Paranormal Warfare

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Hi guys, so this is my first role play on Iwaku and I'm a bit out of practice but the only way to get back into practice is to role play.

The convent has ruled over Erudite, America to the humans, for as long as anyone can remember. They forced those below them to conform to their rules, their ideas. And with the strength of their armies few we're bold enough to rebel. Over the centuries, rumors that a groups of rebels had come together spread across the land. They gave hope to the paranormals that someday this tryanny would be over thrown.
Now I ask you this, Will you join the rebels or will you fight for the convent?

This is a paranormal role play, so unless your human has the advantage of being a dragon rider or some other enhanced ability I don't recommend playing one, seeing as how the paranormal creatures in Erudite are much stronger and much faster.

The available creatures to play are:
Dragons or dragon riders
Shapeshifters (shapeshifters get their power from amulets)
Fallen angels(Branded angels that have been banished for breaking the rules if the covent.)
Neko or any other supernatural creatures you can think of will most likely be accepted.

If interested in role playing please post below and Im of course ipen to questions and suggestions. Thanks : )
Not open for further replies.