Paranoia (heavy PvP plotting and backstabbing)

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Greetings loyal Alpha complex citizen.

Your friend he Computer thanks you for your commendable act of turning in the traitor [name deleted, authorization: [authorization record deleted, authorization: IntSecYellow]] and exposing his crimes against The Computer and Alpha Complex.

As a show of trust your friend The Computer has awarded you the following:

New security clearance: Red
Cash bonus (1000 credits)
Clones, backup (5)
Apple, Real, Red (1)
Laser Pistol, Red (1)
Laser pistol barrel, Red (1)
Reflec armoured jumpsuit, Red (1)

The Computer was also trusted you with the honor of being on of the many honored troubleshooters that keep Alpha Complex safe. Your first mission in the service of The Computer is waiting for you.

Your friend The Computer hopes you enjoy the many benefits of your new clearance and duties.

Failure to enjoy the many benefits of your new clearance and duties is insubordination.

Happiness is mandatory.

As a troubleshooter you duties, outside of mission assigned goals include:

The identification and termination of traitors, mutants, and communists.
The preservation and safety of all The Computer's assets, equipment and Alpha Complex.
[continued reading an duty updates require security clearance Yellow]
paranoia is a game where you biggest enemy is the man standing next to you. Where your goals conflict and everyone (all players that is) is a traitor and a mutant and are trying to get the dirt on you before you get the dirt on them. In paranoia, you will die, but you have 5 clones that will have all you memories implanted in then when you do so you don't miss a step.

You will belong to a secret society that will give you missions the may conflict with the mission given to you by the computer. You will have a mutant power. There are no set stats for your power but excessive use of it will get you exposed as a mutant and it may backfire.

Here is the basic character sheet: (sectioned marked should be PMed to me to prevent other players discovering your secrets)


Mutant Power (send only in PM)

secret society (send only in PM)

Perversity Points:






1000 credits

Here is a character generator for those who wish for a fully random character. I'll allow you to choose your skills (40 point buy) and your secret society but mutant powers must be random.


Looking for at least three or four players. Play mode is classic.

Character generator that randomizes everything: