Paradisio Mortem II: Dawn of a New Age

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  1. The skies were dark in Paradisio, they always seemed to be. Even the light held a murky feel with its dulled luminescence. The city itself had dilapidated some in the past years, but Paradisio was still a powerhouse from its previous sovereign, Legato Giovanni. The effects of anarchy after 'order' still made its mark on the city. It had been 10 years since Legato’s passing and though outwardly things seemed to have changed for the better, Paradisio still wasn’t what it could be. After Legato's fall there was a short while of peace while the reality set in of the momentous event. The peace didn't last long, though, as the fallen kingdom required someone new to take the thrown.

    Gangs arose and took over the streets to claim their territory and those who were in hidin from Legato's overdue payments were coming out with a vengeance. The Dark Police and Cutters were targeted frequently and their numbers dwindled, but they were far from being wiped out. Madness had struck the city, and drugs spilled into the streets. Neocore's leader may have fallen, but the company was still going strong. Legato was no stupid man and he always tried to stay one step ahead of the game, even in death.

    Behind the scenes, his right hand man was slowly pulling strings and letting things fall into place. The anarchy and chaos was simply another step in the grand scheme of things that needed to run its course. Soon after the 3 year anniversary of Legato’s death, Neocore came back full force and began to calm the chaos in the streets under a 'changed' image. Neocore was once more the ‘righter of wrongs’ by bringing order to the city. Life was still a business and Neocore was still the best at manipulating that to its advantage. Neocore had once more dug its roots and made its mark on the city. Order seemed restored until the Dark Police and cutters were secretly put back on the streets. It seemed like the tyrannical cycle was starting again. Until, from the blue, a female appeared claiming to be the rightful heiress to Legato’s throne.

    Speculation ran wild as to the sudden appearance of this beautiful woman, but trust was not something easily gained in a city ruled by fear. There was a great outcry at her claim to the lost thrown. However, a few years later her authenticity was proven and she gained her place as chairwoman of Neocore, setting her rules into place. Payment forgiveness was now in place giving the overdue organ recipients a clean start, but they still owed money that would be collected one way or another. The marketing scheme behind this gave the over due payer a chance to 'work off' their debt instead of forfeiting their life. It truly seemed like Neocore had turned a new leaf! With a new leader came a new face for Neocore. A youthful face of innocence to mark the changing of an empire.

    To the outside world, the mysterious woman was the change Neocore needed. For now, the world must simply wait and see. Perhaps one might say of the city that dystopia truly never looked so good!


    A sultry voice sang out a jazz-style song as the patrons of the hazy night club sat back and enjoyed their drinks and company. The club was known as Rag and Bone, but the frequenters called it R&B. In the city of Paradisio it had been around for about 4 years and had quite the reputation for live performances and bringing back some of the ‘old’ day memories from life before shit hit the fan in the city; what people liked to call pre-organ failure epidemic and pre-Legato reign. A taste of the past, if you wanted to think of it that way. The entertainment was constantly changing (almost literally).

    Among the patrons tonight was Alexandra Rimbauer, the recent heiress to the infamous Neocore. People were still on the fence about this new take-over, but she was determined to show the world that she wasn’t her father, aside from having his DNA. Sipping her cocktail she sat back and enjoyed the live entertainment as she contemplated her next business move. Nearby was her trusty advisor and mentor Darien McKnight. He was one of Legato’s top dogs, and kept Neocore running all those years after Legato’s death.

    Returning from a bathroom break, a tastefully dressed man with salt and pepper hair neatly slicked back and a gotee to match approached the table where Alexandra sat. Taking a seat his ‘guards’ appeared nearby as the group idly chatted a bit. The man had a slight accent that couldn’t be placed at the time. Alexandra smiled politely, “I am glad you are finding your accommodations while here suiting. I quite enjoy the atmosphere of this club as it brings you almost back in time. Now, shall we discuss the more finite details of our arrangement in a more private area?”

    There was quiet talk among the man and his advisors as he turned and nodded. Alexandra leaned over to Darien and spoke softly to him, “You are aware of the details yes?”

    “Of course, this has been underway for some time now.”

    “Good. Get them in as the funding will be necessary. You know what to do.”

    “As you wish. Should I expect you back to—“

    “Have I ever let you down Darien dear? I just want to relax some. You’re so good with what you do. I will be there when the time is right”

    With that everyone seemed to have finished their private talks as the group stood. Alexandra explained she had some more business to attend to but that Darien would be taking them back to the main HQ to go over the details and answer any questions. With that Darien left with the group (escorted by the DP), and Alexandra took a seat again to bring her eyes to the stage. Funding. With Legato’s fall Neocore was still going strong, but the funding wouldn’t last forever. Neocore was much overdue for a ‘makeover’ itself. And Alexandra planned to give it one, but she needed funding sources first. It was time to start dealing with outside help, anyways.
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  2. A slit of the scalpel, Bledlowe's hands never worked as presice as they did in these moments. Lingering for a time was the weight of the world on his shoulders. Beneath his knife lie the young child Emper. Empty eye sockets held open. Bledlowe's brows came together in a focused way as he pulled out tiny cords of flesh from the gaping sockets. A nurse held closely a beautifully glazed over eye while Bledlowe ever so carefully began to attach the fleshy cords of the eye to the fleshy cords that dangled upward from the open holes in the child's face.With a twitch of a smile that lasted but less than a second, he gently pushed the cord back into the swollen and pink crevice and placed the eye into Empire face. He repeated this process. The Lady Emper's surgery was complete and in several hours would be a success. Tiered and fatigued from a near nine hour procedure, Bledlowe quickly retreated to his business suit and popped on a top hat.

