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  1. Just gonna... leave this here... for everyone to be smug about...

    If you choose an answer to this question at random, what is the chance you will be correct?

    A) 25%
    B) 50%
    C) 60%
    D) 25%

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  2. Secret option E) 0%
  3. All of the above
  4. I'm going with B. There are four options to choose from, which would normally mean that you have a 25% chance to randomly choose the correct answer. Since two of the options are 25% the 'correct' answer becomes 50%.
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  5. But if the answer is B then that's only 1 answer, which means it's 25% likely.
    But then both a and d are right, making it 50. But then there's only 2 answer... *repeat*
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  6. FFFFFF I came to that realization just as you replied. >_<


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  7. I'm going to go with C, to be different. There's to 25% and 50% 25+25=50 and the three options added together makes 100%. 60 is the odd man out. Always go with the odd one.
  8. I don't think the answer can't be solved with a multiple choice problem, if the actual answer to the problem was B or C, then A or D would be the right one, if the actual answer was A or D, B would be the right answer. C is just kinda the odd man out.
  9. You are all terrible mathematicians.

    We need some opinionated men to come in here and straighten this out.
  10. We don't need no math!
    Take em out of da books, all we need is the power of steak!
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  11. First glance, 50%

    After reading replies... 50%
  12. The only thing that I can say with relative certainty is that 60% is the incorrect answer. Because, if it were 75%, it WOULD be correct. Because you're closer to the correct answer by picking 25% or 50%. 3 options out of 4 is a 75% chance.

    But, since this is supposed to be a paradox or whatever term mathematicians have named that shit, the 'correct answer' will constantly fluctuate between 25% and 50%.

    I could be wrong. My reading scores were always better than my math. >_>

    Does that really happen in math? That there IS an equation that can keep flipping back on itself in a Mobius strip of tedium?

    Or did we all just fail elementary level math?
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  13. ...
    Wait a second.
    No solution.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I failed math. I barely managed a C- in my Algebra course. Fuck math!
  16. I'm very proud of myself for actually knowing how that one works!
  17. Option F): I haven't done more than basic arithmetic since high school and this question has given me an existential crisis.
  18. I've seen this explained before, there's no correct answer. It's almost as if it's called a paradox for a reason...
  19. @Asmodeus

    I'll bet all my money that you don't even know the answer to this question. & if you answer this question you will say "Yes" & other stuff. But since you came to realize that I have just predicted your answer you will type in a "No" & other stuff. But, as you proceed in reading my post, you will be confused to what you are going to say.

    Your Options are:

    A. No (50%)
    B. Yes (50%)

    No more Options cane be added.

    Problem Paradox Guy?
  20. I have a problem...

    You spelled "can" wrong.
    Go to bed.
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