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  1. [​IMG]

    ♡ I've been roleplaying for quite a long time. Too long, actually. I'd prefer to roleplay through: Conversations please, maybe threads but it depends on who my partner is and what exactly we are doing. I'm 20 years old and I'm usually pretty busy, so give me a poke once in a while.

    I range somewhere between a paragraph to three paragraphs, give or take how I'm feeling and how much stuff I'm doing. I won't go bellow a paragraph so i expect the same from my partners

    PLEASE keep in contact with me. Let me know if you hate the rp. Let me know if you want it to end. Like me as a writer/partner but just aren't feeling the current plot? TELL ME. We can change it. Just tell me. I'll do the same.

    Sucker for romance but let's still have a plot okay?
    I understand if you need time for a personal issue, I am always willing to suspend and pick up later.
    Gender for either me or you doesn't matter.
    I get really nervous during plotting and it might take me a bit to come up ith something but once I get going I don't stop.

    From a current rp with @Cambia

    Vincent kept his head down as he continued to fix his camera making sure everything was perfect a few of the other brides that came to get there pictures taken crowded around him mostly bitching about what they wanted there pictures to look like or to make sure they got them from there good angle.

    "Yes, Miss Aria, I'll make sure to get the right of your face, knowing that you have very angled cheekbones, Yes Miss do look very nice even though your 4 months pregnant with twins, just smile and try to relax. I'll get to all of you in a matter of minutes, but please would you stop crowding around me, it is making it very difficult for me to work. Alice is the first client of the day, since her friend decided to reserve at the earliest time possible." Vincent said straightening up and pushing his glasses onto his nose.

    He was 23 years old with long black hair that always seemed to be tied back one way or another but as usual a few strands had come loose and were hanging over his shoulder. He wore a navy tux with a small rose shaped pin on his side pocket as well as a badge that signified that he was a wedding photographer. "Alice, we are almost ready for you." He said smiling his amber eyes gently shining in the bright lights
    Mass Effect
    Black Butler
    Rossario + Vampire
    Vampire Knight
    Avatar (Last Airbender or Legend of Korra)
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass
    Dragon Age
    Fallout 4
    Advent Children
    Doctor Who
    Once Upon A Time
    percy jackson
    Hunger Games
    Ouran High School Host Club
    The Corpse Bride
    Mamma Mia
    i don't have many of these but you can always suggest some if you don't see the one you like

    ★ Grim Reaper x Ghost
    ★ Grimm Fairytale Characters
    ★ Enchanted Doll x Creator
    ★ Dragon x Knight
    ★ Alien x Human
    ★ Cannibal x Prey
    ★ Experiment x Scientist
    ★ Greek God x Mortal
    ★ Naga x Hunter
    ★ Imaginary Friend x Creator
    ★ Old Vampire x Freshly Turned Vampire
    ★ Prince(ss) x Knight
    ★ Bounty Hunter x Space Pirate
    ★ (Space) Pirate x Native
    ★ Time Traveler x Person of Era
    ★ Space Captain x Space Pirate
    ★ Dream Eater x Insomniac
    ★ Elf x Human or Mythical Being
    ★ Vampire x Anything
    ★ pregnant creature x mate / scientist / anyone
    ★ dragon x mate / rider / thief
    ★ centaur x mythical creature / helper
    ★ griffon x hunter
    ★ angel x abused woman
    ★ Fairy x Anything
    ★ Murderer x Psychologist
    ★ Expecting Mother x Anyone
    ★ Teenage Pregnancy
    ★ Spoiled Princess/Working-class girl
    ★ Princess x Knight / Maid / Prince / Kidnapper / Pirate
    ★ Pirate x Stowaway
    ★ Island Princess x Man from the mainland
    ★ Woman who is about die x angel sent to take her to the afterlife
    ★ time traveler x woman he needs to kill
    ★ witch x man who needs some help capturing a demon
    ★ vampire x princess of a certain race / human / hunter / person he/she kidnapped / knight of his / her kingdom
    ★ Victorian Woman / Man x Baron / Baroness / Vampire / Maid / Demon / Werewolf
    ★ Geisha x Apprentice / Samurai / Modern Day Business Men / Tea Maker / Man in a Arranged Marriage
    ★ Gentle Queen/Goddess x Insane King/God
    ★ Sickly person x fallen angel / goddess / demon / vampire / doctor / woman/man that he/she loves / nurse
    ★ Samurai x Female Samurai / Geisha / woman he is an arranged marriage with / female samurai / general's daughter
    ★ gang or malifa member x pregnant girlfriend / gay boyfriend / boyfriend / another gang member / daughter of a man who owes the gang a lot of money / singer / band members
    ★ Celebrity x manager / paparazzi / agent / producer / adult film star / girlfriend or boyfriend that the fans don't know about / unknown number one fan / retired celebrity / rival coworker
    ★ principal's daughter x rebel boy / gang member / troublemaker / shy guy / rival
    ★ circus performer x circus performer / ringleader / new help / cook / tightrope walker / injured performer
    ★ bride x soon to be husband / rival bride / ex boyfriend / man who only wants to marry said bride for sex and ex has to save her / pirate / demon husband / pregnant maid of honor / or bride is pregnant
    ★ Arranged Marriage
    ★ master x slave

    ★Dream Walker x Dreamer
    ★Dream Walker x Nightmare Walker
    ★Stuck in a Dream
    ★Daughter of a Anime Character x Real Life Person
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  2. I'm interested if you're still looking
  3. I'm willing to do those two if tot still looking.
  4. Hey. I'd love to do Fruits Basket!
  5. what did you want to do?
    either one works good.
    yea, that sounds good, trying to do a refresher course right now.
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  6. Alright I'll do the pregnant goddess x Pirate.
  7. ok, that works fine, would you mind messaging me?
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  8. Are you still searching? I saw a couple of things I was interested in, I figured I'd check before sending a PM.
  9. Yes....Stray-senpai.
  10. I'd like to do a professor x student roleplay if you're up to it ^^
  11. sure, mind messaging me?
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  12. I would be interested in the female Our an Host Club idea!!!
  13. sure sounds good.
  14. I'm interested in Principal's Daughter X Rebel Boy, Imaginary Friend X Creator, or Adult Film Star X Girlfriend if you're up for it :3 (I can't decide..Sorry ^^)
  15. Principal's Daughter x Rebel Boy sounds good.
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