a sewing machine with thread. She then found a green coat that went to mid thigh but was extremely comfortable. Aliah had locked the door from inside and slept on the chair using her coat as a blanket and tied her tarp to block the window.

    Aliah had been using this room to camp out for four weeks and had looked out her window quite frequently she would see two men walking along the street at night gathering stuff before disappearing she couldn't tell what they where doing but used them to figure out her tarp was working well and they didn't notice her. She continued to watch them for quite some time and decided today was the time to confront them she took her bow and bag and walked down the stairs and waited on the 2nd floor watching the window to see if they left tonight they didn't seem to hurt each other and looked pretty human and okay to trust. She just needed someone to talk to or even trust and ally with her place wasn't going to be safe as she heard mutants on the 21st floor the other day before the left. She needed a new place and it seemed these guys had a good place she just hoped they wouldn't shoot her before she could say a word. She went out and tried to meet them before she realized one was mutating and the other was running in fear, the other guy ran fast and she never saw either again as she ran up to the 22nd floor again.

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  5. Heather, Violet

    It was mid-day in Binghamton, New York as the sun shined down on all who dared to travel in it's rays. Heather has been on foot for the past month after her last hideaway was ambushed by a mutant. Luckily she escaped and has not stopped since that day. She has been nervous to leave out of the city as she was unaware of the layout of anywhere else other than her home of Binghamton but she knew soon she will no longer to repeat her paths. Her paths were becoming more and more dangerous each day, without a weapon she was in greater danger. Heather had a black backpack with her but was clear it was rather empty as it contained little supplies, no weapon, little use of her skills and she was beginning to lose hope. Her shoes dragged against the sidewalk pavement in depression, her clothes were dirty and she was growing exhausted.

    Nearby was a grocery store that she has visited numerous of times, that was her next and last stop. The grocery store has been cleaned of it's food that has not been expired, she decided to go through it to scavenge for anything that may be of use. Upon reached the front entrance the glass doors were busted open but still in working order as they opened up to her presence making a hissing noise. Peeking in cautiously, there were no signs of mutants. Heather walked in and made a quick grab n' go with anything close by as she did not want to venture deep into the store. With the fast movements and anxiety, Heather clutched her heart. She forgot she couldn't be moving around in such a panic as she had heart palpitation. The room began to spin as she struggled to make it back out with a few bag of chips in her hand. Everything felt heavy, she staggered almost like a drunk woman and before long she collapsed just outside the shop. Her bag was able to support her fall somewhat but her skin was extremely pale and her body was fragile since no blood was getting through to her brain...
  6. V, red

    The fear of
    death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time
    -Mark Twain

    Location: outside near the opera theater Johnson City, New York.
    V was walking slowly around keeping track of her surroundings as she did so. She didn't feel like being jumped and didn't feel like running either. Not after the last time, and she was short of bullets. She is one going to die out of stupid reasons or she continues to walk and try to live with everything she had with her, and it was very short as well. She looked around once more of the waste lands she once called home the site was a very sad. If only she could do something about it. The cars look like they have been thrown around flipped and some of the roads distorted probably from the monsters. Some of the buildings distorted as well. Everything was falling apart around her it seems as if there was no end to this damned City. She looked at one of the cars and she could easily use as a place to stay for the night. She was tired, but the dead does not rest for no one. She sighed and continued forewords with nowhere to go, but that stopped when he noticed the theater. V go into the Theater maybe there's a place to rest to! that Voice that hunts her called out to her with a giggled of evil. "no I bet it's full of the stupid Monsters now Shut up" she growled the voice giggled again and said nothing more as she walked away from the horror place. She remembered the theater that's where it all beginning well that what people used to say. It started with that singer and she killed everyone with her voice activating everything inside the person, or that's what her mother told her. V sighed once more she walked over to a Car not very far from the theater and opened the door siting inside. It was rusty all over and the car didn't look like much either, but hey it was better than the hard floor. she was tired and couldn't stop it. "may as well even though death may be at my door." she smiled as she spoke then closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Not sure if she was to ever wake up again.........

    Its trable I know you can kill my character now V^V
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  7. Sepiroth

    The wine glints in it's glass as the sunlight catches it, causing it to wink as though it knows something. His pale hand clasps the glass tightly, tilting it left to right in synch with the clock. “tick, tock, tick, tock..” he whispers, his lips twisted into a pained smile. His silted eyes are blank and cold, almost like a dolls. There is no life there, there never was. Sepiroth sighs a little as he tips the rest of the wine onto the floor, watching the crimson droplets fall in rhythm with the clock. His dry and cracked lips part slightly as he croaks out. “time.” he barely feels the glass slip from his hand, but the crash is louder then a gunshot and rings in his ears. He slowly stands up and feels the flesh around his thighs rip and tare, like wet paper. He laughs and shivers in delight at the pain, pain is a very old friend of his. It's the single thing that's never let him down in life, the only consistency in a chaotic and dysfunctional family. “my saviour, my balm, my friend.” he murmurs quietly as he stalks out the living room, leaving the glinting glass where it is.

    He sits down on his threadbare bed and starts to write in his journal.