    There was no time to sit and wait for Emper to wake up so in the mean time he would seek solace in his so called "work". Uncrumbling a piece of paper that read as follows;

    Gervais Smun--------[paid off]
    David Jules -------[collect payment]
    Cynthia Mckarmac----[collect payment]..............

    Crumbling the paper back into a ball before he finished reading it, he found himself wanting to stay. Gnosis, However, took the forefront and led Bledlowe away to his night job. Waiting for Emper's results would play dark games in his head until the next days coming. Before finding his way through the lower parts of town, He stopped at the front of the rag and bone, standing idly by to listen to the song that seem to spill from its doors.
  3. Miss Alexandra had business to take care of, and all of his work for the day was through...

    Treshaun didn't like not working. It meant his thoughts could stray to the dark crevasses of his skull, where the monsters of his past were waiting to be fed. The mere idea of this made the gentle giant stop in his tracks, a shudder climbing up his spine. Worst of all was the pain tingling in his throat, though. Inwardly, he sighed, two fingers tracing across the gnarly scar tissue across his neck. The young man was thankful to be alive, though... So very thankful.

    Deep breaths, he remember being told. Take deep breaths. Strong fingers curled around the area of shirt above his heart, twisting the grey fabric between his fingers in the process. Before he knew it, he felt strong again. 'Gettin' better at this everyday.'

    After shaking off the symptoms of his mental illness, he walked on, dull eyes locked on an available picnic bench that he frequently visited. If Alexandra needed him, she'd know to look here first. The spot was beneath a healthy tree with a playground several feet away. It was a trashy playground, to see the least, but her highness would see to that someday. He was sure of it. Much about this home of his needed some upgrading.

    The dark skinned fellow took a seat at the table. Despite the presence of street lamps, there wasn't enough light for his card game still. So he withdrew a flashlight from his pocket that would suffice. It had a heavy end that was good for bruising skulls, and the bulb came with a few different settings to suit a variety of emergencies. For now, it was simply a light. He let it lay down so that the light shined across the table surface, allowing him to lay out the cards for a game of solitaire.

    One hand held a few cards, which his chocolatey eyes fell to while the other hand scratched the back of his head, where there was an absence of hair. Not long ago, he got it all shaved off again. His face took on a grimace, a sign he was concentrating on the game in front of him. Had to pass the time somehow, right? This was certainly better than what he was doing on the streets those years ago. Other than that, he enjoyed the sounds of nature, Paradisio, and the faint sound of music coming from the city's most favored club.
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  4. In the lurid backdrop of 'post Legato Paradiso', about a mile from where the old Neo-core once stood, sat Caine's chili house, a small greasy spoon diner on the outskirts of paradisio. The day Neo-core skyrocketed into oblivion, the owner of the chili house, with the non-functioning neon sign and rickety wooden steps leading to the front door, was in the kitchen……

    10 years ago

    It was dark inside. The smell of blood and sweat hung in the humid air. This kitchen was equipped with only a butcher block, gas range stove and several large freezers. The solid oak block was stained to a deep, almost black,red while large pots topped to the brim with chili smoldered on the stove.

    "Fucking chili time! I stir a bit! You must admit, Caine's spicy chili is some badass shit!" Caine Almos growled in a singsong melody as spittle flew from cracked lips. He tried to contain how pleased he was with himself, but failed and exploded into laughter. Loose strands of gray hair that hung wildly across his face flew to the side as he swung his head back, revealing two bloodshot eyes.

    "It's gonna be mother fucking chili time tonight!" He screamed to the ceiling, carrying the "O" and "I" in tonight so it was like Tooooooo-Niiiiiiiight, before starting to laugh again.

    He wasn't laughing about the 'chili song' as much as he was about the chili's ingredients. Tomato sauce, garlic, onion, beans, hot pepper and the butchered human carcass.

    "Cheapest dinner in Paradiso…." Caine mused, thinking of possible catch lines to advertise with. Little did he know that in ten years he would be flooded with customers with the downfall of Neo-Core and a city flooded with poor starving people.

    Just as Caine raised the wooden spoon he was stirring the chili with to his lips for a taste a bright flash, followed by a tremendous explosion rocked the world. He had little time to prepare before the entire heaping pot spilled to the floor, burning through his pants and searing his flesh.

    The downfall.

