Paranormal Activity

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Have you had a brushing with the supernatural?

Have you seen a ghost, heard things that shouldn't have been there, seen shadow people, had your fortune read (accurately), seen a magic spell work, etc., etc..?

Do you even believe in the supernatural?
The "supernatural" is still pretty heavily tied into the area I live in and the culture I'm a part yeah, I believe in a "spirit world," but not so much, y'know, "IT'S A GHOSTIE! BE SCARED OF IT!" It's more of a curiousity and respect, cuz whatever is out there was living at one time too.

Part of the reason that this area is so steeped in paranormal stuff though is that this entire community is on an indian burial ground (LOL WHAT ARE THE CHANCES.) The natives were moved/confined here so that we would all starve and massive numbers of women, children and old people died. Since the goverment wouldn't let us do traditional burials anymore and we couldn't leave, we had to bury them here wherever we could. UNFORTUNATELY for the Gov't, we didn't die so easily and so they were stuck with the problem of where to put us next but they just decided to keep us here. SO (if you believe in it), there are massive amounts of spirits who can't find rest, etc.

Plus people just tend to see weird things out here. Really weird things. . .

But apparently both houses I grew up in are haunted and also the one I'm currently living in...The one I'm living in SUPPOSEDLY is home to a little girl or something. They think she drowned cuz when people see her she's all wet. She's actually made appearances on my webcam, which is why I don't use one very often >_> cuz it scared the shit out of my friends. I think she likes to read I have a habit of leaving a book open when I'm in my room reading & the pages of the other book will turn and stuff. It's pretty neat and cute, I think :3

When I left recently though while the house was being renovated, a little girl showed up at the front door asking where I was & if she could come in. The workers told her no and she said to make sure to tell her when I got back cuz she was my friend...(ghost d'awww) The worker turned away as she was walking away from the house & when he looked out the window to see where she went she was gone.

Edit: ONE TIME THIS GOT KIND OF ANNOYING THOUGH, CUZ I WAS TRYING TO FINISH AN EXPERIMENT WITH POINTSETTAS FOR GENETICS CLASS & I would have the plants tightly covered up from the light so that they would CHANGE COLOR but everytime I got home they would be uncovered and the plastic would be neatly folded off to the side. I was living alone at the time, so yeah >:( I got kind of annoyed that I didn't get to finish my experiment after all that hard work growing the goddamn things.



I believe very much in the supernatural, the paranormal, whatever you want to call it. I believe there are spirits of all kinds; ghosts, demons, however you want to classify them. Unfortunately, I have very limited experience with the supernatural.

I've seen shadows, and shadow people. Not constantly, but I've seen them. I've never seen a ghost, but I'm certain that my old apartment was haunted by... something. It was a rage demon, or some kind of spirit that was really, really angry about something. It never attacked us, but my roommate and I were constantly overwhelmed with anger at the strangest times. Also, when one of us would get home to an empty apartment, there was always this strange... vacuum. There was something there, and yet there wasn't. It wasn't like coming home to an empty house.

It was strange, simply put.

Additionally, I dabble in the "occult." I've educated myself on numerous magical systems, and I meditate regularly. I've tried to visit the astral planes, but I'll be damned if I've been successful. Also, I like to think I have fairly strong psychic defenses; no powers, but I can defend against a fairly strong assault.
I totally believe in the supernatural! Ghosts, spirits, magic, I believe in it. I check my tarot cards often, I look at my horoscope and I even had a ghost encounter~

One of the houses I lived in was a hospital for the town I lived in since like, the 1940s and people died there on the operating table and all that and they remodeled the setup into a house that the doctor could live in. Well we move in and look at the power thingy (it's like a fuse box but isn' know...) and there were labels like "Operating Room" and "Gun Room" now why would a hospital need a gun room? Prepared for the zombie apocalypse I guess?

Anyways we lived there for a few weeks when things would happen, nothing major, just strange noises that sounded like light knocking on walls, the sound of a metal object like a fork or scalpel hitting another metal tray or something. We largely ignored it but my little brother (who was 3 at the time) would walk around and point at the air and say "Gook-gook" which was his word for "ghost." ( He never did that at any other place we visited or stayed at. Time went on and my mother had an experience (She never told me this until after we had moved out), but she had turned off the TV and in the reflection she could see the silhouette of a man, with a 50's almost bowler type hat on and what appeared to be a suit. Well time went on and I was skeptical, I didn't believe the things. Another time me and my older brother (who was 15 at the time) were talking and a pack of diapers that was wedged into this cubby fell out and hit the floor between us. I was still skeptical. One of my friends came over to hang out, and saw the man in the TV just like my mother (again, didn't tell me until after we moved out). I was STILL skeptical. Finally I was asleep one night and woke up for no reason at 3 am (which a lot of wiccan/magic texts say is a highly magical time conducive for spirits to interact with humans at least that's what I've heard) and I roll over, my bed was across from my door which was kept slightly open because my baby brother liked to come crawl into bed with me sometimes and sleep there, and the hall light was always kept on. I look and I see the figure my mother and friend had seen in the TV standing over my bed, it was there for a second and as I sat up to look at it, it had just vanished like it was never there. I finally accepted that there was a ghost, but I never felt threatened or anything so it never really worried me. When me and my friend and my mother described the man to each other we all kind of freaked out a little but it was cool to have validation like that.