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  1. Panty Raid was just off the top of my head, but it's not really a panty raid... I'm looking for a partner who's interested in my character Jay. Honestly, I don't have any standard set plot for him as I like to think he's pretty flexible. That being said, I like a well-rounded story. Something including unconventional/strange/awkward romance, dark themes, action, adventure, and even some comedy. I'm more than happy to come up with a plot together, something customized to our tastes. I'd also be even happier if you were to take a look at my Roleplay Resume to see my likes, dislikes, and a writing sample. And don't be afraid to send me a message; I'm not as much of as jerk as Jay...usually. :D Also, he can be played at any point in his history from about the boys' home and after.

    Anyway, here's Jay.

    Name: Jay O’Riordan

    Nicknames: Animal, Jay-Jay, Jay-Bird, Jerk, Asshole, etc.

    Age: 27

    Occupation: Assassin, Enforcer, Thug, whatever

    Birthplace: Ballybricken, Limerick, Ireland

    Race: Human (or Metahuman, if the story is somewhat based in fantasy, TBD)

    Sexual Preference: Omnisexual, doesn’t care. Jay doesn't get much, anyway.

    Notable Features: Short black messy hair, bright green eyes, pale skin, dresses very punkish, and even wears eyeliner on occasion. Yes, eyeliner. It makes him more intimidating.


    · While Jay doesn’t understand the finer points of human emotion, operating on very basic feelings (humor, anger, disappointment, favoring some people over others, etc.), he makes up for it in his incredible skill as a bruiser. If Jay actually loves anything, it’s weapons and playing rough with his street brothers. And he doesn’t bother to practice fighting with any refinement. Bare hands or a good weapon, Jay will throw himself into battle without grace and still manage to come out on top. Unless of course an official job requires a smidge of finesse, which is probably about all Jay has.

    · It is widely speculated that Jay isn’t an average human and that his ‘metahuman ability’ is being immune to pain. (This information is reserved for a fantasy-based story only, though Jay is immune to pain either way and if he's played in a realistic setting, it can be explained by science but I can't think of the name for this neurological impairment at the moment. Seriously, you can kick him in the nuts and he’d probably laugh or wonder why you’re touching him there.) This can be a slippery slope, however. The inability to feel pain makes it difficult for Jay to know when he may have sustained physical damage that could be fatal (bleeding out or puncturing internal organs). On the other hand, injury does not slow him down when he’s set on getting a job done or finishing a fight. He also has the ability to heal fairly quickly, though it doesn’t really register consciously. In his downtime, Jay enjoys drinking, playing with weapons, and smoking cigarettes.

    · Jay has no shame and will gladly say or do whatever he’s thinking, the idea of someone not liking it never crossing his mind. The only thing that really makes him hold his tongue and check himself is known disapproval from the few individuals that he respects and favors.

    · Jay is not a warm and fuzzy kind of guy who will tell you that your outfit looks good if it doesn’t. He’s honest to a fault in most situations and doesn’t have the emotional capacity to worry much about other people’s feelings. In fact, ‘friendship’ or ‘love’ isn’t in his vocabulary so much as camaraderie and his own strange brand of loyalty.

    · Jay is a terrible driver. He knows how to drive and thoroughly enjoys it, but…just don’t let him drive.

    Reason for Living: Jay has none, other than to simply be alive.

    Greatest Fear: Jay doesn’t really feel fear, but he gets sullen if he knows he’s let down the people he favors most. He is also creeped out by women’s menstrual cycles. Anything that makes someone bleed for days and doesn’t kill them is just wrong.

    Most Secret Dream: Though it’s not a secret, Jay’s biggest dream is being in possession of every weapon he likes and hoping that if he dies, it will be in an epic, catastrophic battle. He might also like to witness an atomic explosion one day.

    Useless Skill(s): Jay is very good at playing cards, but doesn’t have much patience for it. He can also handle quite a lot of alcohol and usually gets along with most people, though much of the time it’s his sheer indifference that keeps things kosher.

    Favorite Food: Jameson Whiskey. Steak, rare. Just about any meat, really, but Jay thoroughly enjoys a good plain steak. He mostly sticks with simple foods; meat, potatoes, soup, and the like. Jay prefers to steer clear of anything too fancy and complicated. He loves anything lemon flavored but will NOT drink fancy mixed cocktails, even the lemon flavored ones. Those drinks are for pussies.
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  2. Ok, I had an idea! Well, it's sort of recycled, but hey...

    The best RP that I got to play Jay in was a huge story... Like, ensemble cast huge. He became one of my most prominent secondary characters, though I enjoyed playing him as much as my #1. Though I would like Jay to be my primary character now. Anyway... Jay worked for a mob boss. He was an enforcer, bodyguard, and for a short time he was a mouthpiece (that was just pure ridiculousness). Anyway, his boss's wife had a best friend who was also sort of her protector. Jay and this friend/protector became comrades. Well, a bit more than that. It was the closest that Jay ever came to having a real friend. This chick could keep up with him fairly well physically; mock fights and roughousing, giving back almost as much shit as Jay dished out, and mouthing off to him as much as he mouthed off to her. She understood that doing those things is his way of showing favor and bonding, when nobody else really got it that he's probably as much animal as he is human. I guess a little feral, sort of, but able to function independently and follow at least some rules of society. They also became loyal to one other. She sort of educated him in the somewhat finer points of relating to people, tolerating him when he didn't get it and reverted back to what he's used to, and he taught her more about fighting, being more mindful of the fact that she did feel pain and couldn't take as much as him.

    It never happened in that RP, but I think it would've been pretty badass for someone to develop that level of camaraderie/loyalty with Jay...along with their own brand of romantic feelings toward one another, as completely unconventional and abnormal as it would likely be. I'm open to both female and male characters.
  3. Aw, I'm on the third page. Blah.

    "And the things that keeps us apart, keep me alive. The things that keep me alive keep me alone."

    Decent song for Jay.
  4. Oh my god, oh my god.... Even better song.

    "I believe it's my God-given right to destroy everything in my sight. 'Cause it never gets dull, it never gets old. The only thing it gets is more bold. Drinking, fighting, going to the game... In our world it's a way to stay sane."
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