    Present day

    While the scars on Caine's legs were a constant reminder of what had happened that day, he seemed to forget just how lucky he was about the death of Legato Giovanni and the temporary displacement of Neocore. It opened a whole new market for his faction to profit from. Instead of being killers for hire, disposing of the bodies in chili they then sold to the pubic, Demonic Intentions now could kill, harvest and sell body parts to the highest bidder. Of course the organs were not as…neatly prepared as they were from professional neocore cutters, but when you need a kidney nothing else matters. The dark police would have surly crushed Caine and his thugs to oblivion when Legato was running the show, but things were different now. It wasn't long before a new leader rose from the ashes, but would she be able to bring order to Pardiso? Caine hoped not because that would mean his criminal enterprise would be snubbed out of the organ harvesting, and not long after that, the drugs.

    "Let her fucking try it" said Caine in response to a query as to whether or not this new leader would take them to war. He sat shotgun in a beat to hell Chevy blazer. The roof had been hacked off with a saws-all creating an odd convertible of sorts. The smog and pollution filled air blew Cain's hair into oblivion as he tried to mat it back. Tonight his usual attire, and that of his crew, were replaced with slightly nicer garb. Tonight they had business in town. Word had it that Alexandra was at a downtown night club. A place reminiscence of a pre-Legato Paradisio. The place was classy, and not at all the kind of establishment Caine would normally show his face, but he had to see. He wanted to see the new ruler and let her see him. The Blazer was parked about a block away down a backstreet and Caine along with three of his men walked towards the front doors of the R&B. The four men were dressed in button down shirts, clean blue jeans and bolo ties; Rednecks from hell and soldiers of the Demonic Intentions criminal enterprise. He turned to his men just before crossing the threshold.

    "No guns, no trouble, no bullshit. We're here to watch, learn and play nicely."

    The four grabbed a seat at the bar and observed, the Jazzy music providing a nice contrast to the streets of Paradisio.
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  5. Neocore was still in the limelight even after all these years, especially with new management. Alexandra had to start anew, but with little finding to reshape Neocore's image Legato was a crafty man, but a greedy one. He left enough funding to keep his legacy from dying out, but not a penny more. So Alexandra had to get creative with approaches to funding and re-imaging the family business.

    The new payoff program was a big hit with those still lingering in debt, but it wasn't for everyone. There were certain 'perks' to being in the payoff program, such as the fact that one wasn't going to die a gruesome death by the hands of a cutter; however what they weren't told was that they were selling not only their 'organ' to Neocore, but their body and soul. Most of the debtors were being used as guinea pigs for new experiments and products. Their debt repaid when Neocore decided. The rest were treated as the debtor program was intended and then released back into the city to spread the word.

    One had to market such things carefully to get the public to buy into them. On the flip side, there were those still not keen on buying into the 'pay off' program. So they had to be taken care of the old fashioned way. Repossession. Property was property after all. As Darien left with the potential funding group, Alexandra pulled out her phone and dialed Gnosis' number. She didn't wait for a hi or hello, simply got to the point.

    "Is Lady Emper prepared? Double the guards on her if so and let her rest. You have your list of things to do. I expect it done promptly and you will receive such payment. I do hope the surgery went well, or I'll see to it that we collect payment of any overdue organs of yours. Goodbye." She hung up swiftly and ordered another drink as a group of men entered the hotspot and took a seat. Her eyes shifted slightly in their direction, but she paid them no heed. Instead she took out a cigarette and turned to the nearest one with a simple smile, "Got a light?"

    When the sweet cancer stick was light she would take a deep inhale of the toxic substance. She could feel the chemicals sinking into her body as she sighed and a stream of smoke surrounded her. Ah, the good old days when no one thought that the word would turn to shit and hell in a hand basket. Resting an elbow on the counter she quietly smoked and drank as she enjoyed the music, seemingly unaware of whatever might be going on around her.
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  6. Darien McKnight, the 'faithful' right hand man of whomever was the current leader of the Neocore Corporation, at this time a Miss Alexandria Rimbauer. Supposed daughter of Legato Giovani, former ruler of the dark world of Paradisio Mortem and founder of Neocore. Truth be told, the bastard probably had many children running around with the way he ran things, and the man's specific desires. Darien McKnight knew all to well the reality of this. He had been around and running errands for the man similar to Alexandria's lap dog Treshaun, but with more dignity than that filth. Darien absentmindedly crossed his arms and rubbed his lower lip as he waited for the business transaction to complete in the pitiful bar Alexandria had decided to bring them to. Always a woman for the 'old' life, certainly not his choice to meet up with potential business clients; especially in this part of town.

    He wasn't a bit surprised that Alex had handed off the 'gritty' work to Darien as soon as the cohorts returned. Smoothing out his suit, he examined the area, well aware that there was possibility of trouble arising with the crowd present this night. Still, he wasn't one to argue with his 'boss'. He knew better. Let her make her own mistakes and get herself killed, more time for him to plan his own things. Darien motioned for the DP with a very faint nod of his head and excused himself from Alexandria's presence as the business men followed. Back to the grind, he thought absently to himself. With the DP thinning, he thought better than to leave Alexandria to herself. As they were escorted out to their cars he took out his cell and dialed Treshaun's number. Waiting for the ringing to stop he knew the boy would listen and wouldn't talk. He did like that about him.

    "Alexandria is at the Rag and Bone. Get your ass over there and keep an eye on her. Keep her out of trouble, or else."

