Paradise Lost

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DAMMIT, knew I was forgetting something.

I'll get a post in soon, WMD. If I don't, spam my PM box until I do. If it works for Asmo, it'll work for you.
hmm...these characters seem to be getting less and less disney styled as it goes on, alas, accepted, though ill ahve to figure out a way to slot you into the plot
Turn him into a squirrel.

That'll be Disney-like.
Hmm... Should I mess around with my character to make it more disney-styled ?

I think I might do that before posting :33
that would be lovely, though only if you want to saku.
Sure thing :P
I edited it. Lemme know how it is now xD
Hey...things have gotten a tad slow lately

What's the status on this rp?
just waiting one one or two posts before i move the story onwards.