Paradise Lost

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  1. "I've tried that for years, I still never come close to yours. You're hiding some secret ingredient and I know it." Kunari retort as she kiss him back.

    Ichiru cover Evelyn's eye with one hand as he guide her to stir.

    Victoria smile coyly as she watch John and Kunari.
  2. Alena manage to let some leak out from her mouth but she still swallowed some anyway as she struggle to breath.
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  3. "I'll let you keep thinking that." *john smiled as gently smiled at victoria* "you're going to get into trouble one day."
  4. Kunari smile as she took the tray out and started pouring the batter into the tray, "We're gonna have a lot of cupcakes for you girls to decorate." She chuckle softly, "And then daddy and mommy is going to have to talk to your other daddy and mommy about you Vicky." She added the last part with deep sounding hatred.

    Victoria look innocently up at them, "But why? I'm a good girl."
  5. Harmony sigh.
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  6. Alexander laughed as he leaned over her* "you just cam." *he kissed her lips deeply as his thrusts continues*
  7. "You were just a child yourself."
  8. "Should we start there?"
  9. Astorath led her to the bar and sat on a stool.
  10. *Is imagining Frankenstein's monster mom with a dress and 'tude.* You did this to me.
  11. everyone stilll wanna do this?
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  12. Waiting for weekend...
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  14. Yeah, I still want to do this. My internet had simply gone splat.
  15. Undead pirates!
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    However, HELL'S YEAH I still wanna do this.

    Give me a day or so and I'll get something done.
  17. I WANNA JON :D


    Character Name: Snow Blue "Bluez"
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human with elven hereditary traits
    Age: 16
    Birthplace/World: Snow White's World
    Occupation: Self-proclaimed-rescuer, goodfornothing daughter of the EvilWitch from Snow White


    General Appearance:
    Appearance as a Snow Blue (girl)
    Show Spoiler

    Appearance as Bluez (boy)
    [rummages dust into her hair to make it look grayish OR she just hasn't showered in days ;]
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    Strengths: Kicking enemy butt, climbing trees, dancing.
    Weaknesses: Snobby people xD, Arguments, Impatience


    Current Goal/Purpose: To find & save Princess Rosabel
    Talents: Sneaking around, Gymnastics
    Inabilities: Arguing.
    Fears: Darkness
    General Personality: Sharp-witted, spunky, and a quick-thinker, Snow Blue been a maniac from day one. She's always on the move, always in some mischief and always ready to take the biggest risk. Even if she didn't have striking blue hair from that dying accident a couple of years ago, nearly red eyes, the slightly spiky tips of her ears would be her boasting standout. She loves to standout, loves to make noise, and loves to be the center of attention. But don't call her girly or you'll die.
    Secret: Her blue hair is not hereditary. When she was younger, she had black hair. After trying to dye it brown some strange substance from her mother's secret cave of evil things, it slowly turned blue to the point where the roots grow out blue as well~


    General History: After Snow White's seven dwarfs chased the Evil With/ Stepmother Queen away and off the cliff, she landed in a big waterfall that had a portal at the very bottom which transported her to the Hundred Acre Woods. With Pooh Bear and friends, the Queen learned to be a good person and gave up her life of evil and needing to be beautiful. One fateful day, however, she fell from a tree trying to get some honey for Pooh's birthday and crashed into a bush which was a portal back to her world. She married a village man and became rich on selling love potions to young people. Then, she built a secret cave of evil things near her house and reignited her fire to be beautiful, using all sorts of different ways to become prettier than Snow White, but failed. When she realized she was too old to look pretty now, the Queen gave up. When her first child, Snow Blue was born, she tried to get the girl into looking pretty. Snow Blue grew up rebelling against her mother and breaking the secret mirror on the wall which the Queen had kept for her to use. Then, she ran away from home and managed to get to Princess Rosabel's kingdom with the magic of Cinderella's Fairy Godmother's wand which her mother had somehow stolen years ago.
    Present Life: Snow Blue, determined to show her mother that she cannot be a pretty lady all princessy and all high and mighty, decides to become a boy. She cuts up her hair and dresses like a guy. She tries to talk with a deep, croaky voice. And finally, to make it perfect, she decides to rescue Princess Rosabel and become a crowned knight so that she can go home a legend of masculine power instead of the most beautiful girl in the world. Just to prove her mother wrong.
  18. so, frosty, danna, grumpy, you guys still in? or am i gonna have to get this moved to art and writing?

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  19. *pokes thread with Stigmata* This still open/alive? Here anyway, at the very least, my fantastic creation will see the judgement of others.

    Name: Nekros Dreadcollar(Keith)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Human, although rapidly deteriorating into something worse

    Description: [​IMG]

    Personality: Maniacal, grandiose, a fanatic of the dark arts. "Restricted" by the protocols "protecting" students of magic from the Darkness. He revels in the power awarded to him by the ancient evil magics. Eshchewing those creepy dead magic types, he focuses on power, destruction. Blast it with fist(Of eldritch energy)! Constrict it with vines of ebony!

    Equipment: His robes, Tomes of Nerogenesis, Book of Logar Vol. XXIV, Hellmagic for Dummies, Assorted Evil Works, H.P Lovecraft's Entire Works, etc.

    Background: A prodigee fallen, a fantastic cliche. Friend to the hero, and ultimate enemy in the end. Working as a student of the Arcane, he grew bored with their slow pace. Yeah, it's a glowing bulb. Hooray, when can I blast shit like Gandalf, man? Frustrated with their rules and protocols, he abandoned the Academy and sought out the local cult. A new member with skill in magic, a valuable find. He was passed on to a larger order, and given run of their black library. He remained there from the age of 14, to current day. He emerged, eyes bloodshot, face gaunt, robes of human skin(those who had tried to teach him), to conquer the known world. Instead he found an undead menace had beat him. His life sucking spells were worthless against this new foe, his vines snapped beneath their infernal strength. The flames did little to slow them, no matter how intensely they burned. Most of his dark education worthless against these new foes, he was forced, fight or flight, and without his wards to hide behind(Electricity had the same effect as fire, Anti-magic null, fire see above), he fled.