    No more no less, and he hung up without a response. The boy would do as told, especially if it was for HER. What a dog that boy was. When the group had returned to the Neocore HQ, newly rebuilt and in the process of some renovations, he stepped out and awaited for the business group to reassemble as they entered the lavish halls of the Neocore fortress.

    "As you know, we are undergoing many projects at this time in hopes of reshaping and reimaging the company. We do regret any past misconduct from our former leader, however with the company in new hands we want to show the world we truly are a 'fresh' face and take to the business. There are plenty of other smaller businesses trying to capitalize on this empires loss, but we strive to stay on top as our deceased creator had intended. That business ploy stays first and foremost. Now if you'd follow me to the laboratories I shall show you the improvements in our line-up..."

    Yes the typical spiel about business, moving forward, and the oo and ahh of showing off the newly synthesized organs and replicators. The "clean cut" techniques to harvest the needed organs. As well as the repayment program where the workers were seen in clean and workable environments. This was the good side of the business, a clean deal. To fund something as Alexandria envisioned, however, that took more than clean deals. Darien wasn't about to show these bozos the 'underground' operation. No, that was saved for very special benefactors. This was a clean cut and dry deal.

    At the end of the tour with questions answered and refreshments given (little alcohol involved), they ended in an enclosed room. Darien produced the documents on clear paper that outlined the funding deal that the financial group would be signing and agreeing to if things went as planned. Of course, if things didn't go as planned there was always option B. The non preferred option, but a resort if need be. Force, torture, pain...the pits as Darien liked to call it. The room they were currently in was re-inforced with steel walls that would encase the lot in with a push of the button. A second push and a rush of nerve gas would fill the room rendering the company within helpless to react as their organs were harvested for experimental purposes. Couldn't let the trade secrets get out. All this while Darien sat idly nearby with his personal gas mask on watching calmly. Of course that was a last ditch effort only, and he'd only resorted to this method a few times. A keen eye might pick up on a few 'darker' spots here and there in the dimly light room.

    This investor, however, seemed willing to appease the whims of Miss Rimbauer, which pleased Darien. Less paperwork for him. He watched as the man carefully read through the document. He certainly wasn't a fool. He seemed to be a man of caution himself, traveling with as many 'companions' as he had for protection. Such was the world these days, however. Outsiders knew full well the dangers lurking about, especially within the walls of Paradisio. "Is this some sort of joke?" the man said. The smile Darien had slowly faded, "I assure you that we do not joke here about our business negotiations."

    "Where is Miss Rimbauer? I have a few choice words for her first, and a few modifications to our agreement. I don't recall agreeing to half of this in the deal" he threw the text back at Darien unsigned. Darien calmly looked at the man, prepared to press the button. HIs finger slid to the side and instead hit a second button that paged directly to Alexandria. It was her turn. Last line of negotiation, then all deals were off. So be it. He waited for her arrival.
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  7. Bledlowe picked up his phone and into his ear the demands and work he had before him reinforced. Without a proper goodbye, Gnosis sprung to action. The limp vanished, no longer pressing down on his cane. A strict and straight back which held an arm that removed his top hat. Slipping into the darkness of the streets he knew all the alley ways and sectret back door entrances. This was truly a place that belonged to Gnosis.

    He pulled down a pair of dark circular goggles to cover his eyes. Removing his black suit coat as he moved swiftly through the darkness, revealing a white rubber Trench adorned with black stout buttons. Quicker now, his pace increased and he reached the door of a home and with his hand on the knob, turned it slowly. He placed his black suit and top hat neatly on the end table beside this back door and hastily he moved down to the lower levels of this adobe. A second home if you will. Once a warm home to Bledlowe and his wife, but no longer. Now it was a shabby memory of what once was and the walls creaked and gave way to the stains of emotional scars that it harbored.

    finally in the Basement he stood before two downside Cadavers, in between them a Naked woman, gagged and flailing. She thrashed her bound body around, bumping into the two dead bodies the dangled at her sides. As Gnosis approached her he slid the scalpel from his pocket and promptly slit her throat. Red Poured from her neck and she began to make a desperate gurgling sound from beneath the tape that covered her mouth. Her wide eyes locked on Gnosis , her body now limp enough for Gnosis to work his magic. The cleanest and freshest Organs Known in all of Paradisio, but this wasn't the only product he provided as any such Harvesters of the dead would say.


    Gnosis had another profession, hard at work he has been in perfecting a drug. His secret, Lied in the freshest cadavers, stronger than X. He called it... Gryzinthrax. By word of mouth, the streets were flooded with the news of the purest drug on the market. Gryzly, had become the Cure all and most rare surgical chemically induced drug of the century.

    Working thoroughly he took a syringe and pierced the left Chamber of the barely alive womans, still beating heart, and withdrew its blood slowly until the beating ceased.
    The woman dangled lifelessly beside her fellow dead men and Gnosis turned with the syringe and Perfectly dissected Organ. A smile cracking the corners of his lips.
  8. Douchbag, douchbag, douchbag, bitch, slut, whore, dope feind, douchbag, douchbag…… dark police?

