Parahumans: The PRB

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  1. Parahumans: The PRB
    OOC Thread
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    Please, use this as a place to discuss all of the RP, and feel free to ask the GMs any questions you have. Try not to go too off-topic.
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  2. Two questions: Which person would you prefer to be posted in? (i.e.: First person, third person) And how long have the characters been involved in the PRB for at the beginning of the RP?
  3. Third person, always. This is their first day.
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  4. As the IC is up,

    Ahem. Woops. Time for some editing.
  5. I saw the misplaced comma.
  6. "So this was a PRB elite fighter. If he was a parahuman, Scott hadn't noticed any power usage, leading him to believe that this was solely the physical prowess of his opponent. Scott felt he was truly in the presence of a master."
  7. @Random
    Your classification of Simon's power is very off. You appear to have misunderstood power classifications.
    You appear to have correctly guessed what it is, that is, control over trajectories of moving objects. However, mover-shaker is certainly not what it is.
    Mover is simply an ability to move yourself in a different way, such as burrowing, flying, jumping, teleporting, and super speed. Shakers cause an environmental or big AoE attack, like earthquakes, earth manipulation, shockwaves, etc.
    Classifying Simon's power is a little difficult. One might all it a blaster power, however, that's usually one where you are the one doing the projecting of the projectile. Master could apply, however this is usually a power that affects something that thinks in some way, or certainly something more complex than a moving ball.
    I think the most accurate way of classifying it really is as a blaster power, though it's paired with a thinker power of him having a knack for angles etc.
  8. Could it be classed as Shaker-Master if one controls velocity within a certain radius?
  9. Shaker is an overall effect, not the radius in which you can do it. Master, as i said, generally applies to something more complex than a moving ball.
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  10. /me is curious about how Christopher's power would be classified
    /me wonders if you should wait until I actually post what it is before classifying it
    /me says: "Yeeeeeeeah..."
  11. Eh, it's a rather different power, but I think it can be classed as a breaker-blaster.
  12. Man, even the rain's depressed in London.
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  13. I'm not a nice trainer.
  14. I am so glad my character is a risk-averse strategical analyst with lots of experience in games where traps are common.
  15. You're bringing in powers for semi-combat use.

  16. Eh, I won't go too harsh on him. I won't even attack him, in fact-- I mean, I will "attack" him, but not attack him. You'll see.
  17. *pretends to have a single fucking clue about what you just said*

    *realises that he probably does and shuts up*
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  19. err Thomaz...I didn't use the cannon...
  20. Fixed.
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