Paranormal Division of Europe

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  1. The History Background

    1939: World War 2 begins in Europe. In September 1, Nazi Germany military Begins marching to the Warsaw for a massive invasion in the west. While the Nazis are occupying half of Poland, Soviet Military began invading Poland in the east In September 17. Polish military surrenders in September 27, Nazi Germany & Soviet Union divides the land between the occupied Poland. In November 30, Soviet Union begins the invasion in Finland and Winter War begins in Northern Finnish border.

    1940: Meanwhile in Finland, Nazi officers of covert ops plans for the ritual to be created in Finland and given direct orders from Himmler, likely to use dark magic during the war. When the Soviets went inside Finnish territory, every Nazi officers tried to move to another area while the other officers are completing the ritual before the Soviet army intends to interfere the ritual.

    1941: In July 22, Finland was losing territory fast from the Soviets and Nazi covert ops officers were unable to complete the ritual, forcing them to leave Finland and return to Germany. When Operation Barbarossa was ready to rage war with the Soviet Union before June 22, Nazi Covert Operation Division plans to complete the ritual in the Transylvania, Romania. During the Eastern Front, The ritual was kept secret from the public and only led by Himmler who leads the ritual. When the ritual was complete, they succeeded using the dark magic for the first time, not until the ill omen caused the Nazi military became weaker in large numbers during the Eastern Front.

    Hilde "Seele Schnitter" Von Hölle & her mechanized soldiers.

    1944: 3 Years passed as the ill omen of Nazi Military had brought to downfall, The Nazi Covert Operation Platoon was formed by Hilde "Seele Schnitter" Von Hölle which Himmler decided to put her in charge of the Division and making rituals. When the Soviets began invading Romania to overthrow the dictatorship, They decided to stop the Soviets from advancing not until the Romanians gave the backstab to the Axis. Hilde and entire infantry dressed up as Romanian partisans, hiding their appearance from Romanian & a Soviet Military during the King Michael's Coup.

    1945 (After World War 2) : On December 6, Under the occupation of the Soviets in Romania & Left their hope of the fatherland, The Nazis began to make the preparations of ritual to make pact with the devil on an abandoned village. In December 18, Hilde finally made a pact with the devil for the first time, gaining the immortality of youth and dark powers. The entire platoon gained immortality and they decide to lay low from the Soviets for long time.

    Early 1960's to mid 1980's: During the Cold War Era (or Soviet Era in Eastern Europe), 300 working civilians went missing in Transylvania Province, it was coming as an incident occurring in the northern forest. The Romanian civilians were serious about that time for their safety and they intended to find the cause in the forest, unfortunately the Authorities tried to stop the civilians from entering the forest to prevent losing them in the woods. The Soviet Secret Police begins the blockade of the Transylvanian Forest and the investigation of the incident went secretly from the public. The Investigation was interfered, due of the Glasnost occurred during the Communism Reign.

    1995: More than 500 working civilians went missing in Transylvania Province, somewhat the incident is lingering in the northern forest. The Romanian police search party began search for missing civilians. A few weeks later during the incident, the police search party went unexpectedly missing during the search of civilians. The Romanian government forced all civilians to leave Transylvania and reside in other provinces.

    1999: When MI6 and Romanian Secret Police were joining up for investigation, they brought about 100 Soldiers joined in investigation team, armed and ready to protect if possible. During the investigation, they found a pile of bones, scattered around the ground and believed to be that they were Romanian working civilians. Suddenly half of the investigation team was killed by armed soldiers, wore in old Wehrmacht uniform, likely to be the Remaining Nazi armed forces, including the Convert Operation Platoon. They retreated out of Transylvania and Romanian military began to form up to encircle Transylvania.

    2002: The Romania military marched forward Transylvania and began the assault slowly, clearing out every enemy on the way. During that night, the entire electricity in Romania was out, the dispatch team was deployed to the power plant and check up the problem that shut down for no reason. They began to check on the power plant, but later never gotten an quick reply, not until they called up and said they are attacked and heard a bloodcurdling scream on the radio before the soldier tried to send in reinforcements. The Romanian president ordered the governors to leave the country from danger, including the civilians, but the president will remain here, he said to himself that the president will not abandon his country. During the evacuation in overnight, A red pillar was ascending from the sky, something was unusual going on in Transylvania and the journalist taking the pictures during the evacuation.

    2004: 2 Years later during the chaos back in Romania, there were signs of that red pillar from the Pope in Vatican city, it was the beginning of "The apocalypse." The neighboring countries in Eastern, Central & Southern Europe began to shut down borders nearby Romania, believing that the casualty would rise quickly if the situation is not taken care in near to Romanian borders. The defense line and perimeter on every cities, towns and even villages are ready for the break, in case of emergency. Military Intelligence suggested that the Nazi armed forced are creating an army, which they intend to conquer Europe at their hands once more.


    The first M.O.H. (Monster of Hell) seen in the borders with a ogre-like human appearance. likely to name the M.O.H. "Colossus."

    2005: The first breach of defense occurred in Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova were hitting hard when they first seen hideous creatures began with an assault on every border. This led into great situations at hand, The true reason that here that the Nazis planned for conquest and also there one objective: to destroy humanity at the face of the Earth. Every civilians in Central Europe leave of their country and headed to the refugee area in Southern Italy for their safety. Ukraine was losing Western part & Southern part of the country, the Ukrainian President & Governors headed to France, while the military are protecting Odessa & western part of Ukraine. At the end of the October, They lost contact with Romanian President and the entire Romanian military, either they were killed or left the country, but neither of those two questions are known yet.

    2007: When the NATO formed a meeting with European Union president, they discuss about the threat in other countries and serious problems are dealt with. The situation gets worse in the borders, which unable to repel the attack with these monsters are made to crush anything in its path. NATO gave one code name from the hellish creatures called, Monster of Hell. (Or M.O.H. In the short terms.) NATO actives the Protocol "Guardian Angel" which they enlisted about more than 100,000 Veterans in Europe and creating the specialized division in neutralizing M.O.H. Called, "Paranormal Division of Europe." Six months later, the Paranormal Division was formed and founded by MI6, UK, ready to move and armed to the teeth. Germany, founded a breakthrough of unlocking physical powers & telekinesis, The Paranormal Division vets volunteered for test programs and learning the importance of physical powers. There are ready to be deployed in the Frontlines and began to test the skills of killing M.O.H. In the battlefield.

    2012: A massive invasion begins between the west & east Europe, The Nazis are planning to rule over Europe and half of the European countries occupied, fearing that the world will be placing the pressure against humanity if the Nazis wins the war. USA, Russia, China and Japan join the war between the Europeans in Conflict of monsters.

    2014: Present Day.

    "Today, hell will drag us down to the pits of fire. Chances are that one of us will live and others will not."

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