    Caine's eyes sliced through the crowd at the club, delightedly labeling the patrons as his deranged mind categorized them. He was, as were his friends, very out of place here. With their denim jeans and trade mark 'almost to hick for the city" belt buckles. Caine could not give a fuck less, but still, the potential presence of Dark police made a fine sweat break upon his brow. The bitch was cautious, that was for sure, and Caine respected the fact that she traveled with protection. She would be a fool not to. He wondered if she even knew of his organizations existence? Surely something as small as a street gang wouldn't concern her? Caine became paranoid. Maybe his operations in the brief period before she came to power had been documented and now she would bring an army of DP to his door. Armed, vicious and ray to fucking dissect him, his boss and the entire Demonic intentions gang. Fuck. Caine was about to get up and leave town for good when….

    "Got a light?"

    Shit. There she was. How had he not noticed her walk up? Was she watching him? Was there a gun trained on his skull at this very moment? Shit, fuck, shit. His mind went a million miles per minute as he began thinking the worst, feeling the eyes of his cohorts zeroing in on him, waiting for him to make his move.

    "Yeah" He said cooly. Having lived in the mind of a paranoid lunatic for so many years he had learned one thing, if nothing else. Never give on to the fact that you are actually paranoid until the walls come down. It's all in your head until it's not.

    "I got one right here" He flipped a shiny silver zippo, sparking and producing a flame.

    "I'm Caine, I own the Chili house on the outskirts" He thought for a split second then spoke again. "But that's not all I do and I'm guessing the heiress to Neocore knows that."

    Yeah, he ran a risk on calling her out, but at the same time, who didn't know who she was? The only thing that worried Caine now was that she had no fucking clue who he was. It's not like his calling card was posted on the bill boards of paradiso advertising drugs and 'body disposal' services. Yeah, that was the only thing that made him bervous now..that and the many armed guards who no doubt had eyes on her and him as they spoke.

    Deep breaths, Caine, deep breaths and wait.
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  9. As she waited for her light, Alexandra looked over the white haired man who offered to give her the light. She didn't need an introduction from the man, she knew the ins and outs of the city she was the supposed new 'ruler' of. However, the man felt, perhaps, obligated to acknowledge himself.

    "I'm Caine, I own the Chili house on the outskirts" He thought for a split second then spoke again. "But that's not all I do and I'm guessing the heiress to Neocore knows that."

    Though a fresh face of Neocore, Alexandra had her own secrets just like her old man. Business was business to her, as long as she got what she wanted. Perhaps in some areas the apple didn't fall far from the tree. As he called her out as well, a simple smile spread across her angelic face. Taking a deep inhale of the addictive substance that would one day, no doubt, require her to either a)receive an organ transplant or b)kill her, she turned to glow the smoke away from Caine's face.

    "Caine's Chilli House, the best god damn chilli here in Paradisio. Only made with the finest ingredients I hear" she said with a straight face. Whether she did fully know what was in the chilli or not didn't seem to matter, "I hear you are quite--popular--in these parts, yes? and certainly well known."

    She made no indication of knowing of his past or his current dealings. Why bother. He didn't seem a threat to her currently, so what was the point of meddling with him. Unless he would possibly have something to offer her, but from the looks of him that was a no. The dark police eyed Caine suspiciously, but with the slightest turn of her her head, they stepped down. "So what else does the illustrious Caine from Caine's Chilli House do that I should be interested in? hm?" she locked eyes with him waiting for his move, the cigarette held between her index and middle finger.
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  10. "So what else does the illustrious Caine from Caine's Chilli House do that I should be interested in? hm?"

    Caine let that sentence wash over him. An opportunity? Or an insult!? Unless Caine wanted to die, truly -truly- wanted to get pumped full of armor piercing rounds right the fuck here in the middle of the rag and bone, he had better look at it like an opportunity. One that would only grant it's self once, straight from the heiresses mouth! Caine laughed, slapping his hands on his knees and throwing his head back. The joke was only in his head, he had to stop laughing at his head jokes. Had to, had to , had to. Fuck.

    The goons that sat beside him eyed Alexandria with something between awe and sexual desire. They were both products of a world created by her industry. They lived in the shit that got scraped off Neo-cores boot heel. They suffered in a city that only benefited those who could afford it. They were just human carrying cases, transporting organs for the rich cutthroats, the sick and desperate, and millionaires that lived in the hills above the city. When Caine burst into laughter, there only response was a shrug. They were well aware of his outbursts, but not at all aware that his next words might mean their lives.

    Caine regained his best composure and locked eyes with Alexandria.

    "Do you have any enemies." Caine's left eye twitched "Ones you can't risk being tied too? Or are too careful to send your dark squads after?"

    Grasping at straws? Caine wanted to continue his drug dealing and hitting for hire services, but knew he would need to prove himself valuable to her in order to do so. He needed something, anything.

    "I ain't saying' you do, but if so. I'll be cooking up a special batch of chili, on sale this week."
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  11. drsteeledison033.jpg

    After cleaning himself up and neatly organizing all his acquired organs and materials just as he was about to sit from his long day of work, there was a Knock at the back door.

    Bledlowe frowned he didn't like the visitor that Alexadria had been sending to his doorstep. He knew that he was far too valuable to her to kill, and his worth was about to sky rocket. Opening the door, his frown peered out through the chain that let the hinged twist only so far. To his suprise it was not one of Alexadria's was a woman Bledlowe had never seen before.

