ParaCom: Adversary Uncertain

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  1. Act 1, Chapter 1---Operation Destructive Paragon

    "We're putting in to Mexico for this operation. This is a search and destroy within an urban center. Civilians have been evacuated for notice. Do eliminate any paranormal entity, but don't take any chances." Main Officer Arnold "Center" Bradley briefed the recruits on the mission just as the drop ship would take them to Chihuahua, Mexico. As the operatives flew over the Mexican northern areas, they would witness bodies across the landing zone they were headed to. It seemed that the paranormal entities do not take any prisoners, killing men, women, and children alike!

    The city of Juárez, Mexico was the destination. Normally, it was chaotic during the reign of the cartels. However, due to the ruthless advances of the paranormal forces, a good portion of them have been slaughtered when they fought back. It was indeed confirmed! Paranormal forces typically do not leave survivors whenever they fight. Who knows what was in store for ParaCom? Only way to find out was to find and kill any paranormal creatures present.
  2. Zack- snorted a bit looking over his shotgun. he didn't care about these "paranormal" creatures were around. all he knew is he got assigned to this outfit and he was going to stick around as long as necessary. no matter what there were things that needed killing and he would be their bloody reaper.
    Drake- sat back and was puzzling over the whole paranormal thing. they did brief him but he wasn't totally convinced. wasn't what they were saying some weird codename? it couldn't be possible for that sorta stuff to be legit.
    Bella-She just focused on reviewing possible injuries mentally. first and foremost she was a medic no matter where she was serving or on what battlefield.
  3. Alexi had his orders. There wasn't much more that he needed. The Russian sniper sack back and gazed into the emotional eyes of his comrades. These are the people I need to protect. Alexi thought to himself memorizing the faces, clothing, hair, and other features he'd need to look for. When he felt his mental database of important profiles was complete he quietly went over the terrain he'd be facing. Chances were the drop ship would make an instant target for any "paranormal whatevers" so his immediate goal was to cover the landing so he needed to be fast and ready. Alexi opened his rifle case and began prepping his weapon for immediate fire. He fidgeted with the scope and adjusted it as he saw fit. The rifle was loaded and ready, not even on safety which he could be reprimanded for but Alexi was a cautious man. Accidental fire and other silly, careless mistakes were not something he ever faced. Probably being why he was chosen for this mission...the air smelled serious with a hint of overactive nerves. He leaned forward and spoke to a man with peppery hair and a silver scar in a slow, Russian growl, "This mission, eh? The supernatural idea isn't exactly something I'd have expected after joining the military."
  4. Just as the group was ready, Alexi would sense the presence of undead ghouls in a patrol of three. They were not paying heed to any human activity and were scanning for good places to make a paranormal foothold. They were like zombies, just much smarter, meaner, and with the ability to wield weapons. They were each armed with a crossbow that fired bolts covered in magic. The result was not just armor piercing, but also potentially deadly. Conventional armor was not sufficient against sustained attacks, so care must be used to prevent grievous injury.

    The group of operatives can either assault directly or wait for them to pass for a sneak attack. BOTH strategies had their perks and quirks. Either way will contribute to the mission in killing off any of the paranormal entities.
  5. Adalyn brought up the rear of the group, holding a rocket launcher at her shoulder and a belt of grenades at her waist. She appeared bored but inside she was terrified. She'd been on field operations before but they never cease to scare her. She liked to think it was normal.

    The squad soon came across a patrol group of ghouls that chattered with each other as they inspected buildings. It was only three but letting one get away would mean big trouble in the future. The entire recon team had to be taken out. Adalyn awaited orders.
  6. Zack- gets a surprised look as he was looking around for boggies when he spots it. tsking and muttering "Damn. So the bastards are real." he grits his teeth and goes to take cover. he pumps his gun ready to take fire in either defense or if they were to go for the kill. he was hoping for an excuse to draw blood.
    Drake-He takes up position a fair distance from the ghouls but with a good view of them. aims his sniper rifle at one just in case he needed to shoot. he had quite the eye but was surprised by the ghouls. However a shot to the head will do fatal damage all the same.
    Bella-She was quite shocked by the appearance of the ghouls. her mind had been focused on figuring out exactly how the kits worked though she had a working knowledge of them. she takes position in the center in full cover and close enough that if any needed medical attention they got it.
  7. Alexi felt uneasy, the sense of immediate danger filled his head with possible strategic outcomes. He knew there weren't many but he didn't know an exact number. Alexi only saw three but there could be a couple others already stationed elsewhere. However hopeful it was that they weren't too much smarter than zombies Alexi didn't want to take a chance. He noted the other sniper taking a spot so Alexi decided to take the other side.
    Alexi held his rifle hoping the ghouls hadn't already spotted him or the medic, she was his priority for now. He flanked back moving swiftly but keeping low and maintaining sight of the medic and the ghouls. For a split second Alexi looked back to make sure nothing was coming from the rear. He found a small shed, dangerous but effective for cover, that chance he decided to take. He slipped behind the shed and over to the left of it, laid down, set up his tripod, and took a peek through his scope. He first checked for the medic who was currently safe. Then he quickly began to scope out his other teammates. He could see a large rocket launcher wielded by a young woman who was also safe for the time being. The others were out of sight. Not good, better check the radio.
    "Adalyn? Zack? You good? Over."
    Alexi waited patiently for an answer and continued to look around for other possible enemies besides the obvious three.
  8. P A R A N O R M A L A C T I O N

    Suddenly, the ghouls smelled the air. The have detected humans in the vicinity! As a response, the trio of ghouls secured positions while using nearby rubble and cars as cover. One of them immediately performed an overwatch maneuver, firing at anyone that got close to the trio of ghouls. Though quite intimidating, they were but light infantry and potentially the cannon fodder.
  9. The ghouls were on the defensive. This means that the operatives have the opportunity to fight back by flanking. The pillars and walls of the ruined city can provide cover. However, they must take care not to be hit by the ghoul on overwatch. Wounds can be expecially nasty from their weapons technology. Adalyn can sneak around and set explosives in case more ghouls arrive to a potential firefight. Alexi can take out the ghoul from overwatch to make it easier for the group. Zack can directly assault the ghouls in cover while the rest provide extra firepower.

    Center was watching and saw to it for guiding the ParaCom operatives as needed.
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