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  1. Parahumans: The PRB
    Signup thread
    Interest Check |OOC | IC Thread

    Rules: read these before signing up, you may miss something and have to edit your character sheet.

    1) No Mary Sues, Gary stus, perfect characters, etc.
    2) Godmodding and powerplaying are strictly prohibited, unless in the case of powerplaying, you get explicit permission from the other player(s)
    3) Anime pictures should be used in your character sheets, but if you can't find a suitable one then we'll discuss it.
    4) You must post at least once a day, and if you know you can't manage this don't join.
    5) This is an intermediate roleplay, so though they're very appreciated, huge posts are not necessary, and the bare minimum post size is two paragraphs of five sentences each.

    How this all works:

    You're all being drafted into the PRB - the Parahuman Regulation Bureau. Everyone will be a) a civilian from a useful background, or b) a minor criminal (robbing shops etc.) with an equally useful, if not more useful background, on parole.
    I won't only be judging your sheets based upon how good they are - I'll also see if your character is what the PRB is looking for.
    If you're in a battle or dangerous situation, and you don't post within 24 hours, your character will be killed, unless of course you can provide a reasonable explanation like real life problems or such. I won't take BS like "oh I'm just not feeling creative enough"
    If killed, you may make a new character. Don't make any drama or ask for a revival, because neither of those paths will get you anywhere.
    Mostly, time in the roleplay will progress from morning to afternoon to evening/night, with each one being two days, however obviously, a little bit of time might be skipped for the sake of moving things along
    Put your character sheet date as January the twentieth, 2015 or it will be rejected, don't tell others this if they fail to get it.
    Getting characters together, romance, etc is fine, but all sex scenes must be simply fade to black from when they start.
    Language is completely free, so swear away, but don't be ridiculous or it just ruins the post. Same goes for sex jokes etc.
    Just to make sure nobody's going to be an idiot about this, humans characters only - no robots, no synthetic life forms, no aliens, no anthros, etc.! Also, only people that could exist in the real world, so no super magical mages with their own mecha etc.
    All of this is taking place within England, and the PRB headquarters are in London.

    Nobody will start with superpowers, they will in fact be given to participants as rewards for good RPing. Develop your character, make big, high-quality posts, and you'll be in the running for getting one soon enough.
    If you're given a power, it will at first be a little weak, but will develop and change as you go on. Your characters aren't expecting any kind of power, in fact for it to happen to anyone would be a pretty huge surprise in this world that the characters live in.

    Any questions about signing up can be asked here, however questions involving the RP after it's started should be directed to the OOC thread.



    Age (minimum 18):


    Personality (minimum one paragraph):

    Backstory (minimum two paragraphs):

    Why would the PRB hire you / did you sign up yourself, or are you on parole?

    Likes / dislikes (minimum 2 each):

    Anything extra:

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  2. Any particular format for character sheets?

    Also, what's the deadline for completing them?
  3. Almost done on that front, don't worry.
  4. Alright, the CS is now there too. Sign away!
  5. Name: Lisa

    Age (minimum 18): 20

    Gender: Female

    Personality (minimum one paragraph):
    I am a little shy in front of strangers but laugh a lot with friends. I like to go out and have fun with friends. On sunny days i like to do a lot of sports, but when it rains, I'm mostly sad. I'm open to my friends but not with strange people because i can't trust them. Among my friends, I feel really confident because I can be myself.

    Backstory (minimum two paragraphs):
    My parents died when I was 15 years old. Since then, I lived alone in the big city and had no one except a few friends. It was a very hard time for me, and i had to steal so i could survive. At first I stole just some small things, like a piece of bread, or something to drink, but with the time the amount I stole got bigger. Although my friends didn't agree with my decision, they could understand me. Later, I started to steal other people's purses. Of course I didn't want steal, but it was about my survival. And I'm sorry for it. No one wanted or could help me. That's why I had to help myself. And at the time, I also learned to fight for my survival. Eventually it got out that I was a thief. Sometimes these things happen, so I was punished. But I was lucky and the court has understand my problem. I only got a parole but I had to go to the Army. While I was there, I improved my combat skills. I also practised my other skills, like sneaking in the dark, and I learned new things too. They taught me to handle a sniper, because I'm so quiet.

