Paradox Humble Bundle Giveaway

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  1. Hey everyone I just bought the paradox humble bundle for CK2/EU4/HOI3 so I'm giving out what I have left

    I'll PM you a steam key for the thing. First come, first serve, and only one thing per person.

    What is left:

    War of the Roses: Kingmaker (Expansion - requires War of the Roses game)
    Magicka - Claimed by DragonLich
    Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition Claimed by Windsong
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  2. Knights of pen and paper sounds like a fun little thing to have on my tablet.

    May I have that, please?
  3. Damn, too slow. :/
    Ah, well it's something I can grab myself for a buck atm.

    you monster
  5. Eh, I was going to buy the bundle anyways.
    I'm just waiting until the extra games are released so I know if I want to spend one dollar or five.
  6. Guess this threads as good as any to give away two games taking up space in my inventory too.

    Two copies of Dungeon Defenders, free to good homes. Makes for a perfect little co-op experience.
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  7. *snags one*
  8. Steam: kiarrn

    Add me and I'll get it your way sometime soon. Not sure if I can trade it over mobile steam or not.
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  9. Thinking of picking this up for Crusader Kings II, if anything.
  10. I still have keys for Magicka + Platypus Robe and the War of the Roses dlc if any are interested
  11. May i have Magicka ?
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