    "I'm sorry to bother you sir, but I heard that you lived here alone and I wanted to..bring you...some neighborly tiding"

    She held up a small basket full of muffins, their smell reaching his nostril just as he sees them. Food. Bledlowe hadn't thought to eat in over 48 hours and the sounds his stomach began to make made his frown curl into a most inhumanly curve.

    "....Mmm...yes, Thank you....Miss...." He said reaching for the small basket of muffins as she smiled and said,"..Faversham, Miss Faversham, But you can call me Elsif."

    Her smile caused one of his brows to arch, and his frown remained.

    "I have heard of you, you are Dr. Bledlowe, You are a renowned Scientist here in Paradisio. Have a good night Doctor."

    She moved away from the door and walked into the darkness of the street curb and Bledlowe shut his door and quickly locked four of the unhinged locks to bolt it shut. Bledlowe liked his privacy. Promptly he plucked a muffin from the basket and sniffed it, turning it around with diligent fingers he continued to sniff the muffin for traces of cyanide or arsenic....ripping a piece a way he placed the muffin back in the basket and hurried to his lab to test the muffin.

    It was clean. He took up the muffins and began to scarf them. practically inhaling the spongy cake-like treats as he heading back upstairs to his chair and finally sat down. looking at his wall and eating muffins. He began to wonder about Miss Faversham, how long she had known he was here and just from who she had heard of him.

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  12. Alexandra watched Caine carefully, a man such as him was one to be weary of. Though she had no fears that he would pose a threat, at this moment, his demeanor screamed to her of a broken psyche. It was those that were broken that were to be least trusted; such as her father. She kept a calm demeanor as he asked if she had enemies.

    Enemies? Now that was a joke even she could laugh at. Her lips curled into a smile as she gave a soft chuckle, "I am the heiress to the most prestigious company known in the world. I am flesh and blood of both a God and a Reaper. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would rather see me dead than running the company. If not for the simple reason that I share the same genes as the infamous Legato Giovani."

    She had nothing to hide and wasn't about to say she was not enemy free. Who was these days? She knew the game he was playing, and she would gladly dance. It gave her heart a jump of excitement and kept her on her toes. She felt her pocket buzz as she stood and walked toward Caine. She paused beside him to speak, "I will keep that offer in mind. However know that I am a very picky eater and have very specific tastes. If your chili happens to please such tastes then perhaps you'll get a nice tip. However, I would keep under the radar. I don't like people causing too much trouble in MY city."

    The point was laid down flat. The Dark Police quickly moved in to tail Alexandra, the area parting for her departure. She gave a backwards wave of her hand, "Take care, Caine." With that she left the building with her entourage. Taking out her cellphone, she flipped it open in one movement and listened to the other end.

    "I'll be right there. Keep them there." Her tone was less than pleased as she stepped into the already waiting vehicle and was off. She didn't like when there was a hitch in business plans, and she was Legato's daughter. If the deal didn't pan out, someone would have hell to pay.

    --Back at Neocore HQ--

    Darien had made the call and now all there was to do was wait. He folded his hands before him on the table as an unsettling silence engulfed the room. The investor didn't look to pleased, but Darien kept a cheerful smile on. It wasn't too long after that the phone in the room began to blink. Darien hit the intercom and waited. A secretary's voice came clearly over the intercom, "Miss Rimbauer is here. She is on her way in, sir."

    "Thank you, Rebecca."

    Seconds later the doors opened and in came Alexandra and two of her personal DP. The doors were quickly shut behind her and there was an audible locking sound. Hearing the lock, the investor flinched some as murmurs arose. Before he could speak, Alexandra held up a hand and walked forward toward Darien. Darien stood and allowed Alexandra to take her seat.

    "I've been informed that there are some discrepancies in the negotiation that we've made. I am fully aware that the added credentials are a bit extreme, and perhaps not completely in your favor--However, I will 100% guarantee that failure to agree with the establish contract will be far less in your favor than agreement."

    She paused a moment to look the man directly in the eyes before she continued her little speech.

    "My father was known to be less of a benevolent business man. Were I like my father you would be dead where you stand right now for even thinking of contradicting the established agreement. But, I like to think that where his shortcomings were my strengths may shine through. Need I remind you that world-wide since the fall of my father crime rate his tripled, homicide has quadrupled, and disease continues to take the lives of many in every city each day. With the re-establishment of order through the use of Neocore and the resources we provide, a better future is on the horizon. To do this, however, we need to assistance of investors such as yourself. The world continues to die and we are the Gods that will rise and bring life once again to the dying world. Now wouldn't you like to say that you were a part of that better horizon and the emergence of new hope for the future of mankind?"

    As she finished the speech, she slid the paperwork back over to the man, waiting for his response. The man took the paper before him and flipped through the pages, looking back up at her after he'd finished.

