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  1. I recommend listening to this while you read the Thread.

    "It's time to awaken."
    Within every living organism there is a organelle kown as Mitochondria found in every Eukaryota cell that lies dormant. The Mitochondria controls the cell cycle and growth and without it could cause many problems for the living organism or even death. But what happens when you have too much of the Mitochondria organelle or all of the organelle awakened at the same time? In 2019 a virus went airborne in Chinatown, New York known as the Varicella Zoster, at first it was diagnosed as Chickenpox but then more people started to get infected with new symptoms making doctors and scientists wary of the Varicella Zoster. The new symptoms resulted in many deaths as they would include random combustion, odd unknown swellings, and suffering of the body where the living organism would still be breathing but the physical body itself was nearly dead. The new scare caused many to flee the town but only to realize that the virus was spreading all throughout the state. Scientists discovered that this new virus was awakening Mitochondria organelles and producing new ones, there was little anyone could do. Government stepped in blocking all ties to the state, no one was allowed to leave or enter. Official personnel roamed the streets in body suits burning all infected bodies that no longer were capable of moving or that were just simply dead. Those who were still alive were forced into homes with others like them with curfews. After weeks of the infection no cure was found and nearly half of New York was dead. Officials sent out a message that a cure was on it's way and that everyone was to stay in their homes for the next three days, not only were they to stay in their homes but they were required to write the number of how many were living in the house on the doors. People did as they were instructed but when the third day approach someone made the brave attempt to step out. Officials were gone, more people were dead and the city was left in silence.
    2022, three years has passed since the first outbreak of the Varicella Zoster virus and more than eighty percent of New York is dead. Survivors (You) have managed to say alive for three years somehow either it be a miracle or just by chance. Now when you thought things were bad enough things got worse on a critical level. The Varicella Zoster virus is still around and has gotten stronger, animals have mutated and are attacking anything in site. Even people have mutated in odd ways, though it is hard to determine if they still have control or not making them something for others to avoid. How can someone survive in a place like this? Is something causing this and was it really the Varicella Zoster virus all this time? What is the next move...

    This RP is based on the Original Parasite Eve but is not the game itself. This is also one of my favorite games of all time, I had this when it first came out. Warning: Not for sensitive people.

    Your Story;

    You are a survivor from Binghamton, New York or the neighboring Johnson City. There is no doubt that everyone and thing has been affected by the Varicella Zoster virus but some have shown less symptoms than others due to the Mitochondria organelles still being partially dormant. Time is running out for you and it's up to you to make a choice; Find a Cure, Escape New York or Get to the Bottom of this Whole Mess. But none of it will be easy and near impossible to do yourself. Go find any other survivors who may want to join you and complete your goal.

    Mitochondrial Disaster;

    There is no denying it, the Mitochondrial disaster is unavoidable! While these cells are being awakening due to the Varicella Zoster Virus, people are bursting into flames. There are only 2% of the remaining population (40%) in New York that have appeared to be unaffected yet. There are five stages of the Mitochondrial Disaster.

    Unawakened Stage: The organelles have not yet been awakened within you. Your trigger is unknown and they could awaken at any moment, especially when you least expect it.

    Stage One: The Mitochondria Organelles are just awakening! Stage One known symptoms include the following:
    >Constant Headaches
    >Abnormal Warmth of the Body
    >Rashes (Specifically Caused by Varicella Zoster Virus aka Chickenpox)

    Stage Two: The organelles have been officially awoken, one wrong move could trigger Stage Three faster than a blink of an eye. During Stage Two you should be very cautious of your moves. Symptoms include:
    >Random Combustion (Avoidable)
    >More Aware of Surroundings
    >Crawling Sensations (Like Bugs are Crawling Under your Skin)
    >Slight Vomiting
    >Tightening of the Stomach
    >Decrease in Appetite

