Paragon or Regenade

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Happy or Sad
Chocolate or Caramel
Day and Night.

There are two sides to a person, and there are going to be two sides to this roleplay search
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I'm going to be very blunt with anyone on the rules and what this means

Paragon Roleplay
  • doesn't matter what pairings we do or what plot idea that we have
  • contributes to the plot, but will let my pairing lead me.
  • no arguing or bad talking.
  • willing to try things out of my comfort zone in the roleplay
  • will offer my opinions and interjections about the roleplay
  • contributes to the plot and will try to get things to fit the way I want the roleplay to be
  • argues a bit, but won't push buttons though will act bored if nothing interests me
  • sticks more into my comfort zone.


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Things I will always do no matter what the option
  • post more then one liners
  • will be online and be active
  • never ditches the roleplay
  • talks in ooc
  • tells you when I'm going to be offline
  • play both genders
  • does yuri and straight and yaoi.


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Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Doctor Who
Fullmetal Alchemist
The Book Of Life
Final Fantasy

*if there are any other fandoms, you might know of and you think I might want to try them, ask me*
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Fantasy Pairings

Vampire x Anything
Demon x Anything
Injured creature x anything
dragon x rider
dragon x injured rider
injured dragon x rider
dragon x pregnant dragon
rider x pregnant dragon
vampiress x slave
pregnant vampiress x slave
pregnant werewolf x mate
vampiress x knight of her kingdom
werewolf x anything
witch x anything
sickly princess x vampire healer
experiment x scientist
alduarian x human partner (the aldurian is my own creation)
clockwork angel x scientist
clockworkangel x demon prince
elemental x elemental
anthro x human
anthro x anthro
anthro x anthro (arranged marriage)
older vampire x fledgling
vampire slave x human master
Phoenix x hunter / huntress
Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
Victorian Woman x Werewolf
Victorian Woman x Vampire
Gypsy x Demon
woman transforming into a dog / demon / vampire x captor
demonic woman x dream demon
time traveler x companion
demon x woman trapped in a dream
anthro fox x mate
demon x mate
Incubus/ Succubus x Virgin
Incubus x Mercenary
Dream Jumper x Human
Mechanic/ Airship pilot, captain, or other crew
Seer(Can see the past or future)/ Guardian


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Modern Pairings

In closet who has a bf/gf x openly gay/lesbian
Male prostitute x oblivious girlfriend
Mafia Boss x the righthand manCelebrity x Celebrity
Celebrity x Manager
Well known Celebrity x Unknown Manager
guitarist x singer
guitarist x new lead singer
mail order bride x new husband
principal's daughter x rebel boy
principal's daughter x gang member
circus performer x circus performer
worn down musician x aspiring musican
photographer x model
bride x soon to be husband
doctor x anything
nurse x anything
teacher x student
arranged marriage
hard working dancer x strict teacher
Actress x Actress
Actress x Retired Actor
Therapist x Client
Therapist x Therapist
Soldier x His/Her Husband/Wife
Idol x Rockstar
Rockstar x Female Rockstar
Female Rockstar x Choreographer
Female Rockstar x Long time Friend
Rockstar x Band MemberBoss x Intern
Employee x Employee
Blind Girl x Blind Date
Model x Photographer
Ice Skater x Ice Skater
Ice Skater x Model
Ice Skater x Manager
Fashion Designer x Model.
Cosplayer x Magical Anime Girl come to life
Loan shark/Victim
Rival Mafia's kids
Photographer x Bride

Experiment X Scientist
College Student x Professor
Boarding School Roommates
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Psychiatrist x Patient
Ex-Girlfriend x Ex-Boyfriend
Rock star x Old Friend/Fan/Groupie
Boss x Secretary
druggie x druggie
alcoholic x alcoholic
dying x friend
recovering from something x friend
street fighter x street fighter
drug dealer x addict
doctor x nurse
doctor x patient
therapist x patient
physical therapist x patient
newly physically ill x friend
prostitute x drug dealer
Escort x Woman in an Arranged Marriage
Escort x Woman who is engaged
Escort x Drug Dealer's Daughter
Woman trapped in a sex plot x son of the kidnapper
kidnapped woman used for sex x kidnapper's son.[/spoili]
Pregnant girl/ Guy (Either the father of the baby or just someone who knows her)
Famous Actress, Artist, Writer, or whatever/bodyguard
Witness Protection Agent/ Witness
Young woman (who's raising her five younger sisters)/ reluctant suitor (who seems to keep coming to the recuse without really meaning too)
Trouble Maker Person x Conservative Person
Rich woman (who makes a bad mistake and has to live somewhere that she hates) x commoner
celebrity x secret spouse/lover media doesn't know about
soldier x loved one back home
soldier x fellow soldier


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Medevil and Historical Roleplay Pairings

Baron x Lady of The Court
Baroness x General
Geisha x Apprentice Geisha
Geisha x Time Traveler
Geisha x Samurai
Samurai x Forgotten Princess
Knight x anyone
princess x anyone
prince x anyone
maid x anyone
rogue prince x injured guard from same kingdom
master x slave
pregnant baroness x slave
Knight x anyone
princess x anyone
prince x anyone
maid x anyone
master x slave
Samurai x General's Daughter
Samurai x Female Samurai
Samurai x Female General
Solider x Captain
Solider x Wounded Enemy Captain
Solider x Wounded Solider
Recruiting Solider x War Hero
Princess x Prisoner
Pirate x Governor's Daughter
Mafia boss/Mafia member or victim
Mail order bride x husband
mail order bride x bride (woman disguised as a male)
Pirate x Pirate


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Roleplay Cravings

Mass Effect
Full Metal Alchemist
Modern Day Romance with Science Elements
Dragon Age
Anything pregnancy
anything involving fantasy creatures
plotless sex roleplay.
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