Paranoid Illusions (name TBC)

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  1. ((Listening to this, or something similar should help get into the atmosphere. It's what I was listening to when I wrote this. If it gets to the end just click repeat. Alternatively, use the second link for auto-repeated youtube.

    If you couldn't already tell from the music, and possibly the title, this is going to be an extremely messed up horror RP. I cannot guarantee that you will participate, but if you do, you will not be the same. Even I do not yet know where I want to take the plot, I intend to cross that boundary when I come to it. Essentially the base concept is that it'll be a mystery-style thing in which the characters also have the ability to create illusions. Eventually they will be able to make these illusions completely real, and time and space will adjust according to the created illusion.))

    In the winter of 1958, Japan constructed a prototype nuclear power plant deep in the wilderness of a small island. It was not intended to be able to generate any significant quantity of power, only enough to keep the village situated on the island running indefinitely. It was a small village and as such the power output could have been easily matched by stationing a couple of tidal generators on the coastline. On the other hand, everyone knows that nuclear power plants make great locations for horror stories so they decided to go with that so it'd still have a use when it was shut down.

    On that note, they had originally planned that it ran for 2 years exactly, and that it be shut down on friday the 13th of november, 1960, at which point it would be decommissioned. The only problem was, when they arrived that evening to press the off switch and remove the fuel cells, they noticed something odd. Every part of the structure capable of indicating that it had already been shut down was doing just that, and the system was also under the firm belief that the fuel cells had been removed.

    The technicians naturally had not planned for this and as such were unable to do anything to turn it off. It was a prototype after all, and they feared that a catastrophe could occur if they did anything. They stationed a few cameras to monitor the situation, and left again, intending to come back when the fuel cells ran out so they could dismantle it safely.

    The only problem was, those fuel cells never ran out.

    Until spring of 1983. At daybreak on April 5th, the fuel cells went from 1% remaining unstable material to 0%, and all the lights in the village went out. It was still early in the morning and a dew hung on the grass and in the leaves. The lack of artificial light gave the sky an eerie grey tint and the world was plunged into darkness, with shadows that dragged so long you would have trouble walking from one end to the other before you were late to wherever it is you needed to be at that time.

    Then the sun rose over the small mountain in the centre of the island, and a beautiful golden light flooded onto the streets and the shadows were gone. Completely. There was not a single person left in that village and the only noise that could be heard was the ominous echoing of a briefcase falling onto the pavement. Given the village was so small, nobody was ever to know the fate that had befallen the area. The workmen who were going to go and dismantle the power plant were unable to reach the island. The engine of any vehicle that attempted to get there failed just over 10 minutes from the harbour.

    On April 8th, a satellite happened to pass over the area taking photos at a very high zoom rate - high enough to be able to see individual people. It took a photo that captured a good area of the island, inside which the village was located, and on that photo, many humanoid figures could be seen walking, playing and doing any number of other normal day-to-day activities. The same people as the ones who disappeared.

    In spring of 1984, the same thing happened to another village. This one was also very small and also in a remote location, however, this was on the mainland. The electric lights failed. Village plunged into darkness. Sun rises above a crest. People no longer there.

    This time, people noticed though. Rumours began to spread of the mysterious village in the south that was found abandoned one day. Tourists began to arrive in small numbers, one or two people at a time. Many brought cameras with them. They took photos of what they thought was an eerily abandoned street, however, when they looked at their photos, they noticed a large number of people apparently going about their daily business featuring in them. This scared them, and the reputation of the village was lost.

    Spring, 1988. After a 4 year break, a third town has been claimed by the mysterious occurance. This time, it was actually a town, and as such, interest was attracted by detectives and the like. It is now midsummer, during the time when the cicadas are really making their biggest assault on the ears, and you, along with your fellow detectives, must solve the mystery of the curse, before it claims another town.

    Note, if you do not like chaotic undertones in your supernatural horror, or you refuse to play a character who develops severe paranoia, this RP isn't for you. I'll also be writing the story one way or another. If I only get one person interested it's going to be a One X One, and if I get no one interested then i guess I have the first few pages of my blog to write.

    Oops completely forgot to mention that the events are in the spring because the sakura is significant.
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  2. You got me interested with the Lovecraftian undertones.

    Below is the detective I would play. I am open to group or one x one play either way.

    Name: Norman Ebayan
    Age: 30
    Appearance: 5'7", 145 lb., short black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, usually dressed in a cheap black business suit, tie, and crumpled white dress shirt
    Background: Norman is a school teacher from the Phillippines, but maintains family ties in Japan ever since his younger sister married a local. He lost contact with her and her husband in 1984, when the second village disappeared. He spent four years looking for his sister and brother in law and was about to give up, until the third town vanished. His interest and determination restored, he bought a ticket to Japan to investigate.
  3. Yaay a person! The character seems fine, although, in the OOC i was going to mention that no one was allowed to have any sort of ties to the disappearing people. There's a good reason for that, but I can't say about it yet.
  4. I can adjust the background.
  5. Well i'll make a proper CS, along with some rules and some other things when I make the OOC.
  6. i look forward to it
  7. as do I.
  8. Where the ooc?
  9. I always wait a little while after making an interest check, to see what I should expect from the OOC. I'll make out sometime tonight.
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