    Why would the PRB hire you / did you sign up yourself, or are you on parole? I've been on parole, since I robbed some small shops and bakeries. But since I went into the army, I signed up for the PRB as a security guard when I got back.

    Likes / dislikes (minimum 2 each):

    • Frozen lakes
    • Strawberries
    • My friends
    • Racism
    • Hot things

    Anything extra:
    I can move unseen at night, or in the dark.


    Date: 20th January 2015

    Edit: corrected a few mistakes i saw. I'm sorry for that. Had it just in Google translator and copied it.
    2.Edit: Hope it's better. Got some help.
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  6. You may have missed something. Plus some grammar / vocab mistakes, and inordnung isn't an English word :P
    My rusty german knowledge can't translate it either :P
  7. Name: Scott Samuels

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Personality (minimum one paragraph):

    Scott is a largely quiet and reserved individual, happy to keep himself to himself. However, when planning, he becomes much more animated and engaged, often making diagrams or dioramas of the situation using whatever is to hand. Despite his apparent insularity, Scott cares deeply for the welfare of his comrades, and always prioritises the safety of a team when making tactical decisions, even to the detriment of the mission. He is quite scornful of several aspects of modern society, and is often cynical or sarcastic when discussing matters involving politics and the news. Scott enjoys sitting back with a beer or two, and is often a lot more open with people whilst doing so.

    Backstory (minimum two paragraphs):

    As a child, Scott showed a keen interest in games of strategy; an interest fostered by his father, who was always willing to play a game of chess with him after he got back from work. As he grew older Scott moved on to video games for his strategy fix, although he still found time for the occasional game of chess. A bright student, Scott completed a degree in Neuroscience before applying to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. Several weeks after completing his officer training Scott, a freshly commissioned Second Lieutenant, was sent on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

    Whilst out on patrol with a lieutenant and their squad, they received a message to support another patrol who had come under fire from a group of buildings nearby. Despite Scott's suggestion to advance with care, the lieutenant ordered the buildings to be stormed. However, the enemy had rigged some of the buildings with IEDs, and, despite the insurgents being defeated, several soldiers were left seriously injured or killed. Scott was treated for deep shrapnel wounds to the right leg and, once stabilised, was flown to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for specialist treatment along with the other wounded members of the squad. As a result of this incident, he also received a shrapnel scar across the left hand side of his face.

    Although Scott's leg did not require amputation, he required significant amounts of physiotherapy as part of his rehabilitation, as well as being successfully treated for acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, he was left with a noticeable limp, rendering him unable to pass the army fitness tests. He received a medical discharge and, with some support from his parents, managed to get a job working as a scientific consultant for various PR firms. Although it paid the bills, he never truly enjoyed the work and longed to part of a larger organisation. When he saw that the PRB was hiring, he applied, hoping to find what he was looking for.

    Why would the PRB hire you / did you sign up yourself, or are you on parole?
    Scott applied to the PRB, citing his experience of operations planning and leadership.

    Likes / dislikes (minimum 2 each):
    After spending time eating military ration packs, Scott truly appreciates the taste of home-made food. His job leaves him with little time to cook for himself, and so he rarely has the chance to do so. Scott also enjoys strategical challenges, logic puzzles and riddles.

    Scott dislikes people who are impetuous and careless. He also cannot stand the taste of egg.

    Anything extra:
    From his time in the Army, Scott is proficient with firearms, although he is by no means a marksman. He was also taught some hand-to-hand combat, although his leg hampers his ability to fight. Scott walks with a noticeable limp.
    20th January 2015

  8. @RJS you're in.
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  9. I intend to sign up, because this looks interesting, but which of the two characters to use that I'm thinking of depends on the answer to a question, so I'd better ask.

