Paradise in the Clouds

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    If you could be happy all the time, even at the expense of others, wouldn't you?

    Yeah. You would.

    ...Wouldn't you?

    ...Have I done something wrong?

    No...They took my happiness from me! I had every right! This world will burn!

    Hell will be more than a word for them!

    The Highlands have long been a peaceful place, it would be hard not to be, nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by earthen retaining walls. Walls that were built into the mountain, walls that couldn't actually be destroyed. Clean water, fresh air, and all the modern conveniences, from cars to airships to electric plumbing. Democracy, no war, little poverty, what more could a society ask for? Living a life in the clouds, full of waterfalls and bridges connect one peak to another, it would be hard not to find beauty and joy in this place.

    For the time being, at least.


    The basic plot is that the Highlands is suddenly having Biblical level problems. Streams are running dry, crops are dying in the fields, livestock are giving birth to dead young, earthquakes are shaking the once stable retaining walls bridges and skyscrapers. The worst part is that they have no one to blame for it. Sure, there's the religion of the God of Clouds, but he's considered a gentle father, not one to smite people, let alone people responsible for such a glorious civilization. The lowlanders are CERTAINLY not advanced enough to wage war of such kind. And there's no such thing as magic, its nothing but superstition....Right?


    These are similar to our zodiac signs, except that they are far more ingrained in each person. At birth, a person is born with a different symbol somewhere on their body. A small curled flame for fire, a droplet for water, a rock for earth, a spiral for wind, a bolt for lightning, a cloud for thunder, a snowflake for ice, a sun for light, and a black circle for darkness. Supposedly, these symbols provide insight into the nature aspect of a human's personality, and the divine protection a person receives. However, most modern highlanders discard them as remnants from an age long past, nothing more than birthmarks tangibly shaped.

    Character bios and restrictions

    Aside from human-only characters, the only real restriction is NO MAGIC OR POWERS. You will have the option to get them later in the story, but you can't have them to start off. Weapons from any period of time from the ancient world to the modern era are acceptable. Information to include in your character sheet:

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  2. Working on a Character for this.
  3. Name: Ali Surei
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    History: Ali is the son of a shopkeeper in the capital city of The Highlands, Sadosh. While not wealthy and influential, his father did provide them a very comfortable existence, and they certainly never had to worry about going hungry. Ali went to private, renowned schools, attended and graduated from a prestigious university, and is a historical and theological scholar of national reputation. He does maintain the business with his father, and continues to be well off, however, in the recent weeks, things have not been going nearly as well for business.

    Personality: He is gentle, for the most part, but also a bit intolerant of ignorance. He is easy to anger, and is not one to withhold his feelings or opinions. He's a gentle soul at heart though, and values his friends and family immensely. He also has a deep love of his country, and is very patriotic and supportive of the Highlands.
    Appearance: Arab character.jpg

    Weapons: A sword of high quality steel, able to slice through metal with ease, and a buckler that is strong enough to be bullet proof.

    Affinity: Fire
  4. Name: Selaphis (Cell-uh-fhis) Rin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    History: Is a "lowly" farmer, even if everyone is equal in the paradise. She has always lived with her farther, and is experienced with her scythe, which she uses to cut wheat, but can be deadly with it. She was born in the Cloud "Paradise" and knows nothing of the outside world. Choosing to be an outsider.
    Personality: the typical silent type, keeps to herself, very shy, but loves for people to talk to her, never talking back.
    Appearance: images-1.jpeg
    Weapons: ScytheLinus.jpg
    Affinity: Dark Affinity
    (I do not own these pictures and just thought they would fit.)
  5. No problems, approved. ^ ^
  6. I have a question, would it be possible for me to make a Water Affinity character who hails from a northern winterlocked village and carried to the highlands by a massive tidal wave?
  7. Hm...the only problem is that there are really only two cultures in this world...the highlanders and lowlanders. They could be from a coastal village of the lowlanders, but that'd be about it.
  8. so He could be thrown into the highlands from a winterlocked lowland island?
  9. There really wouldn't be any way to just end up in the highlands due to natural disaster, they're in the peaks of mountains.
  10. Hmmmm, I don't know where I'd be able to enter then
  11. realize you're suppose to modify your characters to fit the rp you want to join...right?
  12. I'm just, not in the right mind today so forgive stupidity, I'm prefectly aware I can fit the character in, I'm just not thinking right.
  13. Right then...take your time. xD
  14. Birthday parties can get outta control

    However this rp reminds me of Golden Sun which is why I'm interested
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  18. Name: Erani
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    History: Erani was born into a middle class family that earned their money by selling good quality fabrics. Although she finished with her high school she never found any interest in going to a University due to her talent at apparel making. All she learned was from her grandmother who took care of her since a baby since her parents passed away shortly after she was born. The case, a house fire which she hadn't been at. Now, it was her job to take of the business after her grandmother pass away but she was well and alive.
    Personality: Erani's personality is very blunt and straight forward. At times, she just doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut which gets her into tight situations with some people. She is blessed by knowing how to control herself well but is cursed by having a temper when getting frustrated or agitated.
    aup rp curly brown hair.jpg
    sword staff.jpg
    Affinity: Earth
  19. Your character is approved, Doxa! ^ ^