Paranoid Laughter


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I've noticed I'm not the only one in the family that gets really, really paranoid when you see someone laughing and looking in your direction. First reaction always seems to be "why are they laughing at me?!" even though it was probably just a coincidence that they looked in that direction!

Do you also find yourself paranoid if you see someone laughing and glancing at you?


Ah, not really because I usually know the reason why they laugh at me. I'm invisible to most of the world, so no one glances and laughs at me unless I do something weird in public. It's especially rare when I'm walking around with my boyfriend because he is clearly a guy you don't want to steer the wrong way. XD

When people look at me and whisper about me though, is when I get paranoid. x_X And when someone just stares, I stare back and give them the finger~


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I really never care~ If I see someone pointing and laughing at me I'm assuming I did one of my normal strange actions in public and then laugh at myself, but if I think they're being malicious I just point and laugh back, makes THEM self-conscious~ >D


Coupled with the fact that fear turns to anger in me head faster than my glare reaches them and 90% of the time they look away quickly. Then growly song lyrics flash through my head and rage face ensues the other 10% of the time.

Then anger leads the the dark side and I force choke them.