    Do we have a Masquerade? (i.e. Do we talk about Fight Club?)
  10. I don't believe I follow...
  11. Question: What do you mean with "useful background" ?
    Would the PRB accept unemployed people who had trouble in school?
  12. Masquerade (n.): The hiding of supernatural existence from normal people.
  13. Oh, I see, well the world knows full well about parahumans, and the PRB is also knwon about, though their inner operations are obviously guarded.
  14. Probably not, they're looking for people like former soldiers, top-level scientists, etc.
  15. Is my CS now better, or did i forget something again?
  16. You DO still have to make your character desirable to the PRB, as explained just now.
  17. Ok, changed a few things again. Hope it is better now ^^
  18. Still got a fair few vocab, grammar, etc. mistakes, plus that picture isn't really appropriate. If you're going to be having such consistent language problems, I'd like to ask you to consider not joining this RP.
  19. Name: Luciel Bergljot
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male


    "The good news is that the average IQ seems to have tripled around here lately.
    The bad news is that zero times three is still zero."


    Luciel is a sadist, and he "won't deny" the label. His apparently infinite supply of snarky comments seem to exist for the sole reason of getting under other people's skin, and can be worse than a literal demon when angered. His comments can be cruel or even downright nasty, and he enjoys the reactions to them. Of note is his tendency to make his insults increasingly subtle depending on how intelligent he believes the target is. He'll not hesitate to sow discord for his amusement, especially since he's jaded to pretty much everything else.

    However, he isn't pure evil. When the going gets rough, he is more than happy to take matters into his own hands and do as much as he can to prevent any kind of collateral damage, including his teammates, and even, on occasion, some of his enemies. He doesn't believe in that anybody ever deserves to lose anything, and as far as he's concerned you can take your "necessary sacrifices" straight to hell with you.

    Luciel was in the quarter of the students in the United Kingdom. More accurately, he was the top quarter. He fell exactly on the upper quartile line with his test scores in his GCSE exams (provided that one were to look at percentile means), but never really excelled in any area. One of these areas was social interaction. He deliberately shunned others, simply because he never liked the idea of having to dedicate himself to the whims of others. He even cut himself off from his family in his late teenage years, to the point that the only way they knew he was still alive was the steadily decreasing food supply in the house.

    When it was time to choose work experience, Luciel picked the PRB on a whim. He was completely ignorant of the history surrounding parahumans, not to mention only vaguely knowing what the PRB did in the first place. But once he got there, he found that the powers of these gifted individuals were so ridiculously easy to understand that it made him begin to question why parahumans needed to be regulated in the first place. Of course, he was soon informed that it wasn't as easy as it seemed, but he soon realised that it was easy... just not to other people. He'd simply found his forte.

    After he left school, he remained unemployed for the same reason as he refused friends: sticking at something was not his favourite thing ever, especially if he was going to try and work his way up society. He decided eventually that he did actually have to get a job, but he didn't want to have to dig around for a reasonable position on the social hierarchy. It took him a little brainstorming, but he finally decided on an occupation he was happy with sticking at.

    Why would the PRB hire you? ...Wait, seriously, why would they hire this guy?
    While it may seem ludicrous to even consider somebody who works this badly with others for a job, Luciel has a very valuable redeeming quality. Specifically, the understanding behind the theory, practice, and mechanics of parahuman abilities comes almost intuitively to him, allowing him, with proper resources and equipment, to discern the nature of a power: its strengths, weaknesses, specific details, and ultimately how to beat it.

    Likes: Easy things, being in charge, satire
    Dislikes: Dry creativity reserves, sweating, having a lot of commitments

    Anything extra: Contrary to what Luciel would suggest, I don't actually condone being an asshole, so consider this a warning:
    Don't try this at home.

    Date: 20 January 2015​
  20. I've played arseholes before, and while challenging, they're pretty rewarding. You're in.
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