    Stage Three: Is it possible Death is around the corner? The organelles have taken full swing with your body and producing more Mitochondria. Few have survived Stage Three mainly due to suicide. Symptoms Include:
    >Constant Sweats
    >Bubbling of the Skin in a Brownish or Orange Like Color
    >Increased Painful Vomiting
    >Shortness of Breath
    >Easy Tear of Flesh
    >Joint Pain
    >Decrease in Appetite or None at All
    >Random Combustion (Avoidable, also less likely in Stage Three)

    Awakened Disaster Stage: The time has come and you have fully awakened. Unfortunately for you, you are no longer human in a sense. All animals are in this stage as well. If you had a goal like finding a cure, you might as well give it up now as you have a new set of goals. Here are your choices; Escape the State and Spread the Virus, Go on a Killing Spree or Find Balance and Control within Yourself. Symptoms Include:
    >Complete or Major Mutation
    >No Control
    >Heightened Senses
    >An Ability
    >Constant Pain
    To gain the chance to gain balance in control, you need to roll a dice. 1-5 You Failed 6-10 You Succeeded. If you don't have control then you are hostile and can attack other players, if you have control then you may work with other players or even fight of other Disaster Staged Humans or Animals. If you don't succeed the first time or in your CS, you will be granted another chance later in the story. If you did succeed, there are chances you may lose control which will be presented by the GM. Abilities can be super strength, speed, superior reflexes etc.

    Character Sheet

    Age: 16+
    Hometown: Either Binghamton or Johnson
    Relatives: Dead or Alive
    Occupation: What did you do BEFORE the virus?
    Goal: What is your goal since the virus has struck?

    Mitochondrial Stage:
    Symptoms: You don't need to have all of them
    Abilities: Stage Five Only
    Talents or Skills: Navigation, Medical Aid, Gatherer Etc (Three Max)
    Weakness: What are you not good at?
    Appearance: Describe your character including your symptoms, like where are the rashes. A picture can go here or above "Name" but there still needs to be a description. One Paragraph Minimum or Five Sentences. Please avoid "Anime" Pictures. If you are a Stage Five Mutation, remember you are barely even human anymore. If you need ideas, PM me.

    Personality: Remember you are infected by a virus. How does that make your character act?
    Mental Illness: Generally for Stage Five Insanity. But others can have one as well.
    Allies: Any Characters or NPC's accompanying you on your goal? Ask others permission first. Can require allies down the road.

    Biography: 7+ Sentences. Decently descriptive.

    Weapons: Only One Permitted at a Time
    Equipment: Five Max (+One of them must be a bag if they are larger items totaling six items.)
    Gear or Clothes:

    (CS Possible to Change. Any questions should be asked through PM to keep the thread clean.)

    Bonus Clips:
    For those interested in mutations, here is a video to show you the idea of a human mutation though there is many different kinds. Some more severe tan others. This will also help you script out your posts better especially during transformation. WARNING: Don't watch if you are easily frightened. But then again why do you think it's in the Horror section?

    Show Spoiler

    Safer Clip (open)

    How to make Gypsy happy and more likely to approve your CS: (Sorta Like Rules ;3)
    1. Details and Spell Check. I understand English is not everyone's first language but try your best!
    2. Active People. We all have a life, if you need to disappear let me know beforehand.
    3. Proper punctuation and capitalization.
    4. CS's are a decent size and come with good details.
    5. No drama. I don't want to babysit.
    6. Really badass and gross Mutations.
    7. Respect everyone.

    Added Details From Previous CS's to Keep in Mind when making yours! (And Growing)
    >You can wear any protective wear including masks, but you are never safe from the virus itself!

    > You are an ordinary human who got caught up in a terrible mess (Unless you are a mutant) so don't give your character too many weapons or gear as it will seem unlikely to get good gear unless you raided an Police Department or some type of abandoned official camp which would more than likely be swarming with Mutants both Human and Animal by this time.

    List of Characters:
    -Dr. Lauren by ZsafineGypsy
    -Heather Victorian by ZsafineGypsy
    -"V" by Cry
    Sepdemonium Pending
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  2. 1.