    'I no longer remember what day it is, what year it is. I barely remember who I am, the man I am now is very different from the thing I used to be. I am Sepiroth, I am not Sepiroth. I currently reside in my old place of work, only me now. It's so quiet now, which I like. I seem to be able to hear things better and even the slightest of sounds now agitates, but it's a small price to pay. To think that I once saw this illness as a curse, as something to fear. How wrong I was! Though I must admit this inch on my back is maddening.'

    he stops writing and stands up, walking over to one of the windows he throws it open. The icy wind hits his skin but he hardly feels it. He smiles sadly. “ahh, my prince. A time ago I would have waited for you to come and save me, but no longer. I no longer have faith that you will be unharmed in this place, therefore I pray that you are far away.. far away from me..” he raises his arms as though awaiting an embrace. “my love, you don't need to worry about me anymore.. I am dead, I am reborn.. but you will always be in my heart.” he picks his gun up off the window sill. “Noctis, my only love.. please stay well, move on without me and be happy.. I am lost.” he whispers as his back starts once again.. to itch.
  8. Dr.Louren
    Alex brought up a good point to Dr. Louren as he mentioned the amount of a tranquilizer it would take to put a S.F.A down. Unfortunately she had no idea where they could get such an amount around here. Alex was a great part of her team as he too was in the science field and finding a cure would not be easy by herself. Moments passed in silence in her head as Kris walked into the room with his rifle. At first she appeared to have not even noticed him after he spoke but looked up from her desk looking at Kris. "I know it won't be easy but we have to take it one day at a time. I'll make a list of things we will need before you boys go hunting." She turned around giving a final glance at Alex and sat down in her computer chair. Before she picked up a pen she started to scratch aggressively at her arms. There was a warm sensation in them and felt like beetles were crawling underneath her skin. Dr. Loren took a deep breath to trying not to focus on the sensation and grabbed the pen and pulled up a piece of paper nearby. Not holding back, she wrote down a whole list as if she already knew what she wanted.

    SFA Trap List
    1.) A form of cage or a flat surface with straps built to it.
    2.) Gloves
    3.) Tranquilizers
    4.) Blankets/Towels
    5.) Duct Tape
    6.) Mask
    7.) Anything seen useful.

    After finishing her list quickly she turned her chair and looked at both of the men in the room. "Alright, this is what we need before we go capture one. Anything you see that might prove useful pick it up. Don't need to be in any order or all tonight as I recommend to return by 7pm or before dark. Wouldn't want to attract too much attention." Dr. Louren handed the list to Alex then turned to Kris deep in thought. She forgot what she was going to say and she knew it was important. Instead she returned looking at her desk. Once again Dr. Louren has dazed off lost in thought as it has become more frequent, like an old woman.
  9. Alexavier
    He took the list and nodded as she spoke. Having a list would make things a lot easier for them. It didn't matter to him how far Dr. Lauren was in her mutation as long as she was still making informed decisions. Of course, he would care if she mutated, but that was something he would refuse to see until she was right there in front of them changing. There was still a chance that they would find a cure for the mutation before she even got close. He was also showing small signs of being affected by the mutation, but they weren't too serious besides the typical headache and constant fever. That's why he was always wearing his coat, the room just felt way too cold for him.

    "So basically from what I have gathered about this list... and it actually pains me to say this, but it looks like we might be able to get this from the Medical Building at the zoo. You know, where they treat all the sick animals or perform surgeries. I think tranqs that are strong enough to bring down a lion or an elephant might be the safest choice. The worst it could do is kill it and we would have to lessen the dose. I don't like the idea of going to the Zoo with all the level 5 mutations, but that alone may end up being an all day trip." He looked at Kris and showed him the Zoo on the map. The habitats there were large and numerous, but if they entered from the back or something they could easily get to the medical building without passing to many of the habitats and there was a lower risk of any of the mutated animals breaking through their cage to get at them.

    "Also, I understand that there is a safe place in this building, so that just in case we need to stay, we can stay there. I'd rather not stay over night, but if we have to we can do that." He looked at the Dr. and then back at Kris. He hoped he wasn't being too pushy about the plan. He just likes to plan when he is nervous and it also distracts him from the fever and headaches he always got.
  10. SSGT. KRIS "K" DAILIN, red
    Kris stood and walked over next to Alex to look at the list. "This will definitely take several trips." Kris pointed to the map. As he traced a route to the area that Alex was talking about. He continued to think for a moment as he drew all the possible outcomes of this plan. He didn't like it, but it was doable. "We can sure as hell give it a shot, as long as this building that you say is safe is actually safe. I really would like to avoid fighting off a Level five, elephant or something, but if I remember correctly this is also the area where those damned birds like to hang out too." He said with a sigh as he walked back to the overcrowded table.

    He stared at the Dr. for a moment as she had looked at him to say something and when she didn't he watched her turn back to what she had been doing many times before. It worried him to see that in her. I mean he's known pretty much when the whole thing started. He watched as she progressively got worse. He shook the thoughts from his head and grabbed his bag. Determined to go and get one of the hardest parts done quickly. "Alex get your things together that you may need, we pack for two days just in case we do get stuck at that god forsaken place. As always I will tell you again. Stay close. If you see something of importance let me know so that I do not move on without you." He said as he packed food, water and extra ammo into his pack. He checked his rifle and started putting it back together.

    Once he had finished putting the weapon back together he looked back at the Dr. then to Alex.
    "When you are ready, we will leave. "
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