ParaCom: Adversary Uncertain (Paranormal Combat)

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  1. Dangerous cryptids, frightening undead, horrifying demons, and terrifying monsters have declared war on the human race! You should join the ParaCom project to fight back against the paranormal abominations that are plaguing our realm and threatening our kin! Not just we shall fight back against the evil, but also develop technology to force them back to the abyss whence they came from.

    Our situation is desperate! Drastic situations call for drastic measures! Our science teams will autopsy the fallen enemies as well as utilize enhanced interrogation techniques for the sake of the survival of our civilization. There will be no victory without some amount of sacrifice in such a war of attrition.

    Apply here and join the struggle to save our peoples. If nobody is up to protect our planet from the evils of the paranormal, then WHO WILL?!? We are the fighting force to be trusted, watchful, and relied on! Please join us for glory and duty!
  2. If anyone has questions, see the OOC, PM me, or meet me in the chats. There I'll be able to answer in less cluttered and more rapid manner.
  3. ADDENDUM: I hate to sound like a broken record player, but if nobody volunteers to defend humanity against the evil of the paranormal, then WHO WILL?!?
  4. The poll is still open on those who want to vote for base locations. Remember that they all have their perks. Choose wisely folks!
  5. At ParaCom, we'll also provide awesome innovations to combat the paranormal that our threatening the existence of our very civilization! Come in and see for yourself!