    Name: Dr. Lauren "Gina F. Lauren"
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Binghamton, New York
    Relatives: Tina Lauren "Deceased" Frederik Lauren "Unknown"
    Occupation: Mitochondria Researcher
    Goal: Finding a Cure

    Mitochondrial Stage: Stage Two
    Symptoms: -Crawling Sensations, -Slight Vomiting, -Migraines, -Decrease in Appetite
    Talents/Skills: Medical Aid, Knowledge of the Mitochondria, and some Navigation
    Weakness: Combat
    Appearance: Dr. Lauren has nearly covered her whole body with a thin layer of a light black cloth. This piece of material is loosely wrapped around her and acts like an Arabic gown. The only thing that is revealed are her fragile hands and her pale face. Dr. Lauren has hazel eyes and what appears to be brown straight hair. Due to her "Decrease in Appetite", she only weighs 105 pounds and continues to lose weight. Through her material it is clear she is very thin and may be just skin and bones. She stands at 5' 4'' when not wearing shoes.

    Personality: Dr.Lauren is generally kind and determined to find a cure. Due to "Migraines" and her "Crawling Sensations", she is easily agitated or snippy. She despises the fact of how easily agitated she can get so has decided to talk very little to avoid offending others.
    Fear: The Virus spreading further out past New York.
    Mental Illness: Paranoia
    Allies: Kris Dailin

    Biography: Starting off as one of the research groups for the Varicella Zoster, Dr. Lauren was left behind by the officials when they completely blocked off New York. She was in a state of shock that they would leave others behind like that and was sure there had to be others that was left behind as well. Dr. Lauren appears glad that she was left behind though as she is now able to continue her research for a cure as well as learning more about the Mitochondria. She has her own office set up in an apartment building that has been long abandoned, she has taken the tame to heavily secure her door and close her blinds. Now and again there are noises echoing throughout the halls but she does not dare to take the time to investigate as she has no real combat skills. Dr. Lauren has only made one real discover about the random combustion and that was it was avoidable but complicated in thought. Sunlight is the spark to the combustion but heat has no ties to it. She tries to avoid leaving her office as much as possible from the slight fear of being confronted by a Stage Five or an angry person. Her assistant does most of the gathering of data when possible.

    Weapons: 9mm (Unable to Use Proficiently)
    Equipment: Medical Supplies, Writing Utensils, Limited Ammo, Map, Essentials like Food and Water, Army Green Backpack
    Clothes: Thin Black Material Wrap, Plain White Sneakers, Undergarments


    Name: Heather Victorian
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Binghamton New York
    Relatives: Parents Deceased
    Occupation: None
    Goal: Escaping New York

    Mitochondrial Stage: Stage One
    Symptoms: -Constant Headaches, -Abnormal Warmth of the Body, -Rashes
    Skills: Navigation, Gatherer, Fitting Through Small Areas
    Weakness: Staying Strong
    Appearance: Heather dresses in casual sweaters and jeans. Now that they half of New York is dead, she is not really worried about appearance. She has long brown hair that appears orange due to an old dye. Her hair was once dyed burgundy but now suffers an array of oranges and browns. Heather also has dull brown eyes and stands 5'2'' weighing at 140lb.

    Personality: Heather sounds more depressed than anything but despite that she is actually very kind. If she was ever in a group she would become quiet and shy.
    Fear: Death
    Mental Illness: None
    Allies: None At The Moment


    Weapons: None
    Equipment: Small Black Backpack, Food Supplies, Water Bottles (2)
    Clothes: Gray Plaid Hoodie, Jeans, Converse Shoes, Undergarments
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  5. [​IMG] (sorry its anime I just wanted the face(Mask) of her's but this was the only one that could get her right (and was non nude XD) but i'm going to do a long discretion a somewhat detailed of her to make it up!)

