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  1. Samuel Bonham
    Age: 21.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Caucasian, British.
    Occupation: Book store Clerk/Gangster by night.
    1. Hair details:
    |Hair Color: Dark brown
    |Hair length: Short
    |Hair style: City Slicker, 1920s
    2. Facial details:
    |Eyes: Hazel
    |Facial hair: Clean shaven
    3. Body details
    |Skin tone: Caucasian, fair skinned
    |Height: 5'9"
    |Weight: 145 lbs
    |Tattoos: None
    Strengths, weaknesses (physical skills):
    |Strengths: Taut body from farm work growing up, can lift his own weight.
    |Weaknesses: Smokes too much, can't run very fast. Mild nearsightedness, can't see things clearly from a distance.
    Current goal/purpose: Money, respect.
    Talents, inabilities, fears:
    |Talents: Good singer, good fighter
    |Inabilities: Can't whistle or snap his fingers. Horrible dancer.
    |Fears: He'll be a nobody with no money and no honey for the rest of his life.
    General personality: Silently angry, curt, violent.
    Inner personality: Depressed, chronic feelings of emptiness that are only relieved when he acts out.
    Secret: Wants a reason to kill someone.
    General history: Grew up on a farm with 2 older twin brothers (Charles and Robert) and a younger sister (Lydia). Mother died during birth of younger sister. Lydia died when she was 8 by drowning. Father still alive on the farm.
    Present life: Works as a book store clerk, lives in a small apartment near the train tracks. Spends most of his paychecks on drinking.
    Theme song: Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars
  2. Rosalee Davis

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Race: British

    Occupation: Designer

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    1. Hair details:
    Hair Color: Hazel
    Hairlength Long
    Hair style: Loose and softly curled sometimes pinned up in a Fuax bob style.

    2. Facial details:
    Eyes: Misty Blue

    3.Body details
    Skin tone: Ivory, fair skinned.
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 101 lbs

    Strengths, weaknesses (physical skills):

    Strengths: Is not very strong, she grew up her life very easy.
    Weaknesses: Allergies, dogs mostly. Can't protect herself, has a sleeping disorder.

    Current goal/purpose: To work herself back up to where she was.

    Talents, inabilities, fears:

    Talents: Amazing singer, dancer and designer
    Inabilities: Can't work well with people, can't make jokes, can't give speeches.
    Fears: To never be able to drop the cigarette or climb those steps she dropped.

    Personality: Rosalee is not your typical girl, she always speaks her mind. She loves having fun and hanging out with her girlfriends. She can sometimes appear as a bit rough and careless. Behind all this Rosalee hates violence, she has a soft an caring side that some might even call womanly.

    Secret: Wants to start a new life away from all her problems, maybe get married and settle down.

    General history: Rosalee has always had what she wanted, her mother and father were both designers of the finest clothes. Rosalee was raised to be a lady, her parents even sent her to a finishing school, but Rosalee decided that, that frame was not for her picture. She had taken the secret free life until her father found out about it, he left her all alone. Her mother Abby Davis still comes to see her where she now lives in the city.

    Present life: She found herself a small job as a designer at a boutique. She lives in the city and very rarely leaves it to go to town.
  3. "The weight of the steel, the flat of the blade."
    Samuel liked to sing to himself as he walked to work in the morning. He would sing his little line over and over again, toying with the knife in his coat pocket the whole time. As he walked West down Compton Avenue, toward Joseph Langdon's Bookshop on 10th, he would fantasize about what it would feel like to actually use his knife and stick it in between someone's ribs. A smile played on his lips, his secret and dark thoughts crawled around his head like tiny bugs.

    Stopping at the corner of Compton and 12th, he took a cigarette out from behind his ear and stuck it in between his lips. The time on his watch read 8:45 AM, he would arrive early. As he was about to light his cigarette, a blurry figure headed in his direction caught his full attention. Being near-sighted, he didn't usually pay attention to anyone at a distance, and the fact this stranger had caught his eye was something special to him. Patiently, he stood and watched, pretending to have trouble with his matches.