    "You expect someone like me to believe this is for the greater good? We were given a tour of the facility and we are not dimwitted. Though you claim to have engineered programs and new more humane techniques, there is more than meets the eye here. We are well aware of your fathers past misdemeanors against the people of the world. Savior and slayer. We are also aware of what the name Neocore really is about. As investors it is our purpose to make a profit, of course. Now we are still interested in providing you funding as certainly this could be a lucrative deal. However, knowing the atrocities that go on behind the true face of this company, you must understand that what you are offering just isn't enough--"

    "Are you a healthy man?"

    "Well, I would like to think so I--"

    "Do you wish to help those unfortunate souls that walk the world facing death at any moment?"

    "I suppose a part of me might, yes I--"

    "What about you, Mr. Vanderbelt, do you fear death and pain?"

    "What kind of question is that? Is this a threat Miss. Rimbauer as my colleges and I--"

    "Colleges, Mr. Vanderbelt?"

    Alexandra stood and took a remote out pressing a red button as cuffs suddenly came from the arms of the chair and held Mr. Vanderbelt in place. As she stood, the DP who had come in with her drew their guns and made very quick work of the colleges that Mr. Vanderbelt had arrived with. Blood began to pool on the floor as Mr. Vanderbelt looked incredulously at Alexandra.

    "You won't get away with this! What the hell are you doing?!"

    "I'm closing a deal. Now, if you sign this document to invest and help fund Neocore's reshaping, I just might let you live. What do you say? hmm?" she walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders before hitting a nerve that caused him to extend his arm forward. "Life, or death, Mr. Vanderbelt?"

    A DP stepped forward and raised their gun placing it against the investor's head. The deal was set.
    Darien watched this all calmly and at the end paged the secretary, "Rebecca, please send in a clean-up crew to the office."

    "Right away sir."

    Alexandra smiled and gave Mr. Vanderbelt a kiss on the cheek, "It's a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Vanderbelt, I look forward to our future endeavors together." With that the doors were unlocked and Alexandra stepped out. The cuffs came free of Mr. Vanderbelt as he rubbed his wrists. She paused at the door and turned her head to the side to be heard, "Oh, and one more thing. I don't like having any loose ends. Goodbye."

    With that there was a final gun shot and silence. "Shall I send the remains to the cutters for harvesting ma'am?"

    "Yes, and tell them to be extra careful to fix the skin. Also, call Bedlow. I want to know if my child is ready to be seen."

    "Yes Ma'am" Darien said picking up the phone and making the calls. The cutters would harvest the organs of the investors and take off their skin. Alexandra wouldn't tolerate insubordination or refusal to do her bidding. Instead she would have moles wear the skin of those who would try to betray her. With the advancements in science the doubles were nearly perfect replicas, literal skin walkers. Ones that would do her every whim. Just how she liked it.

    Going back to her private quarters, Alexandra tossed her belongings on to her couch and poured herself a cocktail from her private bar. Taking out a small vial and needle, she prepared herself an injection of Xenogen, sitting on her terrace to enjoy herself for the night. With an itch to satiate, she wondered where Treshaun had gotten too.
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  13. Caine was satisfied with the results of his first encounter with Alexandra. Demonic intentions, the vicious street gang, was growing. With that growth would come notoriety and recognition. The last thing Caine needed was for the establishment that ran this town to be surprised by his outfits presence. He extended his hand and it was not slapped away. For the time being that would do, and for the time being -he- would do Alexandra's bidding. Get in as close as he had to. Staying alive, high and making money was all he cared about now.


    Caine's cohorts eyed each other noticeably as the three made their back to the chevy blazer they had arived in. They didn't talk much, cause unwanted opinions were a no-no in the gang. Despite being a major criminal enterprise, Demonic intentions had little communication within the ranks. Only Caine was allowed to talk business to the boss, known only as 'Stitches', and only The two sergeants below Caine were allowed to talk with him about affairs on the streets. As a captain, Caine no longer had to get his hands dirty with killings and street crime, but he still did. He liked the rush. He needed the rush.

    As the old blazer blew black smoke out the exhaust Caine reached in his pocket for a handful of prescription pills. A nice mix of painkillers and amphetamines. Just what the doctor ordered. He washed them down with straight alcohol from a flask in his coat pocket. At this rate he would need another liver soon, but fuck it, they were available. Everything was available in Paradisio for a price.

    A short drive later they were back at Caine's chili house. Smoke rose from a vent pipe on the old shingled roof, and the smell of onions and meat rose in the air. Caine took a deep inhale of the nights air.

    "Delicious! This batch is almost ready to serve!" The two thugs with him flinched, knowing what was in the chili and knowing that Caine would force them to try it. Not everyone in Demonic intentions was an open cannibal, in fact, only Caine ate the chili, knowing what was in it. Save for the occasional hapless civilian that was unfortunate enough to stumble upon his small diner, he was the only one who ever at the chili. Fucking brutal.

    It was late and Caine was amped out of his fucking mind on pills. They opened the door and were greeted by the smell of cat piss. Stitches, The boss, was waiting for them. He always reeked like vomit and cat piss. It was nearly unbearable. He was a total shut in that never left his house, and never showered. It was definitely strange for him to be here. He sat in a wooded chair in the back room, facing away from them. Caines foot soldiers looked at the ground, No eye contact with Stitches, ever. Caine approached him. Long jagged scars ran across the aging man's face. While what looked like stitches held his scalp to his head.