    Name: Unknown but she tells you to call her "V"
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Binghamton
    Relatives: Dead
    Occupation: A nobody....
    Goal: to kill every last one of them and then find the cure if her humanity is still there and alive.

    Mitochondrial Stage: Stage One
    Rashes, Constant Headaches, Abnormal Warmth of the Body.
    Abilities: non that she knows of
    Talents or Skills: Medical Aid shooting a gun, sword fighting as well
    Weakness: making friends (but hay how needs friends when your trying to live this nightmare)
    Appearance: short about 5'6 has black hair with white types. her eyes when she has her mask off is green with a hint of blue her and there. you just need to the sun to hit it in some way. her skin pale with a bit of tan. a bit not a lot but a bit. but you really can't tell anymore with all the rashes on her skin.

    Personality: she's.....well she like how she was back then she silent and never talks only when she needs to. she also never seams to cares for others but really she does. she may do the smallest thing like give you some water but it means a lot to her to give you something or to save you even though she does not say she saved!
    Fear: to lose herself, and to die, and losing more love ones.
    Mental Illness: She hears things talk to her.... telling her what to do. its just up to her to listen or not
    Allies: non at the moment.

    Biography: Just small stuff you need to know about her and she really does not have much to say for a history: he lives with her mother and father. they cared about V but V didn't care about them she just tried to get out of their way. with her father in the Police force he would have one gun in the house so her mother could be safe from people that wanted revenge on him. because you know he put a lot of people away. her mother was a doctor and worked with many people. with that said V learn a lot for her mother and father even though they think she was not listening to anything they said. but she was a good child she didn't get in trouble with the police or her school. but she did have a thing of not talking to people in which her family started to worry. then she moved out of her family's home when she was in collage and lived in an apartment not very far from them so they can keep in contacted. her family may not know this but she loves them very much. but it was to late for her to say that now.

    (I know her history is shit I'm not very good with history ^^)

    Weapons: A Heckler & Koch USP (Universal Self-loading Pistol)
    Equipment: gun holder, black onside backpack, flash light, first add kit, and very small amounts of food aka cheese and crackers.
    Clothes and one Gear: she has a mask that covers her hole face. she uses it to keep the virus outside and the one she has inside. she wares a long hooded coat and long black pants. she also has gloves on to keep herself from scratching her skin. but sometimes when she doesn't notices she itches it anyways.

    The iteams:
    A heckler & Koch USP:

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  6. oh my gosh.. Parasite eve! may I please join? :] I can't help myself.. :]
  7. Of course~ Don't need to ask, just make sure you can follow the rules posted below on the first Post.
  8. Mind if I start a CS but work on it slowly during the next week or so? I am extremely interested in this but I am actually going to be quite busy the rest of this week, until Saturday. I was lucky enough to catch time to get on now.

    I'll more than likely finish it Saturday if that is alright.
  9. I suppose. Are you going to be more active after this week?
  10. Hopefully. Depends if I need to stay with my family for a while longer. But, if it is a problem I won't join this at the moment.
  11. Just try to make sure before you do. I want to try to avoid a lot of drop outs. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. thanks, I'll get to work on my form :] I should have it in tomorrow if that's okay :]
  13. O.O I hate my life i was like writing and then my Chrome thing closed and when I got back on Iwakuroleplay logged me off and now I have to restart everything I written In the EDIT!!!! I hate my life V^V I really do!
  14. Character Sheet
    (pic- I'll find a better when then his anime picture :] )
    Name: Sepiroth Anramath Silencia

    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Hometown: Binghamton
    Relatives: all dead
    Occupation: “the only thing I could do..” uhh.. well.. he was.. a.. man of the night..
    Goal: “to make the world suffer! I mean.. I want to live a normal life..”

