Paper Mario TTYD, I've just got a craving for it . . .

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  1. Hello. Now that you've clicked on this . . .

    I've been craving an FxF for one of my characters and Vivan from the Shadow Sirens. Bit odd, yeah, but I'm not good enough of a writer to write a fanfiction without reading it over and trashing it because it's crap, so I brought my idea here.

    -Please stay in character, I'm not asking for perfection but sometimes people stray from character a bit too much.
    -Grammar and punctuation are a must.
    -I view characters in a sort of anime like way, so it's not weird and I'd appreciate for people not to Judge.
    -I know sometimes it's hard to stay on a subject for some people and it's easy to get disinterested, but if you don't want to do this after you say you do, I'll be okay with it but try to tell me. If it's too hard to I'd understand that, but I'd prefer warning.

    Plot/setting: It takes place in rougeport a short amount of time after the demon was defeated and mario returns to his home a bit before the next game. A few ex-Xnauts are still roaming around, dressed a bit differently and true species showing for once. Some are gutsy enough to wear the uniforms still, gives 'em trouble but that's excpected. I'd imagine the characters are coping with the loss of adventure and trying to get their lives in order. Due to Vivains connection to her sisters being a bit bitter, she probably wouldn't be able to rely on them, so I'd expect her to be somewhere in rogueport or the like. My character is an Ex-Xnaut Elite and is also hanging somewhere in rogueport. I'd think her and Vivian would've met in battle at one point, so that'd effect the plot.

    I havn't put much thought into this and that's not exactly a plot up there but it's the best I have. I want someone to play Vivian in this if it's not too much to ask. If you're interested Pm me because it's much easier to keep track of. Thank you, and bye.

    Edit: This was made before I finished my first playthrough of PMTTYD, but this is still open.
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