Paradise Lost

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Warmaster Death

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"My prince will save me!" huffed the Princess haughtily, her hope shining like a beacon. Though confusion filled her heart as her captor didn't even miss a beat. He smiled politely.

"Look to your left, Princess." the wizened corpse master whispered, and to her horror, the princess saw her true love standing. His body decayed almost beyond recognition as it reached out for her. The princess screamed as the zombie began to devour her flesh, the old Necromancer cackling all the while.

The Charming prince urges his gleaming white stallion onwards, with armor and sword glinting in the moonlight. He crests the hill and sees the villainous procession of peasants. Most sobbing and wailing, ushered on by dark creatures of the night.

"I must free these people!" he cries spurring his horse into a gallop, though before he can go much further he sees something in the corner of his eye. Turning, he sees it is a large, misshapen creature bearing down on him.

The prince barely has time to utter a shriek of terror as filthy distended fangs closed down around his chest, puncturing his armor like paper. With a flap of leathery wings, the creature once more takes to the sky, the now dead prince held firmly in it's maw.

Ladies and gentlemen, the land of fairytales and stories filled with the power of love and hope triumphing has suffered a terrible invasion. (Think Disney cartoons, think Cinderella, Rupunsell, etc.) The once happy land has been beset with a swarm of undead monstrosities, lead by vicious Vampires and Malevolent necromancers.

Your role, my friends, is to create a character, be it a hero or a villain from one such tale, and to try and survive in as the world around you. The world you once knew inside out, a world where good always won, as it crumbles and falls to pieces around you.

And now to the important bits, such as rules and character sheets:


I used my larger template just so I could be a smartass. >>;;;


Character Name: Princess Rosabel Knabolde
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 18 (Legal Marrying Age!)
Birthplace/World: Her own wonderful kingdom!
Occupation: Pretty Pretty Princess.


General Appearance: Hair red as a beautiful summer rose, skin pale and creamy like fresh peaches n' cream, a body curvy and soft like... um. Good things. Rosabel is an attractive young lady and it took a lot of WORK to be that pretty. Tiny unsatisfying meals, tight uncomfortable corsets, and many hours of grooming.
Strengths: ...uh...


Current Goal/Purpose: GET MARRIED HAVE BABIES. ....wait uh, DO NOT WANT DIE.
Talents: Singing, Looking Pretty, um... Singing.
Inabilities: Princesses are good at everything. ]:[ Shutup.
Fears: There is nothing to fear when her one true love will come! :D (...what do you mean he's not coming?!)
General Personality: Sweet, kind, generous, benevolent. Everything a princess is and should be! She is a wonderful person and everyone loves her. Unless they're mean and evil and jealous.
Inner Personality: Honestly, Rosabel is a spoiled little twit who thinks life is oh so grand. She wants her man so they can make babies and have their perfect little family and live happily ever after. Everything is perfect. It WILL be perfect. What the hell do you mean it won't be perfect?! She will END you!
Secret: Princesses dun have secrets. :3


General History: Oh, the treasured first child to a King and Queen, they say angels sang on the day she was born, that all the magical beasts of the land blessed her, and her birth was to herald in an age of peace and prosperity! Raised like all delicate little princesses should be, she was taught how to look pretty, sing pretty, be nice to animals, gracious to peasants, and adoring wife to her future husband!

One day the young teenage princess decided her life was just horrible so she ran away in to the forest! (Being a princess is SO HARD!) There, she got in to scary trouble with a bunch of trolls. But that is when she met her one true love, her dearest prince! In a sweeping rescue, she was saved and returned safe and sound to her castle. They made plans for a marriage when she came of age. She never saw the Prince in all that time, but they wrote very romantic letters about their true love and how much they couldn't wait to be together!

Just days from the date of the marriage, she gets kidnapped by a mean evil villain. Oh prince, do come save her! ;__; He is coming to save her, right?!
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I used my small template cos I know people don't give a shit.

