Paradisio Mortem II: Dawn of a New Age

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  1. Okay...guess this is finally going to happen? We'll see how it goes :p after MUCH pushing for me to revive this here is the revival of the sequel to PM..

    Paradisio Mortem II: Dawn of a New Age
    RP by AnglKate

    The human body is a frail thing, despite all it survives through in a day. Humans have always sought a way to cheat death, and what better way to do so than out with the old and in with the new? After a strange pandemic spread through the world causing spontaneous organ failures, a savvy business man stepped up to the challenge of solving this dilemma. His idea was that if there were bad organs, why not give the people healthy ones so they could continue their lives? Simple consumerism. This savvy business man was Legato Giovanni, and his purpose was not to help the human race but to profit from it. A dark tyrant with a cold heart, the world was his oyster and the city of Paradisio was his home base. A dark hero had come to his throne of power as savior of the human race.

    With Legato’s reign, repossession of organs past payment was legalized, and he sent out his own crew known as Cutters to retrieve his overdue property. Their methods were crude and the bodies were simply discarded in any way possible. He also had his own police force known as Dark Police. Stronger than most and highly trained combatants, they were just as much a force to deal with as his cutters. Not only that, but his empire also produced a powerful new catchall drug known as Xenogen. Synthesized on the streets, it was highly addictive, and the street counterpart was known as X, a less pure form but it did the job. A dystopian paradise of disillusion and lost hope, Paradisio was a place of turmoil where one often lived in constant fear of their life.

    But, there were some who dared stand up against the tyrant, and defy his authority. The result was the near collapse of his empire, and Legato’s ultimate demise…


    Static from the radio, and then slowly a soft whine is heard growing in intensity before sounds of chaos are heard. Among the chaos voices brokenly spoke…"We're here at ground zero where the crumbling remains of our late Legato Giovanni's empire begins to settle. No one has any idea what took place within these walls, but one thing is for sure. Survivors...are unlikely. There is no trace of Legato himself. I repeat, to all of Paradisio, there is no trace of Legato. What will happen to our city without our 'beloved' leader? Was this a terrorist attack? We will keep you posted on--" There is a shout and another loud whine as the next voice chirps in. "This is a sad day indeed. We have just been informed that the HQ of our beloved leader, Legato Giovanni, has come under attack from within. Details are scant, but we are unsure of the true damage this has done. we shall forever mourn this day in Paradisio--" A soft click and silence before a clear voice speaks out. "The empire has fallen! The empire has fallen! Legato has finally gotten what has long since been waiting for him! No longer do we have to hide in fear of our lives every second! Come free! Come out! Join me and celebrate this occasion!! We are free! We are free!”

    It’s been 10 years since Legato was taken down and Paradisio was set free of his reign. For a time it was unclear if Neocore would survive, but even in death Legato kept Neocore going via his underlings. Legato wasn't a foolish man and even he knew that his own death might one day come. As such he had devised a plan to keep his legacy alive. Upon his reported death, his trusted underling began to carry out Legato's final orders. No official leader was declared, but Neocore stood strong, and began to deal more with its outside satellite companies.

    Despite having no confirmed leader for over 4 years, the company remained in control even with small riots against them. Paradisio remained Neocore's stronghold. With no one controlling the citizens of Paradisio as close as Legato had, anarchy ensued between resistance factions and gangs on the streets. Someone had to be named top dog. Paradisio was still a mess, and 6 years after Legato’s death a new face appeared in town claiming to be the heiress to Legato’s empire. Huge controversy flared up over this accusation, but after two years of fighting the claim, the rumor was put to rest as fact through DNA matching. The girl has taken her place as the new ‘heir’ to Legato’s legacy and is under the guidance of Legato’s trusty underling. Though things are still a bit dicey, Paradisio is starting to calm down. The question is, as the daughter of one of the most ruthless men in Paradisio history…how will she rule over this disenchanted kingdom, and what obstacles will arise in this new age?

