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    ~ o Para-Site o ~
    The date is 4000 a time when the world stood still, it all began in 3000 when the bombs went off people running in their shelters to hide from the screams and the cries of pain. After it all stopped everyone thought the world would be at peace finally but they were wrong. News reporters now come on the TV tells stories of the radioactive bombs leeking out into are waters and soon are air. People did not worry from the start all saying, "Oh it willl be cleaned up by the bots no need to worry." This started to infect the viruses the bactria and the parasites that we all grown to hate in are lifes. It made them stronger...smarter they soon infected the animals making them into monsterest creatures needing the taste of blood or changing from a cute little rabbit to a big boney man eatting monster.
    As scientest sent out people to gun down the infected creatures to wipe out the infection it somehow found its way to one families backyard when their little 12 year old boy was playing with the dog til the dog acted strange and started to bleed out from its ears and eyes and soon went mad and bite the child. The dog soon shot on spot by the giant Mec-Bots was taken away for testing, as for the child he began to cry louder and louder each hour the parents soon bawling in tears as they drive faster and faster to the care center. Once they got their it seemed as if the child had died once they layed him on the table but to a shocking surprice the boy was still alive but in a state of coma. Days went by soon the boy had awaken scientest from around the world came to see the boy for they found out from the dead dog that it was infected by the radioactive infections. As the boy wake his eyes were a milky color as if his soul has left from his own body. The child though did remember his parents and talked normal as if nothing ever happened to the small child. The only change he had in him was his eyes. For the scientest they wanted to make sure so they made a deal that if the boy can came live with them for maybe a year to see if the child was truely normel.
    As the months went on they discovered many changes in the child he began to grow long nails and his eyes soon changed color from a milky white to a bright snake like yellow. He grew smarter then the normel man and grow at a more rapid pace. Scientest were amazed to see such changes in one bite. They soon told the world about how these infections can change and maybe improve the world, but as the news broke out people grew mad and began to walk down the streets with there signs saying its wrong and the infected child should die. "HE IS A MONSTER!!!.." As the world rejected the idea of change soon their were other cases of people being infected by other causes from bad water from even uncooked food or a infection in a cut or wound.
    As a great number of people began to grow more into the infection humans started to call them Parasites. For they were becomeing a bother into the improving world and needed to all be killed. In 3999 the world had changed so much they started big village camps called Para-Sites. They would herd the infected people into for the ones who are not infected live in giant sheilded cities that are very well cleaned. As for the infected they live in dirty crime filled towns where giant police Mec-Bots walk around the streets shooting anyone or anything that is doing wrong. The infected grew mad and want respect they want the world to see they are still people the infection they have does not spread they said in one new letter. Seeing that their cries are not being heard they began to rebel from the lands they now live and want to show the true powers they have developed from these infections. As for the humans they only get their guns ready and get ready for a fight to see who will come out on top. As the war went out groups or humans called the PSS (Para-Site Supports) march the streets crying out for the freedom of infected saying they are humans too like all of us or how would you feel once you are infect its only time when we all become infect like them and live in there world.
    It is now 4000 this is where you begin your adventure would you want to be a infected and fight for your freedom and do anything even give out your own life for freedom. Or become a human who hates the parasites and will kill them all with just one click of your gun. Or even join the PSS and be a human who cares and will fight with them maybe even becoming infected themselfs.
    Who knows the future will change by what you do....