INTEREST CHECK Paranoia (The other players are you worst enemy)

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  1. Your Friend Computer has a mission for you.

    Will you accept or are you a commie mutant traitor?

    Paranoia is a game where turning in one of your friends has earned you security clearance RED and a new job as a TROUBLESHOOTER in the service of Friend Computer.

    Your job is simple: find trouble and shoot it.

    The trouble you need to find are:

    A) Members of secret societies

    B) Mutants

    C) Other Traitors

    The only problem is, you are a member of a secret society and a mutant. Your team members do not know this, but if they find out theres no doubt they'll turn you in for a quick promotion and a cash bonus, but not if you do first.

    Thing you should know about paranoia thats different to other RPGs.

    The other players are not your friends to be helped out at every opportunity, them having "accidents" means fewer people to testify against you.

    The bigger the gun, the more likely it is to blow up in your face. Even the trusty laser pistol could do this.

    You character will die, thats half the fun to paranoia. Though don't worry you have 6 backup clones to pick u where he left off.

    Crazy things can and fill happen. Paranoia is more about having fun than having a powerful character, and everything run off of the Rule Of Funny.
  2. Creating a character.

    There are several steps to making a character.

    Name/Gender (open)

    Name follow the following format:




    Here, his name is Roy, he is clearance GREEN, he comes from sector BIV, and he is clone number 3 (hes already died twice).

    Gender is male of female, little difference in game due to mandatory hormonal suppressants thoughtfully provided by Friend Computer.

    Everyone will start at clearance Red (R).

    Skills (open)

    You have three action skills (Management, Stealth, Violence) and three Knowledge skills (Software, Hardware, Wetware). Each has several specialties.

    You may allocate 40 skill points to any of the skills but each one must be at least 4 and no more than 10.


    Management: 6
    Stealth: 7
    Violence: 7

    Software: 4
    Hardware: 6
    Wetware: 6

    Next we do specializations.

    Each specialization add +4 to any roll that uses it.

    There is only One you have to take (energy weapons) and you may take up to 6 others, but no more than 3 under the same skill. For each specialization you take you muse take a weakness in the same skill. Every roll using that weakness counts as a 1.

    You may also take up to 6 Narrow specialties. These affect only a certain type of person/weapon/object. These do not cost you a weakness. Feel free to make up your own.


    Management: 6
    - Hygiene
    (Weakness: Oratory)
    Stealth: 7
    - Disguise
    (Weakness: Concealment)
    - Shadowing
    (Weakness: Sneaking)
    Violence: 7
    - Energy Weapons (this one is free and mandatory)
    - Projectile weapons
    - Thrown Weapons (Narrow: Shoes)
    (Weakness: Demolition)
    Hardware: 6
    - Nuclear Engineering
    (Weakness: Vehicle Ops)
    Software: 4
    - Hacking
    (Weakness: Operating systems)
    Wetware: 6

    Action skills


    Bootlicking: How to ingratiate yourself with your superiors.

    Chutzpah: Getting others to accept doubtful statements through confident assertion, bluffing, and unmitigated gall.

    Con Games: Hoodwinking a citizen or bot through fast talk, spurious logic, and persuasion. This is not physical sleight of hand.

    Hygiene: Maintaining cleanliness in yourself, your surroundings, your teammates, and innocent passers by.

    Interrogation: Extracting useful information from Commie mutant scum.

    Moxie: Streetwise smarts, canny assessment of a person, situation, or statement.

    Oratory: How to get a bunch of people to do what you want.


    Concealment: Hiding stuff o your person or in your surroundings.

    Disguise: Wearing a higher-clearance jumpsuit or false mustache without looking idiotic.

    High Alert: Sensing imminent danger or covert surveillance. Not really different from most Troubleshooters' typical state, except you only get alarmed over actual threats.

    Security Systems: Jiggering locks and alarms.

    Shadowing: Following someone without being noticed.

    Sleight of hand: Palming or pocketing something small without being noticed.

    Sneaking: Moving without being followed or noticed.

    Surveilance: How to bug things. Hoe to debug things.


    Agility: Rapid or balanced movement, gymnastics, jumping.

    Demolition: How to use TNT without killing yourself. At clearances below GREEN this skill is treasonous.

    Energy Weapons: Hitting something with a laser, sonic weapon, or blaster. This is a vital specialty. You can't take it as a weakness, and it does not count towards you six common specialties.

    Field Weapons: Flamethrowers, gauss guns, tanglers, and the ever-popular plasma generator.

    Fine manipulation: Lockpicking, watchmaking, cutting the red wire one second before detonation.

    Hand Weapons: Hitting someone with a force sword, neorowhip, truncheon, or primitive weapons.