    It is the start of a new era for Paradisio, and anything is possible as the wheels of fate keep turning…
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    Name: Who are you?! First and Last name please!
    Age: how old...
    Gender: male or female
    Occupation: What do you do for work?
    Residency: where do they live? the high rises of Paradisio? The under ground hives? Are you a squatter? etc?
    Allegiance: Are you for or against Neocore? Are you a part of some sort of group against Neocore? Are you an outsider? Stand alone? What is your Allegiance?


    Appearance: what your character looks like
    Physique: include height, weight, size etc
    Markings: any defining markings? do they possess neocore ‘property’ aka organs?
    Possessions: any special possessions of theirs they keep on them


    Outer Personality: how the character appears to others
    Inner Personality: their true side that few get to see, the part they keep hidden
    Talents: things your character is good at
    Faults: things your character is bad at
    Habits: good or bad, any habits that may define your character
    Likes: things your character likes
    Dislikes: things your character dislikes or fears
    Knowledge: specific knowledge that may make your character stand out or be quite useful for them


    General History: Overview of characters past
    Present History: Where they are at now

    Name: Alexandra Rimbauer
    Age: 28
    Gender: female
    Occupation: Current Heiress to Neocore
    Residency: She lives in the Neocore HQ but also has her own private home that she keeps undisclosed
    Allegiance: She chooses no sides but is expected to side with Neocore due to her current standing. Her allegiance/motives are unclear though. She's as crafty as her father was.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She stands about 5'6" with a slim but athletic figure. Her eyes are a piercing amber and her hair is dirty blond. She weighs around 125 lb and is much stronger than she appears.
    Markings: She has thin scars all over her body, but they usually blend into her natural tone pretty well. Save for what appears to be a barcode tattoo on the nape of her neck.
    Possessions: A special locket she always keeps close, two hidden daggers, a stash of Xenogen,


    Outer Personality: A suave business woman and someone who does want to make a difference for the better. She is a hard worker but very strict in her own sense, and has an air of innocence about her. Being the daughter of Legato most think she automatically has his ruthless side, but she has shown herself to have a more compassionate nature than her father and has that celebrity appeal/charm about her.
    Inner Personality: Much like her father she is quite driven and can be ruthless in her dealings. Her inner personality is a sly one with tricks and secrets. She isn't very trusting of others and will do almost anything to get her way. Her doe like eyes are very deceitful. At the same time she is quite in conflict with herself, perhaps even displaying some DID (dissociative identity disorder) tendencies.
    Talents: She is good at masking her true thoughts/feelings and appealing to the public as well as being quite the business woman (like father like daughter0
    Faults: Despite her ability to hide her emotions from the public, in private she can be a whirlwind (Best stay on her good side), she doesn't take rejection well, and has a nasty habit of abusing Xenogen
    Habits: she does have a slight addiction to Xenogen, and has a tendency to smoke. She enjoys living on the edge and testing her limits as well.
    Likes: Xenogen, getting her way, sex
    Dislikes: not getting her way, people, herself
    Knowledge: She knows many secrets that she isn't willing to share

    General History: Alexandra Rimbauer lived a mysterious life. She grew up fatherless and was raised for a short time within the very streets Legato dominated. She knew well of the tyrant and had even seen her mother taken before her very own eyes at the young age of 8. Upon her 16th birthday she managed to escape the walls of Paradisio and began a life outside the city. She kept her tabs on the city but continued to live her life abroad until her 21st year of life when she found herself returning to the city. She had secrets she'd found out in her travels and wanted to set things right. She was a woman of opportunity after all. It took a few years of combating, but she finally proved her rightful ownership of Neocore. Legato's demise came at a perfect time...things were falling into place almost too well for her.
    Present History: Alexandra now has her rightful place as heiress of Neocore and is starting to take over the operations with Darien helping her along as the second in command. She hasn't been in control long, less than a year, but she is determined to make her name known. Already there are some aspects of Neocore that are going to change and as a public figure she is becoming more liked than her father...Beneath that doe-like appearance, though, something else is brewing...



