Paranormal Investigators

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  1. The tape begins with Jen, Ally, and Cody all driving to the Redwick Psychiatric Hospital while Alex films them. Alex remains completely silent on the trip there, anxious about the stories they had heard about the place.

    When they arrived they all got out of the truck and grabbed all of their equipment then headed inside, with enough snacks and water to last them a whole night. The caretaker, Vinny, was there to lock them inside as they had asked so they could spend an entire night investigating the Psychiatric Hospital.

    Setting cameras in all the hot-spots of the Hospital, they all went to investigate other area as Vinny locked them in and would arrive at 6:00 AM in the morning.

    Alex was silent as he filmed them talking about the history and the many horror stories of this place, he sighed deeply, nearly falling asleep. ''Can we move on to the next area already?''

    Cody shook his head and warned Alex. ''Alex, have patience. We can become rich if we do this, alright?'' He patted his friend on the back and went back in between the two girls. ''Now, it is said that in this very tub a woman slit her wrists and bled to death.'' He leans down and gestures to the tub, noting the dry blood stains.
  2. Jen asked rhetorical questions on the way there asking what they thought they'd encounter or what might happen or if they'd even come out! she was pretty excited and when the lock clicked into place, her heart pounded strong in her chest. It made her feel so alive! Ally on the other hand, stayed silent like Alex and flinched when they were locked in. She had a very bad feeling about this.

    Ally was the only one to hear the comment on the money and frowned, hoping that wasn't the only reason Cody was here. She was nervous, but she was mostly determined to accomplish her goal here and investigate the best she could. When Alex pointed out the bloodstains, Ally stepped back and her twin spoke at the same time as her. "Interesting" Jen said. "Oh gosh..." Ally mumbled.
    Jen kneeled down beside the tub and took a closer look, imagining the scene as if it was happening right now. Her imagination ran wild and the horror story was easy to picture in her head. The girl was blonde and had a big nose but she wasn't hideous. Her eyes were a beautiful and vibrant jade green, but they were wide with the anxiety she must have felt while watching the blood spill out of her veins.
  3. After they had covered the story of the woman who slit her wrist in the shower area, they continued to the Cafeteria where odd movements happened on the camera that was set up there. Overlooking the entire area, rusty forks, spoons, and knives floated around wildly and dropped when they came in.

    Cody waved his hand across the area so the audience would look at the old and ruined cafeteria. ''Now, it is said that the chef here killed himself by throwing himself into the fryer. The next day they found him completely fried..'' He looks down, acting like he was sad. Then he picked his head up and headed to the next room and then a chair was thrown out the window. ''Holy shit! What was that?!'' Turning back he ran back to the cafeteria, looking at the window. ''Did you see that?''

    Alex shook his head, wide eyed. ''N-No!'' He films the broken window and the reactions of his friends, stepping wildly. ''Let's go, man!''
  4. Jen and Ally meandered behind the boys into the cafeteria making sure to act like they didn't know this place's history for the sake of the camera. Jen stayed by Alex in the cafeteria so Ally was the only other member of the team who saw the chair fly threw the window. She gasped sharply and backed up, but stayed in the room as Cody ran back to the rest of the team. Jen shook her head, but the shattering of the window was plain to see so she ignored Alex's cowardice and stepped into the room with her sister, slowly walking toward the window to see where the chair had landed. Ally gulped and tried to slow her pounding heartbeat in the dark, keeping a close eye on Jen, who was for once thinking before she acted and staying far enough away from the glass that she couldn't be pushed out of it easily.
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