Paradox Humble Bundle Giveaway

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  1. Hey everyone I just bought the paradox humble bundle for CK2/EU4/HOI3 so I'm giving out what I have left

    I'll PM you a steam key for the thing. First come, first serve, and only one thing per person.

    What is left:

    War of the Roses: Kingmaker (Expansion - requires War of the Roses game)
    Magicka - Claimed by DragonLich
    Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition Claimed by Windsong
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  2. Knights of pen and paper sounds like a fun little thing to have on my tablet.

    May I have that, please?
  3. Damn, too slow. :/
    Ah, well it's something I can grab myself for a buck atm.

    you monster
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  5. Eh, I was going to buy the bundle anyways.
    I'm just waiting until the extra games are released so I know if I want to spend one dollar or five.
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  6. Guess this threads as good as any to give away two games taking up space in my inventory too.

    Two copies of Dungeon Defenders, free to good homes. Makes for a perfect little co-op experience.
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  7. *snags one*
  8. Steam: kiarrn

    Add me and I'll get it your way sometime soon. Not sure if I can trade it over mobile steam or not.
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  9. Thinking of picking this up for Crusader Kings II, if anything.
  10. I still have keys for Magicka + Platypus Robe and the War of the Roses dlc if any are interested
  11. May i have Magicka ?
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