Paranoia: Yellow River



Greetings loyal Alpha Complex Citizen.

You have recently turned in your friend for treasonous action endangering Alpha Complex equipment and the lives of everyone in sector [CLASSIFIED]. For your brave action your friend [CLASSIFIED] has been terminated and Friend Computer has rewarded you with elevation to security clearance RED and the honor of serving Alpha Complex and Friend Computer in the roll of one of our many Troubleshooters.

Failure to accept honors offered to you my Friend Computer may be regarded as Insubordination.

Your job as a Troubleshooter is simple: Find trouble and shoot it.

Trouble comes in many forms and from anywhere so be alert and always practice good hygiene.

As Security Clearance RED you get many perks you never did as an Infrared citizen. These Include.

A bed in a room with only five others! No more endlessly searching for a free bed in the dormitories.

A red Reflec Jumpsuit. All citizens must always wear colors appropriate to their clearance. Failure to do so is Treason.

A credit bonus of 1000 credits to be spent adding to the glorious Alpha Complex economy. Failure to live a lifestyle appropriate to your clearance and income is insubordination.

A laser pistol to bu used in the honorable service of Friend Computer. Currently it has no barrel, a barrel will be issued to you at the start of your first mission.

Loyal citizens must never idle and you first mission will begin shortly, you are cleared to take leave from your job in your service firm for the duration of your mission.


Your Friend Computer has a mission for you.

Will you accept or are you a commie mutant traitor?

Paranoia is a game where turning in one of your friends has earned you security clearance RED and a new job as a TROUBLESHOOTER in the service of Friend Computer.

Your job is simple: find trouble and shoot it.

The trouble you need to find are:

A) Members of secret societies

B) Mutants

C) Other Traitors

The only problem is, you are a member of a secret society and a mutant. Your team members do not know this, but if they find out theres no doubt they'll turn you in for a quick promotion and a cash bonus, but not if you do first.

Thing you should know about paranoia thats different to other RPGs.

The other players are not your friends to be helped out at every opportunity, them having "accidents" means fewer people to testify against you.

The bigger the gun, the more likely it is to blow up in your face. Even the trusty laser pistol could do this.

You character will die, thats half the fun to paranoia. Though don't worry you have 6 backup clones to pick u where he left off.

Crazy things can and fill happen. Paranoia is more about having fun than having a powerful character, and everything run off of the Rule Of Funny.

Original interest check and character creation guide.

Talk to me if you need help.

Paranoia XP Sp1 book (read only the player's section or don't let me know you read the GM section ;D)





Secret: (send only in PM)

Service firm:
service firm specialty:

Mutant Power (send only in PM)

secret society (send only in PM)

Perversity Points:





Name: Sol -R-TDX-1



Agility. Weakness=Vehicular combat

Concealment. Weakness=Surveillance


Congames- TDX Marketeers
Oratory - TDX Sector IR
Moxie- TDX sector IR citizens
Stealth 8

Violence 8
Throwing Weapons - Throwing Axes


Hardware 5


Bot Programming - Guard Bots
Medical - Treat Lazer burns

Wetware 5

Service firm:
Armed Forces

service firm specialty: Hand Weapons

Perversity Points: 25

Tics: Repeated blinking of the right eye. Grinding his fist into his palm.

Clearance: Red



Lazer Pistol

Red Reflec armour



ME card

1000 credits

As I said in the CBox, I'm interested. Just dont have time to do it now.
Looks interesting. I'll have a PM for you shortly-ish. Tell me if I'm doing this right.

Name: DAVE-R-A22-1
Gender: Male


Management: 8
Stealth: 5
Violence: 5

Hardware: 7
Software: 8
Wetware: 7

Energy Weapons (Mandatory)
Moxie (Weakness: Interrogation). Management Skill
Mechanical Engineering (Weakness: Chemical Engineering). Hardware Skill

Secret: (send only in PM)

Service firm: Production, Logistics, & Commissary, BLUE Room Caterer
service firm specialty: Vehicle Ops and Maintenance (Hardware)

Mutant Power (send only in PM)

secret society (send only in PM)

Perversity Points: 25

Tics: Clicking his tongue. Clearing his throat.