    Name: Darien McKnight
    Age: 34
    Gender: male
    Occupation: Second in command at Neocore
    Residency: He lives in one of the suites within Neocore's domestic area meant for high end employees only
    Allegiance: Neocore


    Appearance: [​IMG]
    He has a muscular and well toned figure and stands at 5'10". He weights about 163 lb
    Markings: His eyes are actually special neocore property, but he was able to pay off his debt so he's not in fear of losing his eyes any time soon.
    Possessions: None that anyone is aware of at this time

    Outer Personality:
    Cool, calm, collected. He is quite intelligent and is often one who has his ass covered when need be. Charming, he knows how to work the situation to his advantage.
    Inner Personality: A planner, cool, calm, and collected. No one really knows much about what goes on inside, sometimes not even himself. He is a very deep inner thinker and constantly thinking through things. Cautious would be a good word.
    Talents: keeping calm,coming up with plans spur of the moment, analyzing a situation, manipulating people
    Faults: even though he appears in good physique he is actually rather weak, over thinker, somewhat of a coward
    Habits: When deep in thought he has a habit of crossing his arms and rubbing his lower lip, he has a big sweet tooth too
    Likes: candy, being one step ahead of everyone, manipulating people/things
    Dislikes: being manipulated, falling behind, has a fear of being killed (who doesn't?)
    Knowledge: What he knows he isn't telling, but he was also entrusted to carry out Legato's final wishes


    General History:
    Overview of characters past
    Present History: Where they are at now
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  4. I'll play, Kate. o:

    When I can think of what kinda character I wanna be. *totally open to ideas, yo*
  5. aww yeah! :D hey whatever you can bring to the table >3 we had a somewhat diverse cast last time before people disappeared XD

    Treshaun Wheeler



    Alexandra's errand boy, or housekeeper of sorts

    Wherever Alexandra decides to put him. Either a small room at the HQ or her private dwelling, which she knows he'll stay silent about. ;D *gets shot for making a terrible mute pun*

    His loyalty is solely with Alexandra, so whatever path she walks, he walks as well. The ethics of said decision don't concern him at all because he owes her his life.


    6' 3"
    179 lbs.
    Always been big for his age. Kids at the orphanage always depended on his muscle and height for protection during hard times.

    There's a scar across his throat. There was this one time he actually could talk... That's the more noticeable one. All over, he has scar tissue received from fights in the streets.

    In his pocket is a silver heart shaped locket that hangs from a silver chain. It's his mother's, and it holds a tiny family portrait. This is an item that Treshaun will punish a man for stealing or damaging.


    Outer Personality:
    Quiet and out of the way, just a shy young man who's minding his own business. Most people assume he's not interested in being social, even though that's untrue. At first sight, he can be intimidating. Having come from the streets, he wears a lot of battle scars and frowns. When given the opportunity, he can be quite chatty through writing and sign language, because he's unable to talk. You could say that he's more of a 'gentle giant.' Though menacing and tough, he favors peace and friendship over chaos. He's just not good at initiating conversation, so he's often seen sitting off to the side doing crossword puzzles, engaging in single player card games, or working on a to-do list given to him by Alexandria. The guy likes to stay busy, that's for sure.

    Inner Personality:
    Treshaun is incredibly lonely and lost. He doesn't know what to do with his life, and really wants to build relationships of all kinds. Romance isn't even his priority. He wants someone to call a brother or sister or a BFF. He feels like that's what he needs in order to gain the confidence needed to survive on his own. Until then, he lives in fear that he'll someday be back to living on the streets. Many people don't realize how gentle Treshaun truly is. He'll gouge a man's eyes out for threatening him or his kin, but otherwise he prefers to be on the peaceful side. He's understanding, though. What are you supposed to say to the weirdo who can't talk?

    A good cook, thorough cleaner, cautious driver, and efficient worker. Also has a sharp protective instinct. When danger is afoot, he taps into the full potential of his intimidation and brute strength. Also knowledgeable with weapons, particularly knives. Gun knowledge is basic at best.

    For one, he can't speak. Makes it that much harder to learn anything about his history, as he has a hard time opening up beyond simple mentions of hobbies, his name, and what have you. Treshaun suffers from mental illnesses that make him vulnerable to panic attacks, severe nightmares, flashbacks, and insomnia. Pain caused by scar tissue is a trigger, as is the smell of cigarette smoke.