Name: Prince Gawain Golgotha
Gender: Turnip
Age: 29
Race: Hughman

Personality: Accident-prone, proud, dim-witted, courageous and honest-hearted. He means well, but he usually screws up.
Equipment: Gold half-plated armour, rusty shortsword, temperamental horse.
Background: Prince Golgotha, mighty warrior of legend, known and feared throughout the lands - expert swordsmen, glimpsed upon his white horse of doom, wreaking terror and breaking hearts in every kingdom! At least that was the plan. Bored by his father's peaceful ways, Gawain set sail with a great army to wage war on the Elves of Jirengard. But then his ship was sunk by a boney-looking monster that had taken up residence in the eastern seas. Gawain and his horse, Todger, were washed ashore and have been trying to find the way back ever since.

Character Name: Kang the Pathetic
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Mostly-Human
Age: 18
Birthplace/World: Same as Rosabel.
Occupation: Semi-Evil Almost-Genius Technowhatsit!


General Appearance: While males of the kingdom tended to have the tall, broad-chested look of a hero, poor Kang did not. Kang was short, with wiry arms and black hair - his face had the thin look of a weasel, and his ears taper off as if attempting to go for the elven look. While attempting to go for the long-haired look, his black hair instead droops down over his face, hiding his eyes. A target of many pranks and mistreatment, his gait is slow, and his posture horrible. Thick black bags under his eyes from sleepless nights tend to distract people from his unique eye color - a viscous purple.
Strengths: He can get up from even the most vicious of beatings!
Weaknesses: It doesn't take a lot to constitute a 'vicious beating' to him.


Current Goal/Purpose: Win the love of the fair Rosabel, open her heart to the advantages of doing things in a practical manner, marry her, and rule the land with an Iron (yet loving) Fist!
Talents: Incredibly intelligent, skilled with machines. He also has an affinity with predatory animals, who act friendly to him.
Inabilities: Far too cautious, takes a very long time to plan things, nervous about social interaction.
Fears: Public speaking, singing, and other things involving crowds of people that don't involve riding through on something, cackling maniacally. He also fears fish, mice, horses, worms, and feathers.
General Personality: Mean, evil, and jealous. As well as cowardly. He's the type to run away than risk his own neck, though he'll stick around to grab what's precious to him. He follows the "Villain's Code" fairly well. Makes traps for the heroes to triumph over (DESIGNED with the hero in mind), he times deathtraps so that heroes have JUST ENOUGH TIME to escape - he installs 'self-destruct' buttons in his bases, labeled and made big, red, and visible. He seems to have a plan in mind for everything, and is always quietly thinking.
Inner Personality: He thinks about himself first. That's all he's really been trained to do. He focuses completely on surviving to the next day - which is why his machines are perfectly safe (though very weak by evil genius standards).
Secret: As an orphan, HE'S not even sure what the other parts of 'mostly-human' are.


General History: Kang is new to this whole 'villainy' business. Previously, he had spent all his time and resources on trying to make the kingdom a better place. He didn't bother with magic - he wanted to make something that... that everyone could use. Even the peasants, like himself!

This did not go well with the princes and heroes. Kang was the target of cruel pranks and bullying from the get-go. Even when he had been in the orphanage, he had been bullied because of his villainous appearance.

It was Rosabel that kept him going. She kept him silent and accepting as he adored her from afar. She had passed on a stroll one day... and smiled at him. No one had ever smiled at him before. He fell for her on the spot, and dedicated every waking moment to his work, attempting to make something that would impress her... he began to work on a flying carriage!

...Then that prince screwed it all up, sweeping her off her feet from some trolls... Trolls he likely planted himself to attack her... the bully! In jealousy, he began to alter his flying carriage, equipping it with armor, ignoring the beauty he had intended to put on it for more practical use.

Then, he broke in and took her. He left traps and clues along the way... he would defeat her 'prince', and then she would see... she would see that HE was the more desirable person! He had it all planned out, too...

Nothing could stop him. Not even her naive notions of her 'true love' saving her.

...Kang wished with all his heart that she could see... that that's what he was intending to do - save her.
I used the big template cos it makes me look cool....


Character Name: Prince Nimoy Knabolde
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Undead
Age: 18
Birthplace/World: The Kingdom
Occupation: Prince, Knight of the Realm


General Appearance: Were it not for the fact that he's dead and rotting, Prince Nimoy could be described as the epitome of Knightly-ness. His hair once was shoulder-length and a golden blonde colour, his face chiselled and strong, his body muscled and lean. His armour was a deep green colour, with golden enamelling, complete with a golden yellow cape and a helmet that covered his face.