    Projectile Weapons: Hitting someone with a slugthower, cone rifle, or other aimed weapon that uses ammunition.

    Thrown weapons: Hitting someone with a grenade, brick, or rock.

    Unarmed Combat: Hitting someone when you don't have a hand, energy, projectile, thrown, or vehicular weapon.

    Vehicular Combat: Hitting someone with a weapon mounted on a vehicle.



    Bot Ops and Maintenance: How to operate and fix docbots, guargbots/warbots, jackobots, scrubbots, and vehicle autopilots.

    Chemical Engineering: Lots of uses, but somehow PCs always want to use it to make explosives.

    Electronic Engineering: How to string together circuits and microprocessors.

    Habitat Engineering: Knowledge of the air, communication, transport, power, water, and waste systems. Might come in handy if you need a ventilation shaft to avoid incoming fire.

    Mechanical engineering: How to make neat Rube Goldburg-type contraptions.

    Nuclear Engineering: How to operate a reactor without flooding half the sector with radioactive waste.

    Vehicular Ops and maintenance: How to use and repair all vehicles, autocars, crawlers, flybots, copters, and Vulturecraft.

    Weapons and Armor Maintenance: Sabotaging other' weapons and preventing yours from being sabotaged.


    Bot programing: Revising Bot instructions.

    C-Bay: Getting the best price buying and selling on Alpha Complex auction sites.

    Data Analysis: How to understand computer generated stuff.

    Data Search: Finding something useful using The Computer.

    Financial System: Hoe to transfer credits safely for legitimate of criminal purposes.

    Hacking: Breaking into The Computer's systems. Really what could go wrong? Treasonous at clearances below GREEN.

    Operating Systems: Revising MemoMax clone backup tech. Rewiring The Computer's instructions. Treasonous at clearances below BLUE.

    Vehicle Programming: Revising vehicle instructions.


    Biosciences: Knowing whats likely to mutate you and how.

    Bioweapons: Engineering your own Black Death or weaponized anthrax. treasonous and clearances below BLUE.

    Cloning: Repairing and Operating tanks that grow new and backup citizens. Operating Memomax backup devices so the new clone remembers his name and boot size.

    Medical: How to heal the injured and cure the sick, or ensure the don't get healed or cured.

    Outdoor Life: Telling a tree from a weed, or a bird from an elephant, when most citizens have never heard of these.

    Pharmatherapy: Ensuring wakefulness, sleepiness, happiness or any other mental state through the application of pills.

    Psychotherapy: Recognizing insanity, helping others recover from it or descend further into it.

    Suggestion: Biochemical and psychological techniques of subliminal persuasion.

    Service Firm

    Choose or roll a 20 sided die to find your Service Group, then another to see which Service Firm Type you work for.

    Service Groups.

    1 Armed Forces. (Do not roll for a firm. You're in the regular armed forces)

    2-3 Armed Forces (Roll for a firm) (open)

    1-2 Ammunition Fresheners

    3-4 Armed Forces Friends Network

    5-6 Bodyguard Communications Liaisons

    7-8 Blast Shield Maintenance

    9-10 Crowd Control (Armed Forces)

    11-12 Sensitivity Trainers

    13-14 Threat Assessors (Armed Forced)

    15-16 Toll & Die Works

    17-18 Vulture Squadron Recruiters

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    4-5 Central processing unit (open)

    1-2 116 Emergency Systems

    3-4 Credit License Checkers

    5-6 Facility Surveillance Control

    7-8 Form Facilitators

    9-10 Form Inventory Officers

    11-12 Form Disposal Advisors

    13-14 Pocket Protector Refurbishers

    15-16 Security System Installers

    17-18 Volunteer Collection Agencies

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    6-8 HDP & Mind control (open)

    1-2 Entertainment Scouting Agencies

    3-4 History Purifiers

    5-6 News Services

    7-8 Public Hating Coordination

    9-10 Sector Expansion Surveyors

    11-12 Semantics Control

    13-14 Singalong Agents

    15-16 Subliminal Police

    17-18 Trend Identifiers

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    9 Internal Security (Keep this a secret, tell only me and roll again for your cover)

    10'Internal Security (service firm)' (open)

    1-2 Crowd Control (IntSec)

    3-4 Forensic Analysis

    5-6 Glee Quota Adjutants

    7-8 Re-Education Client Procurement

    9-10 Surveillance Operatives

    11-12 Termination Center Janitorial

    13-14 Thought Surveyors

    15-16 Threat Assessors (IntSec)

    17-18 Threat Scene Cleanup

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    11-13 Production (open)