    When feeling threatened, he will switch into attack or defense mode without hesitation. Also, he's known to do excessive amounts of cleaning and baking when under a lot of stress. He tends to obsess over keeping himself busy so he doesn't have to think about bad things.

    Reading, board games, exercising, eating, hard labor, practicing knife fighting

    Assholes, pointless violence

    Getting thrown back into the streets, encountering the gang who almost killed him, and the Cutters.

    He survived a slashing from the Cutters when he was a young boy. While his past is full of traumatic events, he's done his best to use those experiences to be stronger. His life on the streets has made him familiar with lots of the places and people, enabling him to stay up to date on rumors, where to buy drugs, etc...


    General History:
    Treshaun was born with underdeveloped vocals that disables his ability to speak. His parents looked into the trend of replacing organs and such, then agreed to pay fees for a the necessary muscles that would allow their son to have a voice. All was well for the Wheeler family up until Treshuan was seven. He was at home, doing schoolwork under the care of a teenage babysitter while his parents were out. They got into a car accident that killed them both. With no family to take poor Treshaun, he was sent to the orphanage. Adapting to the new environment took him a long time to do, being not only thew new kid but also the tallest...

    Treshaun had something that wasn't getting paid for anymore. He was kidnapped by the Cutters so they could repossess his voice. It was painful, bloody work that he'll never forget. It's still a wonder how he survived; either he was lucky or his attackers did it on purpose.

    He lived in the care of the orphanage until he was 15. Even during those years, he spent a lot of time out on the streets because that's where everything was. There came a time when he didn't even bother going back; who would want to adopt him anyway? Bad encounters with gang members and druggies have caused him more fatal wounds, as well as shaky confidence. However his ability to survive keeps him from giving in to the sour gifts of life.

    Present History:
    He's under the care and employment of Alexandra Rimbauer. She discovered him sitting by his lonesome on a park bench in clothes that were gross, while he nibbled on a restaurant pack of saltine crackers he was given by a passing civilian. For reasons that not even Treshaun understands, she asked him his name, what he was doing there, where he came from... Even though she was a stranger to him, he gave her the answers she sought using a memo pad and pen she had in her purse. Not everyone knows sign language, after all.

    In exchange for a place to sleep at night and warm food to eat, he works his ass off for her doing anything she asks. Paperwork, errands, driving, cooking, cleaning. She saved his life, so there's nothing he won't do for this woman.
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  7. Name: Caine 'Kanine' Almos

    Age: A strong 33 thanks to 3 livers, a heart and kidney. Thank god for the repos!

    Gender: male

    Occupation: Owner of 'Caine's Chili house'. Which is really just a cover, as he is a ranking captain in the street gang DI5, standing for Demonic Intentions.

    Residency: Lives in the back room of the Chili house, in the slums of Paradisio.

    Allegiance: Member of DI5 (Demonic Intentions) Against Neocore.
    A slightly organized, heavily armed crime syndicate.

    Formation and early life of gang.

    Shortly after the death of Legato and the apparent downfall of Neocore, many rebel factions and street gangs came to power on the streets. It was all out war for for turf, power and drugs. Some groups formed simply to protect themselves and their family's from the violence, others formed to attempt to gain control of the lucrative drug trade, and some joined just to cause mayhem and raise hell. Enter DI5, Demonic Intentions. They were founded by a man named Vic Balsow. Vic was killed 20 minutes after he named the gang, by first having his eye's cut out, then gutted and strangled with his own intestines, by his best friend who then took control. That is how the gang operated in the early days; ruthless, nonsensical violence. They weren't the biggest gang, but they gained notoriety quickly and were left alone by any who valued their lives.