The trouble is, Prince Nimoy did pass away only to come back, and it's not done wonders for his looks. His skin is pasty and rotting, the horrific injuries that claimed his life still there and still as grisly to behold. His hair is lank and has lost it's colour, nothing but dry straw now. The armour that once gleamed no longer shines, coated in mud, dirt and blood (not to mention the rather large gap in the side, where several rather important internal organs and skin should be).
Strengths: The prince is a strong warrior, his body muscled and lean and capable of pushing itself to high levels of strain.
Weaknesses: That arm that's so good at swinging a sword could fall off sometime soon. Hell, he could fall apart entirely soon.


Current Goal/Purpose: TO RESCUE HIS PRECIOUS SISTER! to find out why his toes keep falling off and his body is rotting and fix it.
Talents: He's been trained in the ways of a warrior from birth, capable of riding a horse into battle and fighting with just about any weapon he can lay his hands upon, and has been taught military strategy and tactics.
Inabilities: Whilst he does possess some intelligence, Nimoy isn't exactly the brightest of the bunch. He lacks common sense, often taking things at face value and not picking up on important details. He's also extremely impatient, often blundering into situations unprepared rather than taking the time to think things through.
Fears: The disapproval of the father and King that he worships, that there isn't a cure to his condition, for his sister's safety.
General Personality: Nimoy gives out the impression of a loud, confident young man out to follow the code of Knightly conduct as best he can. He drinks and makes merry with his soldiers, treats women and those less fortunate with respect, and generally tries to be a good prince and someone for his father to be proud of.
Inner Personality: Nimoy had serious issues with his own image. He wants to be loved by his people, feared and respected by his enemies, and to have the approval of his father. Because of this he acts as he feels he must no matter what. He also worries a lot more than he lets on, fretting over his decisions and actions perhaps a bit too much.
Secret: None, really.


General History: Younger than his elder sister Rosabel by around nine months (hey, the Royal family needed the children at that point), Nimoy was raised to be the warrior son and future king his father sought so badly. He was trained from an early age, and the king taught him that becoming the epitome of a Knight should be his highest priority.

Not possessing the greatest amount of intellect, Nimoy took those words to hard, and sought to make his father proud to the best of his ability. On his 17th birthday, he was finally knighted by the King, quite possibly the proudest moment of his life.

Things kind of went downhill a year later.

First off, the creepy little twerp who was always creating insane inventions in the city kidnapped his sister Rosabel from the castle in a flying carriage. Oh, and then the undead invaded.

Though he desperately wished to pursue his sister's kidnapper, Nimoy felt it was his duty to fight in the defence of his realm. Leading a small force to ambush the forces of the undead. Naturally, Nimoy led them straight into a trap. Though they desperately fought to the last man, Prince Nimoy and his men were slaughtered.

Then he got back up.

How this has happened, Prince Nimoy has no idea. He realises he cannot return to the capital in his current state as a zombie, and so is seeking out both his kidnapped sister and a cure to his 'condition'.

In short, he's a blundering undead knight staggering across the realm from one bad situation to another. A terrifying prospect, indeed...
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Reserved for my sexy, evil queen character that I will put up tomorrow or Monday.
Name: Evanum
Gender: Male
Age: 84
Race: Dark Elf

Personality: A wanderer, traveling from town to village, village to city, city to horizon and beyond. Living off of with lyre, and the generosity of the people we meets and performing for whichever nobles want a change from the usual tunes offered by the bardic community. Thoughtful and observant searching for inspiration everywhere he'll often pull out his lyre and pluck a tune if he sees something that speaks to his muse.

Equipment: Lyre enchanted to play heavy metal, light armour, shortsword, unnamed fieldmouse, backpack with meager supplies.