    1-2 Armored Autocar Escorts

    3-4 BLUE Room Caterers

    5-6 Equipment Assembly Control

    7-8 Field Logistics Advisors

    9-10 Food Vat Control

    11-12 Inventory System Control

    13-14 Printing Office Field Checkers

    15-16 Storage Media Integrity Assessors

    17-18 Warehouse Systems Inspectors

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    14-15 Power Services (open)

    1-2 Battery Backup

    3-4 Burn Radius Assessors

    5-6 Circuit Maintenance

    7-8 Fuel Cell Replenishment (power)

    9-10 Fuel Rod Disposal Consultants

    11-12 Odor Fresheners

    13-14 Power Oscillation Professionals

    15-16 Safe Atoms Initiative

    17-18 Wire Supply Checkers

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    16-17 Research and Design (open)

    1-2 Biological Niceness Indexers

    3-4 Bot Processing

    5-6 Drug Interaction Testers

    7-8 Field Data Collectors

    9-10 Goo Cleanup

    11-12 RoboPsych Auditing

    13-14 Scientist Sanity Checkers

    15-16 Vehicle Therapists

    17-18 Weapon Effectivness Assessors

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    18-19 Technical Services (open)

    1-2 Bedding Inspectors

    3-4 Clone Tank Support Services

    5-6 Consolidated Motorizes Transport (CMT)

    7-8 Fuel Cell Replenishment (tech Svcs)

    9-10 MemoMax Quality Assurance

    11-12 Medical Services

    13-14 Paint Control

    15-16 Slime Identification

    17-18 Tech Support

    19-20 Other (Ask me for details)

    20 Industrial Spy or Saboteur (Roll for a service group, then roll twice for a service type, the first the who you're spying for, the second is who you're spying on.)

    Now that you have a service group and type you get to choose a bonus common specialization for your service group with no weakness cost or add another +4 to an existing specialization.

    Armed Forces:

    Demolition (V), Energy Weapons (V), Hand Weapons (V), Projectile Weapons (V), Thrown Weapons (V), Unarmed Combat (V); Vehicle Ops and Maintenance (H).

    Central Processing:

    Security Systems (St); Electronic Engineering (H); Bot Programming (So), Data Analysis (So), Financial Software (So), Data Search (So), Vehicle Programming (So).


    Bootlicking (M), Chutzpah (M), Con Games (M), Moxie (M); Bot Ops and Maintenance (H); Pharmatherapy (W), Medical (W).

    Internal Security:

    Interrogation (M), Intimidation (M); Security Systems (St), Surveillance (St); Energy Weapons (V), Hand Weapons (V), Unarmed Combat (V).


    Chutzpah (M), Con Games (M); Bot Ops and Maintenance (H), Habitat Engineering (H), Vehicle Ops and Maintenance (H); Data Search (So); Biosciences (W).

    Power Services:

    Data Analysis (So), Data Search (So); Chemical Engineering (H), Electronic Engineering (H), Habitat Engineering (H), Mechanical Engineering (H), Nuclear Engineering (H).


    Chemical Engineering (H), Mechanical Engineering (H), Nuclear Engineering (H); Bot Programming (So), Vehicle Programming (So); Bioweapons (W), Cloning (W).

    Tech Services:

    Chemical Engineering (H), Electronic Engineering (H), Habitat Engineering (H), Vehicle Ops and Maintenance (H); Bot Programming (So), Vehicle Programming (So); Pharmatherapy (W).

    Mutant Power (open)

    Roll 1d20 to find your mutant Power. You may register your mutation with Friend Computer. Doing so will make is mandatory to wear yellow stripes on your jumpsuit so that everyone may see you are a sub-human but will allow you to use your mutant power in Friend Computer's service without being terminated.

    1 - Charm

    2 - Corrosion

    3 - Detect Mutant Power

    4 - Electroshock

    5 - Empathy

    6 - Energy Field

    7 - Hypersenses

    8 - Levitation

    9 - Machine empathy (This power is ground for immediate and lasting termination)

    10 - Matter eater

    11 - Mental Blast

    12 - Polymophism

    13 - Puppeteer

    14 - Psyrokinesis

    15 - Regeneration

    16 - Slippery Skin

    17 - Telekinesis

    18 - Teleportation

    19 - Uncanny Luck

    20 - X-ray Vision

    Secret Society

    For your service Groups Roll for or choose a secret society.