    Known for being brutally sadistic and mercilessly vicious. They are feared for their methods, but even more so for their purpose. To kill and destroy everything that isn't DI5, plain and simple. While they have calmed down a lot since their foundation, and have focused more on money and turf control, there are still rumors that things such as cannibalism and satanic initiation ceremonies are common within their ranks. The gang is about 50 strong, mostly street soldiers, with 4 top members. Three captains and a Boss. The captains are the bosses one link to the streets, and the only ones who ever have contact with him.The boss is nameless and faceless and made to cut his/her own eye's out. This ritual is not only to honor it's founding member, but also as a sign of absolute commitment. When a man is chosen to be the leader of DI5, he must show that he trusts his gang enough to put his life in their hands, blindly making decisions for those that blindly follow him. Most agree that this is done more from stupidity than honor. After blinding himself, usually under the influence of heavy drugs and done with a razor blade, he is then taken to a secure location and will have contact with his three captains until his dying day.

    PHYSICAL INFO: Several internal organs have been replaced inside Caine. Without them he would have died a long time ago. Years of not sleeping, straight alcohol and drug use have ravaged his body. He is phisically fit, but looks to be in his 50s instead of his 30s.


    Physique: 6'3, 165. Skinny, muscle corded frame.

    Markings: Tattoos:
    A pentagram engulfed in flame with initials inside the design of 'FGFS' standing for 'Fuck god, Fear Satan'. A winged skull on his chest. And on his right forearm Demonic Intentions in big red letter with black outline.

    Possessions: A straight razor.

    Outer Personality: Fucking hostel (Will fill in more as the RP progresses)

    Inner Personality: Fucking hostel (Will fill in more as the RP progresses)​

    Talents: Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, cooking chili, using curse words creatively, bleeding people, driving at high speeds, being loyal to his gang.

    Faults: Staying sober, Working with others, poor swimmer, being more than 20 feet off the ground. Playing nicely.

    Habits: Drugs (Will fill in more as the RP progresses

    Likes: Violence, swearing, being under the influence, causing mayhem, fast cars

    Dislikes: Heights, water, god
    Knowledge: Basic bomb making, how to effectively dismember a body, where to cut a person so they'll bleed out. No official education, although he can read at an 8th grade level.


    General History: Born to junkies and left to die in a dumpster.

    Screams echo down from a second story window and out into the cold December air. If a person were to follow the screams they would be led to a small one room flat at the end of a hallway in the "Green apple" apartment complexes, downtown Paradiso. Inside this apartment lived a pair of hopelessly addicted, utterly worthless and completely degenerate junkies. A man, if he could even be called that, sat on the floor with a glass pipe in his mouth and a butane torch at his side. The meth smoke that filled the room, as well as drifted into the bathroom where his screaming wife was in labor, was as thick and heavy as the foggiest London night. The man kept lighting the blackened pipe, over and over, as if the drug would somehow mask the dire situation at hand, he would later go on to use extensive amounts of X, but this is where his story ends as far as Caine is concerned.

    Finally the beast of a man happened to notice that the screams from his women being ripped open by new life had stopped. There was no noise at all now, only the silence of death. Approaching the bathroom the mans noes was filled with the sour stench of blood and afterbirth. He looked upon the scene with no change in expression at all. On the floor, next to its dead mess of a mother was the new born. Its father, with out even a second of hesitation, removed its mothers hands from around its neck and picked it up. Walking towards the back fire escape he opened the door of the second story building and threw the infant out into the night. The child didn't utter even a single cry as he fell the 15 + feet into a dumpster below. And so, discarded like a piece of trash, the story of Caine begins.

    Raised by sadistic nuns in a small church in unincorporated Paradiso, Caine developed a hatred for god, life and everything around him at an early age. He took to cutting himself, and later stole a straight razor from one of the priest and slit the mans throat, the first of many murders he would commit throughout his life. Shortly after the investigation that yielded no results, he left the church and began a life of crime, drugs and debauchery on the streets of Paradisio at the age of 13.

