Parahumans: The PRB

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  1. Parahumans: The PRB
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    5 years ago in London, the first handful of parahumans appeared, and along with them the deliverers. These powerful being were defeated through the parahumans banding together and using their powers against them, to destroy them once and for all.
    Now, parahumans have begun appearing all over the world, and someone was needed to regulate the ones in Britain. The government decided to create a task force - the Parahuman Regulation Bureau.
    This elite contingent of highly skilled men and women would not only be normal humans, no. It would also accept parahumans themselves into their ranks, to strengthen their units, and to let tinker-classifications give them superior technology to allow their humans members to hold their own.

    This RP will be about new recruits coming into the PRB. None will be parahumans with superpowers at first, but eventually, if you RP well and post with some regularity, your character may develop a superpower, given to you by a GM.

    How the PRB works:

    New members will be inducted first into a training program, where the tutors will give them lessons in battle tactics, armed and unarmed combat, and anything else they need to be accepted into the PRB.
    There will be periodic field tests - the trainees will be put either into a simulated situation such as a raid, or will be put into a low-level real life mission with heavy supervision.
    At the end of training, recruits will be put through the most difficult test they would face in training, and whoever in their number passes will be allowed to join the PRB fully.

    Powers explained:

    This is to give you an idea of what you're going up against, not just to tell you what some will get.
    Each power will fall into one category, through some may fall into multiple.
    Tinker - probably the most versatile power, tinkers are given a huge boost in an area of scientific knowledge, usually applicable to combat, such as one which may specialise in achieving great speed, or another in exo-suits.
    Striker - this includes any power that needs you to touch something, such as a healer.
    Blaster - these capes have some ability that lets them create a projectile of some sort, such as a laser from their hands.
    Master - a classification that applies to anyone that can control something, like one that has mastery over insect life.
    Shaker - a power that has a larger area of effect, such as localised earthquakes, or explosions
    Brute - someone with a power such as this usually has some kind of ability like immense strength
    Breaker - any power which allows the user to break the rules of physics, where it concerns themselves, such as someone who can walk through walls.
    Mover - capes with this classifications can move in some way normal humans can't, such as flight, or superhuman speed.
    Thinker - any power which gives the user a mental ability, such as telepathy
    Changer - a power which allows the user to somehow change their appearance or physical structure, for example shape-shifting
    Trump - any meta-power, as in one that affects other powers, including power stealing
    Stranger - these are often the hardest type to handle, because their power affects the minds of others insofar as concerns themselves - like one that makes you mentally invisible to others, like they can't notice you.
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  2. I will bite in on this one. Since you created the OOC, but there is no character skeleton in there, should we wate to post one? Or can we go ahead and make one in the OOC?
  3. Just wait a little, and I'll make the signup thread.
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  4. Interested.
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  5. J-kun made a roleplay?!~
    PFT! The layout of this is just like Zodiacs too!!! xD

    I wish you the best of luck on GMing J-kun! Don't mind me stalking here ;)
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  6. You thinking of joining?
  7. *coughs violently*

    Oh hey J, what's going on?

    Seriously, just for a minor introduction:

    I'm G, friend of J for two years now, I think, and I'm one of the guys behind this RP - basically we're co-GMing.

    So, yeah, that's basically it.
  8. Helluu. This plot is just fantastic.
  9. I'll be in on this one, as one of the RPers involved in Parahumans: The First Dawn.

    @The_J is it worth linking back to the original RP, in case any people want to look at the backstory. (If you do, please excuse the somewhat embarrassing tailoff and slow death of the RP :P)
  10. I don't think that's necessary as it won't make ay difference, and besides the events of that will likely be referenced anyway.

    But seriously. I'm all in. And this time I'll be something entirely different than Glade :3
  12. The signups are up!
  13. Sorry but I'm not joining any roleplays at the moment but maybe next time J-kun~ (◕‿◕)
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  14. Sounds promising -- I'm in.
  15. Sounds awesome! Got a character to post already!