    Armed Services (open)

    1-3 Anti Mutant

    4-5 Death Leopard

    7-9 Frankenstein Destroyers

    10-12 PURGE

    13 Comunists

    14 FCCC-P

    15 Free Enterprise

    16 Pro Tech

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Central Processing Unit (open)

    1-4 Computer Phreaks

    5-8 Corpor Metal

    9-10 FCCC-P

    13 Anti-Mutant

    14 Comunists

    15 Pro Yech

    16 Psion

    17 PURGE

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    HPD & Mind Control (open)

    1-2 Anto-Mutant

    3-4 FCCC-P

    5-7 Humananists

    8-11 Romantics

    12-13 Sierra Club

    14 Communists

    15 Mystics

    16 Psion

    17 PURGE

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Internal Security (open)

    1-3 Anti-Mutant

    4-6 Death Leopard

    7-9 FCCC-P

    10-12 Frankenstein Destroyers

    13 Communists

    14 Free Enterprise

    15 Pro Tech

    16 Psion

    17 PURGE

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Production (open)

    1-5 Free Enterprise

    6-9 Humanists

    10-11 Mystics

    12-13 Romantics

    14 Communists

    15 Pro Tech

    16 Psion

    17 Sierra Club

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Power Services (open)

    1-2 Computer Phreaks

    3-4 Death leopard

    5-6 FCCC-P

    7-8 Frankenstein Destroyers

    9-10 Free Enterprise

    11-12 Mystics

    13-14 Pro Tech

    15-16 PURGE

    17 Commusists

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Research & Design (open)

    1-3 Computer Pheaks

    4-6 Corpor Metal

    7-9 Pro Tech

    10-12 Psion

    13-15 PURGE

    16 FCCC-P

    17 Communists

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Technical Services (open)

    1-2 Computer Phreaks

    3-4 Corpor Metal

    5-6 Death Leopard

    7-8 Frankenstein Destroyers

    9-10 Mystics

    11-12 Pro Tech

    13-14 Psion

    15-16 Sierra Club

    17 Commusists

    18 Illuminati (If you want to play this talk to me, then choose another society to spy on)

    19 (Other talk to me)

    20 Undercover agent (Roll twice, first is who you're spying for, second is who you're spying on)

    Secret Skills (open)

    Each Secret Society has a number of skills which you get for being a member.

    Uncommon and unlikely skills will get you attention Teasonous skills are ground for termination.

    Using unlikely skills in play can earn you perversity points (more on those later)

    They are listed in this order:


    Power Studies
    Comic Book Trivia

    Computer Pheaks
    Cash Hacking
    Hacking, programming skills

    Tractor Maintenance

    Corpor Metal

    Death Leopard
    Action Movies, Partying

    Alpha Complex History
    Priestly Skills
    Meeting Machine Empaths

    Frankenstein Destroyers
    Toolmaking Skills
    Programming Skills

    Free Enterprise
    Advertising & Marketing
    Bribery, Forgery

    Martial Arts
    Hobbies, Languages
    Old Reckoning Cultures

    Use the skills of your cover society.

    Drug Procurement
    Meditation, Partying
    Old Reackoning Drugs

    Pro Tech
    Experimental Equipment Repair/Maintenance
    Video Games

    Power Studies
    Comic Book Trivia

    Bioweapons, Twitchtalk

    Archival Studies
    Cooking, Knitting, Music
    Old Reckoning Cultures

    Sierra Club
    Survival. Wild Lore, Travel
    Birdwatching, Botany, Spoor Recognition, ect.

    Perversity Points and Tics (open)

    You start with 25 Perversity points. You can spend perversity points to increase or decrease the odds of a roll. For every point you spend you and add +1 or -1 to a roll. Any roll. Weather its you character's action or not. The GM with explain what affects the outcome weather its faulty equipment, a bot blocking the shot, or someone farts.

    You can give you character Tic to give you a chance of earning more perversity points by using the tics in play in an amusing way. How many you earn if any is up to the GM. A tic can be anything. A compulsion to hum at odd moments, an addiction to algae chips or anything else you can think of. You can have up to 2 tics at the start of the game.

    Attributes (open)

    There are two attributes. Power and Access. You do not know your attributes and only the GM will keep track of them.

    Power id the strength of you mutant power and using you power drains it.

    Access is how much you can influence Alpha Complex's bureaucracy. Getting favors will drain it.

    Do not ask the GM what your attributes are or when they will replenish.

    Equipment (open)

    You start with:

    1 Laser Pistol (no barrel, a barrel will be issued at the start of the mission)

    1 suit of reflec armor (red, looks like slightly shiny overalls)

    Your PDC (Camera Phone/PDA with a direct link to Friend Computer and mission personel, if they take your call, with live online backup.)

    Your ME card. (Credit and ID card, all in one. LOOK AFTER IT!)

    Any Experimental Equipment Friend Computer asks you to field test.
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