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  1. No! There is never another king. Just those who believe they are kings. In a world of the blind, the man with one eye is king.
  2. Then this probably isn't for you.
  3. Well... Once you get to the page, The white scroll is easy enough to figure out.

    "All in Romaji. Otherwise, it's impossible."

    Past that, well, not sure yet. I don't do languages.

    Edit: This was accomplished by translating the text on the white scroll using the code wheel in the picture of the bust.
  4. *** Japanese language pack; go get it motherfuckers ***

    The red kanji 真正 reads as "shinsei" and it does have the meaning of "true, genuine, pure". The "shin" is written with the kanji meaning "true" or "reality" and it's onyomi is "ma". The "sei" is written with the kanji for "correct", "justice" and "righteous" and its onyomi is "shou".

    The white text Japanese at the upper right corner (彼は私たちの最初のだった) is romanized as "Kare wa watashitachi no saishou no datta" translated to "He was our first".

    The little postcard looking thing below that text has the kanji for "Nippon" a.k.a Japan. However what's curious is that there's a little yellow dot obscuring the lower part of "hon" making it look like the kanji for "big".

    The image in it is of a monument statue commemorating Jose Rizal, a famous historical figure in the Philippines for campaigning for independence from Spanish colonial rule. Wrote "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterisimo".é_Rizal
  5. So. "Out of 100, 36 were lost." I'm guessing we are in base 64 decode again for the code at the end of the story.

    1905 1929 1965 2001 are years of the snake
  6. B is for Base, A for Algorithm. C is code. K is Key. M is mode

    1. A.) 1905 1929 1965 2001 Their distant cousin. You've done this before. (Serpent algorithm for year of the snake)
    2. K.) The Horoscope of St. George, who was immortal and controlled the five elements. The O-Crisis is over already! Show some Respect! (This is the key. Not sure yet, but it could have something to do with the "all in romaji" thing.)
    3. C.) I suggest reading up. He likes to leave black endings. He also wrote this drivel somewhere close. (The code, which is at the end of the story on the link)
    4. M.) It's all up there. What? Just leave it alone, you'll be fine. (The mode. This might mean leave it like it is?)
    5. B.) Make sure to keep all your bases covered. Out of a hundred, 36 were lost. (base 64 decode.)

    Oh, right. Go here for this.

  7. Saint George is well known for slaying a dragon. In Japanese dragons can be known as ryo.

    Five elements is more common in eastern then western cosmology. The Onmyodo (Onmyoudou) was about ying-yang theory. The beruacracy was known as onmyo-ryo (onmyou-ryou)

  8. Almost there, you guys. >:I
  9. The serpent is considered a close relative of the dragon.
  10. No one really wants to post the answer?

    As usual, congrats XC, Revision and Ocha! Stay tuned for your 'prize'.