    Finally, the figure was close enough for him to see that it was a pretty, young woman. He found her misty blue orbs to be absolutely captivating, and knew from that second he had to have her.
  4. The dull clack of her heels echoed pretty far as it was till early and not many were up and about. Strangely Rosalee never saw many people here or maybe it was that she never really came this way. Mostly she would be up in the busy part of the city where everything happened, but she needed new fabric for a special design she was making and Anna-Belle's, a small shop with the best fabrics was here, why they chose to do business here she would never know.

    Rosalee came all the way from 10th where she found a bookshop, she had purchased herself a book she had been looking for, for ages. She made a note to come back an visit it again. Walking further she was now heading down 12th, Anna-Belle's was just round the corner.

    Once she got closer to the corner she pulled her floral patterned coat a bit tighter to shield from the cold breeze, she slowed a bit when she saw a man standing on the corner. Its not that she didn't like people you just never knew who you could trust. Ignoring the pull of her eyes to the man's quite handsome face, she gave him a small smiled and a nod for "good morning" and rounded the corner to the shop she wanted to be in.
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  5. Samuel inhaled deeply as she passed; partly because he felt his heart skip a beat, but also because Samuel wanted to savour the perfume she wore.

    "Vanilla." He murmured breathlessly, his cigarette nearly fell out of his mouth. Grinning from ear to ear and putting his smoke in his coat pocket, Samuel praised his mystery Goddess. Her choice in perfume was absolutely perfect, her skin looked as soft as a baby, and her eyes... her eyes mystified him. He would do anything to have this girl, he decided.

    He walked to the book store so quickly that it felt like it had taken no time at all to get there. Charles, the owner's son, stood behind the till reading a detective magazine. He looked up from his comic to see who came in, and grinned when he saw it was Samuel. The two of them were close friends and often spoke of the women they would take, if they had the chance.

    "Sammy, ya missed this great lookin' dame that came in 'bout 10 minutes ago. Boy, was she the bee's knees!" Charles grinned, he leaned on the counter and shook his head. Removing his coat, Samuel wondered if Charles was speaking of his Goddess. He listened silently as Charles droned on about all the filth in his mind, and bit his lip hard when he knew it was indeed Her that his friend spoke of. For the very first time, Charles had crossed a line in Samuel's mind.

    Samuel left abruptly as the owner's son was finishing his sentence. There was only so much disrespect of his future Lady that he could take, and he would not stand by anyone who spewed filth when speaking of Her. He decided he would turn to the place in his mind where it was all right to either get some money or take a life. Samuel was an impulsive fellow who felt no reason not to follow his urges. He would impress Her, by any means.
  6. Taking in the clean cent of the store Rosalee started to look at all the fabrics, she looked for precise detail and color this dress had to be absolutely perfect, "If I didn't know any better I would say that you get prettier every time I see you" a sweet voice broke the silence. Rosalee turned around to see her old friend "Lillian, what are you doing here, normally I see your sister" she said happily as she embraced her friend "well we gotta take a break" answered the red headed girl "Haven't seen you in a while, what are you looking for" asked Lillian. "Well, it has to be fancy...I was thinking red, its for a dress by the way" she half giggled as she and her friends searched. "Ah! What about this" came her friends voice she held up a plain deep red fabric "Lovely" breathed Rosalee "Give it all" she said to her friend.

    After paying for the fabric and hugging her friend goodbye she exited the shop, once outside she inhaled deeply the crisp air filling her lungs, she tied her coat around her waist and stood thinking for a moment, making sure there was nothing she forgot to buy. She made a small check list in her head and nodded once she was sure she had everything.

    Taking the book she bought earlier out of the small bag, she decided it would be fun to look through it while she walked, she has been dying to read it again. Slinging her purse and the fabric over her shoulder she started to walk back up towards 10th where her friend was waiting for her in the car. She always drove around with her friend since couldn't afford a car at that moment. But she made a promise to herself that she would one day, she just had to work hard.
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