    Mitochondrial Stage: three
    Symptoms: Easy Tear of Flesh, Joint Pain, no appetite, Increased Painful Vomiting
    Abilities: N/A
    Talents or Skills: he's a good singer (though it's a useless talent now) he's also very good with computers and a good marksmen.
    Weakness: team work, trusting others and close combat

    Appearance: before mutation- Sepiroth is 6'6 in hight and deathly thin, his ribs are clearly visable and his skin is porcalin white. His body is littered in old scars and burns, the oldest scar is the circlar one around his throat. He has small feet and hands for a man. He has a soft face and is often mistaken for a women. He has green eyes and long blonde hair that reaches his waist and has shoulder lengh bangs that frame his face.

    After mutation of virus: Sepiroth's body shape stayed the same, as well as his hight and weight. However his hair went pure white and red flicks entered the green of his iris's, his pupils became slitted. The rash spread all down his back and all around his waist, his back also acquired large 'cracks' within it. There are also two bulges in Sepiroth's back that are evenly parted and seem to pulse now and then, what can they be?

    Personality: before the virus: In terms of his overall personality, people who first meet him see him as an emotionless and cold man. As well as rather.. shall we say.. unbalanced. People are fairly uneasy around him because he simply doesn’t react to things; he doesn’t try to even contribute to conversations and keeps himself to himself while pushing people away from him. But what people don’t realise that this is not a free will choice (in a sense) of Sepiroth’s but more of a natural reaction from Sepiroth because of the childhood he had.

    After virus: all of Sepiroth's self loathing and feeling worthless changed, force once in his life he accepted what he was.. and when he looked in the mirror, he saw someone truly beautiful..

    Fear: being touched, water and closed spaces
    Mental Illness: schizoid tenancies

    Allies: none yet

    Biography: Sepiroth's past was a very dark one, and something he will not talk about.. at least not at present. So instead we will go into what set him off on this journey.

    When the virus started, Sepiroth thought he deserved it. This was the punishment for his sin. When the virus started, Sepiroth tried to keep it a secret.

    When the second stage started, he had to drop from work which was a blessing. When the second stage started he was grateful.

    When the virus entered it's current stage, he cried crimson tears. His skin ripped like paper and his vomit was marked with blood. He felt movement under his back and staggered to his knees. He was alone in his house and no one would help him. His head filled with a white light and something snapped.

    Now he casts his food to the side, no longer needing it. Now he forsakes sleep, lacking the need. And the more blood he brings up the happier he is, the more pain he's in the more delighted he is. He laughs an elegant yet broken laugh and walks to his bathroom, feeling his pale skin tare. “I..have..transcended.. humanity..” he staggers to his mirror gaze gazes into it, he feels not disgust but pride. “what a beautiful face..” he whispers as he strokes the mirror. “how long has it being since I sought to place myself above my fellow men?”

    he spiral into madness, moments of sanity are few. Soon he will become what he wants, a thing that has the potential to rise above man.. a monster.

    Weapons: a handgun
    Equipment: a pack of cigarettes, some hand gun ammo, a hair brush and a locket.
    Gear or Clothes: a black jumper that's pulled down his thin shoulders, showing his collar bone and shoulders. Lace gloves and black pants, he also wears large boots which the pants are tucked into.
  15. OMG I'm am so going to type up a Character sheet.
  16. @Cry when will you finish your CS?

    @Sepdemonium I didn't even get the notification you posted! D: Approved. Reminder: You are almost a full mutant, while you still have some control you might not for long. Will death claim you before the mutation?

    @-Kuroko- can't wait to see it!
  17. thanks! *grins* I'm so looking forward to the fact that soon Sepiroth will end up losing it and succumbing to the mutation :] will he die..hmmm... I don't mind, I have evil plans for him in both events.. including a mutant picture ready and waiting, just in case :] I'm looking forward to this! :]
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  18. Lol I like the way you think.
  19. Tomorrow Ill have it up I just have way to much right now to type it up I have it I just need to write it and I am done.

    @ZsafineGypsy : change of plan i finished it ^^ hope its ok ^^
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  20. well since there arent many males yet. (only see one) I'm going to make my character male.
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