Clearance: Red



1000 Credits
ME Card


Laser Pistol (minus barrel)
RED Reflec Suit
Gender: Male


Management 8
- Bootlicking
- Oratory
(Weakness - Con Games)
(Weakness - Interrogation)
Stealth 6
Violence 6
- Energy Weapons
- Hand Weapons (Narrow: Swords)

Hardware 6
Software 6
Wetware 8
- Medical
- Suggestion
(Weakness - Cloning)
(Weakness - Bioweapons)

Secret: (send only in PM)

Service Firm: 'Internal Security Service Firm' (Surveilance Operatives)
Service Firm Specialty: Surveillance (St)

Mutant Power (send only in PM)

Secret Society (send only in PM)

Perversity Points: 25

Tics: - A slightly irritating obsession with humming the song 'All Hail Our Glorious Friend Computer'
- Grinning excessively

Clearance: Red



1000 Credits
ME Card


Laser Pistol (without barrel)
RED Reflec Suit
Thank you citizens. Your information is being processed and the computer is finding the way so serve the computer you are most suited for. As part of this process we are happy to inform you you have the distinct honor of filling out HPD&MCs newest form, the 88-9b!

The 88-9b will assist in finding your ideal Mandatory Bonus Duty, isn't that fun? Simply answer the questions and submit them to HPD&MC for evaluation. Make sure to not let any of your fellow citizens see you answers as they are clearance GREEN and assisting in treason is treason. Reading your own clearance GREEN answers is treason, please do not read your own answers or you will be terminated for your convenience.

The 88-9b is divided into several sections for your convenience, each one dealing with a particular MBD. Remember to fill them all out and submit them before [time not available at your clearance level].

(in case you didn't understand that, answer and PM to me)

1.1 If a mission succeeds, who deserves the most credit?

A. The team leaner.
B. The briefing officer.
C. R&D.

1.2 I think:

A. I am very skilled.
B. I am moderately skilled.
C. I have no skills.

1.3. If I were team leader I would:

A. Make fewer mistakes than I do now.
B. Make more mistakes than I do now.
C. Make the same number of mistakes.

1.4 If offered a position in a secret society I would:

A. Accept the position and renounce my current secret society.
B. Decline and remain in my current secret society.
C. Start my own secret society.

1.5 The team leader should:

A. Solicit advice from team members even though they may be Commie Mutant Traitors
B. Make all decisions on his own.
C. Hesitate when faced with a decision.

1.6. The hygiene officer is:

A. More important than the team leader.
B. Just as important as the team leader.
C. Less important than the team leader.

If a Troubleshooter team is in constant contact with The Computer, why does it need a team leader?

2.1 If The Computer ordered me to execute a High Programmer, but the High Programmer claimed the message was the result of Commie sabotage, I would:

A. Look for the Commies responsible.
B. Consult The Computer for confirmation.
C. Execute the High Programmer.

2.2 If a citizen was grumbling about how dangerous a mission is, I would:

A. Execute him for treason.
B. Refer him to the happiness officer.
C. Record his comments for referral to The Computer.

2.3 If an ULTRAVIOLET citizen ordered me to terminate myself, I would:

A. Terminate the ULTRAVIOLET citizen.
B. Call The Computer.
C. Terminate myself.

2.4 I think Commies are:

A. Misled.
B. Innately evil.
C. Not worth thinking about.

2.5 I have traitorous thoughts:

A. Almost never.
B. Occasionally.
C. With alarming frequency.

2.6 If I saw a Commie escaping down a corridor of a higher security clearance than I was, I would:

A. Pursue the Commie.
B. Consult The Computer.
C. Order the Commie to surrender.

Why do you think The Computer assigns Troubleshooters to boring missions? Does this promote disloyal behavior? Explain.