    Present History: Caine joined DI5 shortly after the down fall of Neocore. He worked his way up in the ranks from street thug to Captain in only three short years. He acquired a small amount of wealth through drug sales and human trafficking and bought a restaurant in Paradiso called The chili hut, he later changed the name to Caine's Chili house. It is less of a restaurant now and more of a base of operations and hide out for DI5. At present time Caine fears that the reestablishment of Neocore will result in the downfall of his gang. With things now calming down inthe street, Caine must learn to adapt while still being able to fulfill his unsatisfiable need for violence.
  8. [[Complete]]

    Name: Lady Emper Dorothea Quinn

    Teddy name: Inquisitor Cuddy

    Age: 5

    Gender: female

    Occupation: child artist prodigy, as long as her surgery goes well.

    Residency: high rises

    Allegiance: True neutral , yet ignorantly indebted to neocore for her eyes.


    Appearance: unseemly long brown hair that drags along the floor, unless draped in her arm.
    Always dressed in Victorian doll like dresses with white lace and big white bows, stockings and laced boots or shoes.

    Physique: stands at exactly 3 ft. 5 in. Tall, slender frame, delicately fragile looking.

    Markings: Both eyes are neocore property, large scares around them, this only intensifies the cute white gloomy aura

    Possessions: A white teddy bear that when she is alone speaks to her. A secret gift and at times her only try confidant.


    Outer appearance: with a white Mage
    Persona, she has a way of looking right through others. An eerie wisdom surrounds her strange and out of place appearance, contrasted to the doleful landscape.

    Inner Personality: aware, curious, morbid, death obsessed, manipulative, and somewhat impatient with others.

    Talents: prodigal artist

    Faults: high emotional outbursts, lady empress has very little control of her emotions despite her appearing wise beyond her years. There is no telling what might set off a tantrum that leads to the destruction of anything the little empress can get her hands on.

    Habits: staring at people, talking to herself, and getting under your feet.

    Likes: the "idea" of sunshine, death, reading, drawing, cadavers, paint brushes, and Especially Inquisitor Cuddy.

    Dislikes/fears: dislikes large crowds, fears nothing as of yet.

    Knowledge: with her eyes she has an unknown malfunction that has turned out to be a gift. (Will develop more so far it has to do with her prodigal artistry)


    General History: Emper was brought to the neocore facilities and was deemed blind, while the rest of her was perfect, too perfect. Parents are unknown, Empers origin remains a mystery and only one man has the answers to her past.

    Present History: lady Emper is the youngest, if not, the only dubbed lady of Paradisio for her outstanding courage to take on the neocore poster child image, going through with the surgery that may give her the ability to see. The name LADY EMPRESS sticks heavy in the air and before long the child is infamous. Before going in for the procedure, Inquisitor Cuddy tells Emper about "sunshine" and that with this surgery he would tell her where to find it.

    Lady Emper Dorothea Quinn is now under the knife and her waking would only be the beginning of change in paradisio.



    Name: Doctor Byron C. Bledlowe AKA Doctor Gnosis

    Age: 58

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: once one of the head scientists of Neocore, Now cooking the purest drugs with the purest chemicals for the rich and poor alike.

    Residency: He works in the underground cooking up his addicting elixirs while living among the aristocracy of Paradisio as Doctor Byron C. Bledlowe renowned scientist whom performs the latest eye surgery on Lady Empress. All the while all know where in the underground to get their crank from.

    Allegiance: stand alone, chaotic evil


    Appearance: Business suit man by high rise and white coat in the underground with a face none have ever seen, popular and friendly among the researchers of neocore Bledlowe hides behind the persona of Gnosis to carry out a lifetime long vendetta.

    Cooking attire: image.jpg

    High rise suit:

    Physique: Gnosis is more lackadaisical in the way he holds himself, While Bledlowe stand with perfect posture. He is average height, and rather muscular for his age. Physically speaking, he could easily take people down.

    Markings: Gnosis has scars over his entire body save for his face, hands and feet, all of his organs except his eyes and brain have been replaced, some more than once.

    Possessions: Gnosis is rarely seen in public, of at all. Bledlowe has a moleskin notebook that he is seen writing it very often.


    Outer Personality: Gnosis come across as manically astute. Thoughts flood out in vocally incoherent rants.
    Bledlowe is calm, stoic, reserved.

    Inner Personality: Gnosis is the inner personality manifested.