    "Caine." Wheezed Stitches "I need a word." The man was a criminal mastermind in his time, but now more of a spectral icon for the gang. He was one of the founding members, and therefore, stood for what Demonic intentions was meant to be. His very existence gave the young bloods in the gang reason to fight. He was a tool, one Caine used well.

    "You want some Chili?" Humored Caine.

    "No, you sick fuck!" Stitches coughed violently sending sputum across the room. "I want to know why the fuck you went behind my back and talked to that neo-core bitch. Have you forgotten that I run this operation, and that DI is -MY- army?"

    Caine began to laugh, at first just a small breathy chuckle, then exploded. He thought this time would come soon.

    "Look around you, old man. You're all alone now. DI is -MY- fucking operation now. Stitches is just a fantasy figure I created to rally the troops." Caine pulled a bottle of pills from his pocket and opened it with one hand and rattled a few into his mouth, chewing them up.

    "I was hopping to at least have the majority vote before ending you, but I've grown tired of your bullshit. I am going to take D.I. to the top. Little does Legatos little girl know, Paradisio will be mine."

    Caine approached Stitches, who now looked like a scared child. The realization hit him that Caine was the only reason he was even alive right now.


    "Shut up, old man." From his back pocket Caine produced a straight razor. He flicked the blade out and in one swift movement pulled the blade across Stitches' throat. The gaping slice opened and closed like a fishes mouth gasping for oxygen out of water. Dark blood spilled over his body and gathered on the floor at his feet.

    "See you in hell, you decrepit old fuck." Caine threw his head back and exploded into laughter.

    "Come in, boys. We've got another batch of Chili to make! The night is young, call the troops, cause Caine is running this shit now!"

    Night fell over Paradisio and passed into dawn, and the word spread throughout the underworld that Caine Almos was the new leader of D.I., for better or worse.

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  14. A new day was Dawning over Paradisio, through the grey overcast, thick and impenetrable. Bledlowe Made his way to Neo-core, Caine was enjoying and savoring the last spoonfuls of the era before him, and Alexandra impatiently waited in a lobby for word of child's condition.

    Bledlowe was especially stoic this day, though it took a well trained eye to see it, it was there. Entering the Lobby he walked right past the persistent Alexandra and as he lead her through the doors and into the well lit corridors held a finger to his lips, hushing the Heiress and whispered,"She will be frightened enough, Please Compose yourself."

    Bledlowe never felt time so slowly as he did on this day, His heart was heavier than lead and sank with each beat, each step closer to Emper felt like a year and with his hand on the door to the Child's room he gave the apprehensive Alexandra a look she had never seen. An expression that would make even the darkest of demon fear the worst was to come. Little did the Heiress know what Emper was to Bledlowe but the prevalent stare into her eyes conveyed a message loud and clear that even she grasped its meaning, stay calm, and respect Empers healing process, for the results were unknown and this technology being so new was....for lack of a better term...unstable. To Strain Emper had potentially devastating consequences.

    Entering the well lit room, Bledlowe motioned for Alexandra to dim the light as he approached Empers bedside, checking her blood pressure, looking into her ears, taking a temperature and in the process the tiny child began to stir. "Alexandra?" Emper whimpered out for the most familiar thing to her.

    "Alexadra is right here behind me, Emper. It's Dr. Bledlowe, your surgery was successful, can you tell me how you are feeling?"

    "I feel Heavy"

    "That is normal, are you in any pain?"

    "My...eyes," Emper began to reach for her face, for thickly swathed bloody bandages."They feel wet."

    "I am going to remove your bandages, Emper. Don't open your eyes until I say."

    Bledlowe tendering handled Emper setting pillows behind her back and helping her to sit upright. Slowly and Gingerly he unraveled and rolled the gauze away from Empers forehead, Layer after Layer, it felt like eternity removing them down to the last layer. Emper kept her eyes closed her tiny face looking around listening and waiting.

    "Alright Emper, you are doing very well, I want you to open your eyes, very, very, slowly, don't push yourself. If it hurts too much then close your eyes and rest them, we can try again tomorrow."

    Emper was eager and did precisely as she was told, her eyes fluttered opening barely to let the light in. Flutters became slowly taken blanks until empers red eyes sat widely open and she looked right at Alexandra. Bloody tears running down Empers pale porcelain cheek, Bledlowe took out a handkerchief and began to gently wipe them away but they kept streaming down her face.

    "This is normal, They first few days you may bleed," Bledlowe placed the handkerchief into Empers tiny hands and held up a finger and asked the child to follow it. She did with precise vision, the pupils dilating and fully functioning. Bledlowe cracked what only could be describe as the most hidden smile.

    "You will be alright Emper, I want you to get your rest and heal, You have a big day coming." Bledlowe's bare boned smile faded back into the solid stoic expression he always held and left Alexadra and Emper to celebrate.

    "Miss, I leave her to your care as I have some...'other business' tend to, you have my number, should anything....unusual happen, call me right away."

    Bledlowe bowed his head to the ladies and just like that he was off to make a deal of the century with Demonic Intentions newest head man, Paradiso's very own, Caine Almos, The Kanine.

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