Background: Born in a small village he began experimenting with different music styles and when to reached maturity began wondering in search of new experiences to inspire him. hes seem most f the lands reachable on foot, and hes played for some of the kings now past. Though his style has never caught on in the greater bardic circles hes happy that it keeps his style unique, and a fresh sound to most who hear it.
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Character Name: Snow Blue "Bluez"
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human with elven hereditary traits
Age: 16
Birthplace/World: Snow White's World
Occupation: Self-proclaimed-rescuer, goodfornothing daughter of the EvilWitch from Snow White


General Appearance:
Appearance as a Snow Blue (girl)
Appearance as Bluez (boy)
[rummages dust into her hair to make it look grayish OR she just hasn't showered in days ;]
Strengths: Kicking enemy butt, climbing trees, dancing.
Weaknesses: Snobby people xD, Arguments, Impatience


Current Goal/Purpose: To find & save Princess Rosabel
Talents: Sneaking around, Gymnastics
Inabilities: Arguing.
Fears: Darkness
General Personality: Sharp-witted, spunky, and a quick-thinker, Snow Blue been a maniac from day one. She's always on the move, always in some mischief and always ready to take the biggest risk. Even if she didn't have striking blue hair from that dying accident a couple of years ago, nearly red eyes, the slightly spiky tips of her ears would be her boasting standout. She loves to standout, loves to make noise, and loves to be the center of attention. But don't call her girly or you'll die.
Secret: Her blue hair is not hereditary. When she was younger, she had black hair. After trying to dye it brown some strange substance from her mother's secret cave of evil things, it slowly turned blue to the point where the roots grow out blue as well~


General History: After Snow White's seven dwarfs chased the Evil With/ Stepmother Queen away and off the cliff, she landed in a big waterfall that had a portal at the very bottom which transported her to the Hundred Acre Woods. With Pooh Bear and friends, the Queen learned to be a good person and gave up her life of evil and needing to be beautiful. One fateful day, however, she fell from a tree trying to get some honey for Pooh's birthday and crashed into a bush which was a portal back to her world. She married a village man and became rich on selling love potions to young people. Then, she built a secret cave of evil things near her house and reignited her fire to be beautiful, using all sorts of different ways to become prettier than Snow White, but failed. When she realized she was too old to look pretty now, the Queen gave up. When her first child, Snow Blue was born, she tried to get the girl into looking pretty. Snow Blue grew up rebelling against her mother and breaking the secret mirror on the wall which the Queen had kept for her to use. Then, she ran away from home and managed to get to Princess Rosabel's kingdom with the magic of Cinderella's Fairy Godmother's wand which her mother had somehow stolen years ago.
Present Life: Snow Blue, determined to show her mother that she cannot be a pretty lady all princessy and all high and mighty, decides to become a boy. She cuts up her hair and dresses like a guy. She tries to talk with a deep, croaky voice. And finally, to make it perfect, she decides to rescue Princess Rosabel and become a crowned knight so that she can go home a legend of masculine power instead of the most beautiful girl in the world. Just to prove her mother wrong.
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*pokes thread with Stigmata* This still open/alive? Here anyway, at the very least, my fantastic creation will see the judgement of others.

Name: Nekros Dreadcollar(Keith)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human, although rapidly deteriorating into something worse


Personality: Maniacal, grandiose, a fanatic of the dark arts. "Restricted" by the protocols "protecting" students of magic from the Darkness. He revels in the power awarded to him by the ancient evil magics. Eshchewing those creepy dead magic types, he focuses on power, destruction. Blast it with fist(Of eldritch energy)! Constrict it with vines of ebony!

Equipment: His robes, Tomes of Nerogenesis, Book of Logar Vol. XXIV, Hellmagic for Dummies, Assorted Evil Works, H.P Lovecraft's Entire Works, etc.

Background: A prodigee fallen, a fantastic cliche. Friend to the hero, and ultimate enemy in the end. Working as a student of the Arcane, he grew bored with their slow pace. Yeah, it's a glowing bulb. Hooray, when can I blast shit like Gandalf, man? Frustrated with their rules and protocols, he abandoned the Academy and sought out the local cult. A new member with skill in magic, a valuable find. He was passed on to a larger order, and given run of their black library. He remained there from the age of 14, to current day. He emerged, eyes bloodshot, face gaunt, robes of human skin(those who had tried to teach him), to conquer the known world. Instead he found an undead menace had beat him. His life sucking spells were worthless against this new foe, his vines snapped beneath their infernal strength. The flames did little to slow them, no matter how intensely they burned. Most of his dark education worthless against these new foes, he was forced, fight or flight, and without his wards to hide behind(Electricity had the same effect as fire, Anti-magic null, fire see above), he fled.