3.1 Which is most important?

A. Clean thoughts.
B. A clean jumpsuit.
C. Clean teeth.

3.2 If I were a bot, I would be:

A. A docbot.
B. A warbot.
C. A jackobot.

3.3 An appropriate fine for a citizen who damages his jumpsuit is:

A. 2 credits.
B. 200 credits.
C. Summary execution by tacnuke.

3.4 My favorite cleaning agent is:

A. Mr. Squeaky: Squeaky Clean and What a Sheen!
B. Blast It Off: Just One Spray Makes Dirt Go Away!
C. Scrape-o-matic: It Works Hard— So You Don't Have To!

3.5 Some citizens classify Commies and mutants as traitors. I think they are:

A. Mr. Squeaky: Squeaky Clean and What a Sheen!
B. Blast It Off: Just One Spray Makes Dirt Go Away!
C. Scrape-o-matic: It Works Hard— So You Don't Have To!

3.6 The hygiene officer is:

A. More important than the team leader.
B. Just as important as the team leader.
C. Less important than the team leader.

Would you pursue a Commie into a filthy, debris strewn corridor even though it might damage your jumpsuit? If yes, why would you intentionally endanger The Computer's valuable property? If no, why would you deliberately let a Commie escape?

4.1 When interviewing a berserk warbot, the most important consideration is:

A. Not damaging the multicorder.
B. To ask intelligent questions.
C. Creative camera angles.

4.2 Actors such as Teela-O-MLY are:

A. Less important than average Alpha Complex citizens.
B. Just as important as average Alpha Complex citizens.
C. More important than average Alpha Complex citizens.

4.3 If my team were under Commie attack, I would:

A. Consult The Computer.
B. Help turn back the foul traitors.
C. Look for creative camera angles.

4.4 If I had my way, I would:

A. Watch more vidshows
B. Continue to watch the same number of vidshows.
C. Read a book.

4.5 If I were multicording a traitor's confession, I would:

A. Activate the aura light-sensor.
B. Use a wide-angle lens.
C. Shoot him in the head.

4.6 If The Computer called during a dangerous situation, I would:

A. Step back and talk to The Computer.
B. Not answer The Computer
C. Put The Computer on hold until the situation is resolved, then explain what happened.

Is The Computer everywhere? If no, please list all places The Computer is not. If yes, why is a communications and recording officer necessary?

5.1 The equipment guy should call a surprise inspection:

A. Almost never.
B. In the middle of a battle.
C. With unnerving frequency.

5.2 If I were a bot, I would be:

A. A docbot.
B. A warbot.
C. A jackobot.

5.3 The scientists at R&D are:

A. Shining examples of how loyal citizens should behave.
B. Dangerous and should be watched closely.
C. Just doing their job.

5.4 If a laser malfunctions during a mission, whose fault is it?

A. The supply clerk who issued the equipment.
B. The Troubleshooter who received the equipment.
C. The equipment guy.

5.5 I like bots:

A. A little.
B. A great deal.
C. A lot more than you can possibly imagine.

5.6 If a Commie bomb needs defusing, who should do it?

A. The equipment guy.
B. The Troubleshooter with the most demolitions experience.
C. Whoever draws the short straw.

How valuable are you to The Computer in terms of credits? How did you arrive at this figure?

6.1 In my opinion, unhappy citizens should:

A. Visit a Bright Vision Re-education Center.
B. Undergo morale adjustment surgery.
C. Take a Happy Pill.

6.2 Sometimes other citizens get:

A. Very angry.
B. A little angry.
C. So angry it scares me.

6.3 Happiness is:

A. A warm laser
B. A state of mind.
C. Mandatory.

6.4 If the happiness officer is unhappy, he should:

A. Take a Happy Pill.
B. Tell The Computer.
C. Question his very existence

6.5 The best Troubleshooter is a:

A. Happy Troubleshooter.
B. Loyal Troubleshooter.
C. Terminated Troubleshooter.

6.6 If I am promoted to ULTRAVIOLET clearance, I will:

A. Be the same citizen I am now.
B. Make everyone around me happy.
C. Be happier than I am now.

Do you think Commies are happy? If not, then why are they willing to endure termination rather than stop being Commies?

We hope you had fun filling in the new 88-9b. The Computer will have a mission for you shortly.


You can PM me the job you want.
Okie dokie! Good to see this thing getting on the road at long last.