Paradisio Mortem II: New Age

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  1. The skies were dark in Paradisio, they always seemed to be. Even the light held a murky feel with its dulled luminescence. The city itself had dilapidated some in the past years, but Paradisio was still a powerhouse from its previous sovereign, Legato Giovanni. Though times were better, the effects of a small time of anarchy still had made its mark on the city. It had been 10 years since Legato’s passing and though outwardly things seemed to have changed for the better, Paradisio still wasn’t well off as it should be. After Legato’s passing, gangs arose and took over the streets to claim territory as their own, and those who were in hiding from Legato’s overdue payments were coming out with a vengeance. The Dark Police and Cutters were targeted frequently and their numbers dwindled, but they were far from being wiped out. Madness had struck the city for about 3 years. But that didn’t mean that Neocore wasn’t still functioning behind the scenes. Its leader may have fallen, but the company was still going strong. Legato was no stupid man and he always tried to stay one step ahead of the game, even in death.

    Behind the scenes his closest right hand man was slowly pulling strings and letting things fall into place. The anarchy and chaos was simply another step in the grand scheme of things that needed to run its course. Soon after the 3 year anniversary of Legato’s death Neocore came back full force and began to calm the chaos in the streets. Neocore was once more the ‘righter of wrongs’ by brining order to the city. Life was still a business and Neocore was still the best at manipulating that to its advantage. Payment forgiveness was now in place giving the overdue organ recipients a clean start, but they still owed money. The marketing scheme behind this was nearly flawless and it seemed like Neocore had turned a new leaf! Neocore had once more dug its roots and made its mark on the city. The Dark Police and cutters were soon put back on the streets. It seemed like the tyrannical cycle was starting again. Until from the blue a female appeared claiming to be the rightful heiress to Legato’s throne. A few years later her authenticity was proven and she now has her rightful place as chairwoman of Neocore. To the outside world she perhaps was the change Neocore needed…For now, the world must simply wait and see. Perhaps one might say of the city that dystopia never looked so good!


    A sultry voice sang out a jazz-style song as the patrons of the hazy night club sat back and enjoyed their drinks and company. The club was known as Rag and Bone, but the frequenters called it R&B. In the city of Paradisio it had been around for about 4 years and had quite the reputation for live performances and bringing back some of the ‘old’ day memories from life before shit hit the fan in the city, aka pre-organ failure epidemic and pre-Legato. A taste of the past, if you wanted to think of it that way, and the entertainment was constantly changing (almost literally).

    Among the patrons tonight was Alexandra Rimbauer, the recent heiress to the infamous Neocore. People were still on the fence about this new take-over, but she was determined to show the world that she wasn’t her father aside from having his DNA. Sipping her cocktail she sat back and enjoyed the live entertainment as she contemplated her next business move. Nearby was her trusty advisor and mentor Darien McKnight. He was one of Legato’s top dogs, and kept Neocore running all those years after Legato’s death.

    Returning from a bathroom break, a tastefully dressed man with salt and pepper hair neatly slicked back and a gotee to match approached the table where Alexandra sat. Taking a seat his ‘guards’ appeared nearby as the group idly chatted a bit. The man had a slight accent that couldn’t be placed at the time. Alexandra smiled politely, “I am glad you are finding your accommodations while here suiting. I quite enjoy the atmosphere of this club as it brings you almost back in time. Now, shall we discuss the more finite details of our arrangement in a more private area?”

    There was quiet talk among the man and his advisors as he turned and nodded. Alexandra leaned over to Darien and spoke softly to him, “You are aware of the details yes?”

    “Of course, this has been underway for some time now.”

    “Good. Get them in as the funding will be necessary. You know what to do.”

    “As you wish. Should I expect you back to—“

    “Have I ever let you down Darien dear? I just want to relax some. You’re so good with what you do. I will be there when the time is right”

    With that everyone seemed to have finished their private talks as the group stood. Alexandra explained she had some more business to attend to but that Darien would be taking them back to the main HQ to go over the details and answer any questions. With that Darien left with the group (escorted by the DP), and Alexandra took a seat again to bring her eyes to the stage. Funding…with Legato’s fall Neocore was still going strong, but the funding wouldn’t last forever. Neocore was much overdue for a ‘makeover’ itself. And Alexandra planned to give it one, but she needed funding sources first. It was time to start dealing with outside help, anyways.