    Talents: science, and cooking methamphetamine and many other sedative, mind/body numbing, emotion killing drugs.

    Faults: Emotionally detached from everything save for one little girl.

    Habits: Bledlowe has a nervous and awkward social stature while Gnosis has an addiction to murder.

    Likes: The only time Bledlow is seen with a smile is when Emper is coming in for her regular check ups, Gnosis, however, like blood, and thoroughly appreciates true loyalty.

    Dislikes: things your character dislikes or fears

    Knowledge: Gnosis basically means religion of knowledge, his chemical and surgical prowess make him one of a kind repo avenger.


    General History: Full of Loss and Secrecy.

    Present History: Dr. Bledlowe is now prepping for surgery to give the Lady Emper he new eyes, and if all goes well, the new eyes will give her exceptional sight and perhaps more. He is rather apprehensive and short with his team of surgeons during this procedure and prepares to operate on the child that dreams of sunshine.
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    Name: Adrian Waterson
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Street Performer [Musician]
    Residency: Homeless, squatter.
    Allegiance: Stands alone against Neocore, but is willing to join some greater cause.


    Physique: 6'0/150lbs/Average Muscle Build
    Markings: Has a tattoo of an "A" on his arm.
    Hand Made Guitar
    Improvised Knife


    Outer Personality: Comes off as distant and cold, although it is just a defense mechanism to protect himself from being hurt. Very nice and accepting to those who reach out to him. Doesn't cry or show emotions, but rather projects his emotions into his music.
    Inner Personality: Very, very insecure about his physical appearance. He actually has a sort of spiritual connection with his guitar, and he often speaks to it and treats it like a human being. He apologizes to the people that he opens up to, afraid that he will lose the few real friends he has in the world.
    Guitarist: Incredibly skilled at the guitar. Makes his own music and knows each and every note on the fret-board by heart.
    Acrobat: Very good at climbing in the urban environment. He thought this was a necessary skill because there have been times he has escaped very, very tricky situations because of his training in acrobatics and climbing.
    Loud and Proud: Adrian was raised in an environment that demanded you be loud to get what you want. He cannot sneak around very successfully, and he is very loud in situations that are not appropriate.
    Low Pain Tolerance: If Adrian were to get punched in the face, he would probably cry for about a half an hour because of his low pain tolerance.

    Habits: Speaks to his guitar like it is a human being, and gets angry if someone tries to take it from him or break it.
    Likes: Music, walking, books, chocolate.
    Dislikes: Tyranny, Conformists, People who are untrustworthy.
    Knowledge: None, yet.


    General History
    Born fatherless to a prostitute in a slums district, Adrian learned early on that nothing came easy. After his mother raised him to be old enough to fend for himself [7 years old, in her eyes], she ditched him, calling him nothing more than a hindrance that slowed down "business". He was taken under the wing of another homeless wanderer who was much, much older than him. A musician, his mentor was Bob Reynolds, a guitarist who taught Adrian all the basics of the instrument, and even made him a guitar.

    Adrian was only 13 when his friend, father-figure, and mentor was abducted and presumably killed by organ hunters; money fueled psychopaths who abducted homeless stragglers and drunks and sold their organs. Fucking assholes, the lot of them. Now alone, Adrian began to take his music to the streets, where middle class workers would pay him as he played his guitar on the streets. Unlike most kids, who were able to spend every cent of their cash on toys, Adrian had to pay for food when he had the money. Sure, things got tough, but it was the life that was set out for him, and he was eager to see if there were going to be any sharp turns that changed things for the better. He lived out his entire teenage life without any formal education, but he was able to pick up some things from other "hobos" who had gone to school. Funny, really, that people with no money or homes were doing the teaching.

    As time went by, Adrian only got better and better at guitar, and he learned that music was his only true friend; a friend that would never leave him until he died.

    Present History
    Now? Adrian does what he has always done: Played music. It's what drives him. But he has something on the side. He'll never forgive Neocore for what they indirectly took from him. Because of his personality and social status, he prefers and is sometimes forced to work alone, but he hopes he can soon find a place where his skills as a bard are needed.
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