Paradisio Mortem II

Should there be an eventual sequel?

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ello all! I have just finished my VERY FIRST RP on iwaku from start to end! BOO YEAH! anyways...some of you know it as Paradisio Mortem....a Repo-style RP!

anyways...I'm curious...if it were discussed and so the future would there be interest for a sort of sequel of this rp? I know for my original the 'attendees' sort of wained, but there had been varying interesting through it but i feel as if people were uncomfortable just jumping in mid i will put this to a vote and if i get enough STRONG interest for another...perhaps i shall revive this later for a sequel >3 lemme know
*Finds herself in a strange place* o___o
>3 don't worry we have uh...body parts here?
Part 2! Twice as dark and twice as awesome!
well guess i shall make a group then for discussion?
Well i wasnt in the first one but i was somewhat interested but by the time i saw it it was already 13 pages in o.o soooo what is it about?
it was a repo-style rp that followed pretty much Legato (the main antagonist and owner/creator of the Neocore corporation), Owen (a cutter working for Legato who eventually went rogue), Angel Sweet (Owen's lover who was killed), and Vance and Rika (brother and sister who are on the run from the cutters). in the end Neocore's tyrant owner Legato who pretty much ran Paradisio met his end in a large explosion that happened in his own HQ. Pretty much it ended with all the main characters assumed dead. The idea for the sequel is that it takes place X years or so after Legato's death (still figuring stuff out). Because Legato had his hands in so many different venues Neocore still exists but it took quite a hit. With Legato gone things are a bit of chaos still as Paradisio tries to rebuild itself...and well that's what i got so far. Vay and Osso have character ideas that we're discussing to see if i can use it to help flesh out the new plot/setting a bit more.

Paradisio Mortem II ideally will have a darker and more gruesome feel to it >3 soooo JOIN THE GROUP!!
you totally should! we have body parts/organs/blood...oh and cookies : D
Hahaha since i wasnt in the first one what kind of species and such or all humans?
it's all humans. Some lingo for ya:

Dark Police (DP) were Legato's 'police' force (Brutes really)
Cutters were the backbone of Neocore. They collected the 'debts' aka repossessed the organs that were overdue
Xenogen was the drug of choice created by Neocore. A potent multi-purpose drug that was highly addictive and often crudely reproduced and sold on the streets as X

anyways that aside yeah just humans with human stuffs : D but the setting certainly explores the more gruesome side of humans o_o would you like a link to the original?
>.< Oh foo.

I was in the first one, but I had to leave! Woe is me! You should definitely make a sequel!!
if you'd like you can bring back Jion I dont think I had him killed in the first one >3 or you can make a new character rock up to you ^^ join the group and help me create this new world! :D
Can Jion go into a coma? XD Just kidding, I think I'll make a new character >:3
I only killed Hades... to Jion should still be alive. The only one left alive.
Lucky Jion, haha!

Maybe, could I keep Jion and create another character? (Like his sister, cousin, or just a random new character)